"Entices pirates to attack the planet."

Raider Rally is the unique ability of the Warrior Philosophy. With Spore Galactic Adventures it can be unlocked by unlocking all at least three warrior tools.


Raider Rally being used on a planet

Ability Ingame Summary Effect
Raider Rally
"Opens a mystical pirate portal which creates chaos on the planet."
  • Opens a portal that brings a squadron of pirates to the planet, allowing the player to produce a Pirate Raid on any planet.
  • Can be used to harass enemy outposts and distract them, although the pirates are unlikely to do major damage.

The amount of pirates that appear are proportionate to the amount of enemy cities there are on the map, making Raider Rally more effective on enemy home planets.

Raider Rally can be used to distract a planet's inhabitants while you're conquering cities, but don't expect the pirates to destroy the cities themselves. It may help you conquer planets by drawing gunfire away from you.


Ability Ship Tools Tab Cost Damage Cooldown
Raider Rally Weapons No Cost Variable 20 minutes from use

Raider Health: a typical large ship has 250 health, and multiple smaller ships surrounding it with 50 health.


  • The ships summoned can be destroyed for money, providing users with a quick bunch of cash.
  • If you use Raider Rally on a planet that's already being attacked, the other ships will flee when the pirates appear. That can be helpful if an ally is attacked by another ally or by the Grox.
  • Raider Rally can be used on any of the player's own planets other than their homeworld. This can be useful in order to help get the Body Guard badge.
  • Strangely, if used on a Grox planet, the standard call for help will appear. There is no thanks afterward, most likely because the Grox were never meant to be attacked.