Rare Relics are a set of rares that can be found throughout the Spore galaxy. Like all other sets of rares and artifacts, they are randomly scattered, meaning that there is generally no way of knowing or predicting where they will end up in any specific game.

The combined value of the Rare Relics is $670,000. However, if you have all of them in your cargo hold at the same time, the set will sell for $6,700,000 instead.

Ancient Urn of the SpurgEdit

Ancient urn of the spurg

Ancient Urn of the Spurg.

Ancient urn of the spurg ic

Collector's Icon.

"Expert historians note that a race called the Spurgs were the first to invent the two-handed jug. Ironically the Spurgs only had one arm."

Value: $225,500

Super Old Clay PotEdit

Super old clay pot

Super Old Clay Pot.

Super old clay pot icon

Collector's Icon.

"This two-handled ceramic jug is painted in traditional Arkatian style. It comes in three color schemes: light brown, brown, and dark brown."

Value: $45,000

Note: Despite what the description says, the jug is actually one-handled (the second handle could have broken off, although this cannot be seen on the model).

Will's Old SwordEdit

Will's old sword

Will's Old Sword.

Will's old sword icon

Collector's Icon.

"An ancient relic of the Fruit Wars, this crude weapon was fashioned by the barbarian Will. When his sword went dull in the middle of battle, the pragmatic Will simply jammed his entire blade into a rock. His ensuing skull-bashing streak carried his tribe to victory."

Value: $22,500

Note: The "the sword in the stone" is a reference to King Arthur's sword. The name "Will" could also be a reference to Will Wright, who is referenced in many other places in-game, or William Wallace, otherwise known as 'Braveheart'. This may also be a reference to "the song of Roland" where Roland slams his sword in a rock in a fit of rage.

Extra note: Will's Old Sword appears in Adventure Town, where it is claimed to be jammed into the preserved body of "King Rocky the Rock, Rock King of Rocktopia". The only information given about him is that he was dramatically killed by a sword in his lower abdomen, and this sword can still be seen in his preserved body.

Scrolls of the AncientsEdit

Scrolls of the ancients

Scrolls of the Ancients.

Scrolls of the ancients ico

Collector's Icon.

"What looks to be an urn full of ceremonial scrolls is actually the unpublished biography of Grumbum, a legendary creature with lips so long "he could kiss his own feet." (That's a direct quote.) Several crumpled rejection letters line the bottom of the pot."

Value: $67,500

Note: The "direct quote" is a humorous reference to Spore's E3 2006 demo where Robin Williams made his own creature in front of an audience to show the ease of using the Creature Creator. As he began he remarked that he would make a creature with lips so long, it could "kiss his own butt".

The History of SporeEdit

The history of spore

The History of Spore.

The history of spore icon

Collector's Icon.

"These rotting tomes chronicle the meteoric rise and abrupt fall of a long-dead civilization. Their tattered pages, though utterly compelling, reveal little in the way of useful information. Except for a chicken soup recipe scribbled in the margin. That's a keeper."

Value: $22,500

Note: Many players believe that this is the history of human civilization. Almost all of the players who believe this theory support it, saying that it fits chronologically into Spore, due to the fact that Earth is long forgotten and uninhabited. Another piece of evidence is that humans invented chicken soup, a truly great meal, as described in the description.

Tablet of the TribesEdit

Tablet of the tribes

Tablet of the Tribes.

Tablet of the tribes icon

Collector's Icon.

"The Tablet of the Tribes is a love letter to the leader of the Hinkle tribe. The unnamed author of the tablet was a young female who professed a desire to wed the leader of the tribe. In order to attract his attention she swore that she would eat three raw oogies. Whether this outlandish display won his affection is unknown. An interesting side note... the Tribal Tablet was written in oogie blood."

Value: $22,500

Note: Little Oogie is a character from the DS game Spore Creatures.

Extra note: The creature on the tablet was from a video on the old spore website.

Another extra note: In GA, "The Statue of the Three Crickets" is called "Three Oogies". The two may have something to do with each other.

Screeble's ColumnEdit

"Screeble's Column is the only remnant of what was once arguably the greatest civilization in the universe. Standing at the foot of the Halactacon mountains, the original 18 columns welcomed pilgrims seeking freedom from mathematical oppression. The column itself is rumored to be wet to the touch in any season."

Screeble's column

Screebles Column

Value: $67,000




Sporehenge icon

Collector's Icon.

"Sporehenge's origins are shrouded in mystery, but it is a well known fact that walking, oozing or flying under the taller of the two arches opens a portal to at least 6 other dimensions."

Value: $45,000

Note: Sporehenge is a reference to the real-world stonehenge. The idea of it as a portal leading to six other dimensions may also be a reference to the Guardian of Forever in Star Trek.

The Mask of ToddEdit

"Long thought to have been destroyed, the mask of Todd is said to cause the wearer to think only linearly and produce mass amounts of charts, documents and data in an organized fashion. It is also known in some circles as Roarty's Rage"

Value: $45,000

The Lost Chest of MoozillaEdit

"For thousands of years, civilizations across the universe have been searching for the lost chest of Moozilla. Legend has it that the secret contained within its depths is so powerful that once opened it will endow the seeker with the knowledge to transcend time and space."

Value: $67,000

Other Rares
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