Punky is a Maxis-made cell, appearing in the Cell Stage at Level 3. It is a fast and agile carnivore cell. It is known for having an older version of the Flagella, Cilia, and Jaw mouth that were cut out, but can still be found in the hidden Cell Editor.

Punky has no problems chasing its prey, as it is the fastest cell in Level 3, second only to Nosey. They are also capable of doing Fast Turns. They are very similar to Pinky, and if one is in their sight, they won't attack it. They may attempt to attack you, but once you hit them they flee. They generally come either alone or in pairs, often following (or possibly protecting) small groups of Pinkies. They could potentially be males of a species while Pinkies are females (or vice versa).

The best way to counter a Punky is to simply have spikes and wait until it starts chasing you and stabbing itself.

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