Rare Geodes are a set of rares that can be found throughout the Spore galaxy. Like all other sets of rares and artifacts, they are randomly scattered, meaning that there is generally no way of knowing or predicting where they will end up in any specific game.

The combined value of the Rare Geodes is $607,500. However, if you have all of them in your cargo hold at the same time, the set will sell for $6,075,000 instead.

A Yellow GeodeEdit

Yellow geode

Yellow Geode.

Yellow geode icon

Collector's Icon.

"This geode is called the "Canary Geode" because of its brilliant yellow color and because "Banana Geode" sounded stupid."

Value: $45,000

A Green GeodeEdit

Green geode

Green Geode.

Green geode icon

Collector's Icon.

"Some think that the 'Green Geode' gets its green color from fragments of jade or emeralds which reflect the light from the sun. Others think it turns green because of mold. But I say, "Who cares?". It isn't worth any less than all of the other geodes, and life is about collecting one of everything, right?"

Value: $22,500

Note: Despite what the description says, this geode has the lowest value.

A Pink GeodeEdit

Pink geode

Pink Geode.

Pink geode icon

Collector's Icon.

"Pink geodes are incredibly popular with Xyanxes from the Girdo Galaxy."

Value: $67,000

A Blue GeodeEdit

Blue geode

Blue Geode.

Blue geode icon

Collector's Icon.

"For years, scientists debated why this geode was named the "Blue Geode". Was it because it was originally pulled from the dying hands of the tyrannical Blue Giant after the battle of Xallox, or because it was extracted from the scales of the freshly slain mighty Blue Dragon of Dardonella 5? Actually, it got this name because of its blue color."

Value: $45,000

A Fuchsia GeodeEdit

Fuchsia geode

Fuchsia Geode.

Fuchsia geode icon

Collector's Icon.

"This Geode is actually not named for its color but rather for Dr. S. Fuchs, the scientist who discovered it!"

Value: $45,000

Note: Dr. S. Fuchs may be a reference to Dr Leonhart Fuchs, whom the Fuschia genus of flowers was named after.

An Orange GeodeEdit

Orange geode

Orange Geode.

Orange geodge icon

Collector's Icon.

"This geode is known as an "Orange Geode", not just because of its color, but also because of its high content of citric acid and its ability to prevent osteoporosis."

Value: $67,000

A Golden GeodeEdit

Golden geode

Golden Geode.

Golden geode icon

Collector's Icon.

"Due to its brilliant golden hue, one would think that this geode would be the most valuable of them all. It's not. It's worth the same as all of the others. Hence, its name: "Fool's Geode"."

Value: $45,000

Note: The in-game graphic appears white in color.

An Aqua GeodeEdit

Aqua geode

Aqua Geode.

Aqua geode icon

Collector's Icon.

"This particular geode is highly coveted on hot, arid planets due to its cool blue aquamarine color. Desperate and confused creatures have been known to choke to death trying to suck the moisture from it."

Value: $90,000

A Reddish GeodeEdit

Reddish geode

Reddish Geode.

Reddish geode icon

Collector's Icon.

"This ruby red geode, also known as the Bloodstone Geode, is as red as it is sparkly... what more could you want? Unless you think it looks purple..."

Value: $100,000

A Shiny GeodeEdit

Shiny Geode icon

Collector's Icon.

Shiny geode

Shiny Geode

"This shiny geode is bright and sparkly, bringing peace and harmony to all who behold it. Or so they think."

Value: $67,000

Extra Edit

Info about geodes.

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