Radar's icon

"Signals when you are near important planetside targets. Toggles on and off."

The Radar helps the player find Spice crates, Sporebuck sacks, Rares and Planet Sculpting or Planet Coloring tools, along with flora and fauna for Gopher missions and Eco disasters. If a planet has one of the items listed, that planet will have yellow radio waves coming from it, similar to the SETI. When you click on a species slot on the Terra score menu, it will turn yellow and the radar will switch on, leading you to your target (even if it is unscanned).

Rares, Sporebuck sacks, flora/fauna required for missions, and Planet Sculpting and Coloring tools will activate the radar from a great distance (approximately 1/3rd of the way around the planet), but plants and animals can only be detected from a very short range. Epic animals, however, can be detected from a much longer range due to their immense size.


This tool is available at the beginning of the game.