Puffish is a Maxis-made cell, found in the Cell Stage at Level 4 as a epic-sized cell. It is the last cell you meet with Poison.

Puffish may be slow, but its large Spikes and Poison make him really hard to hit. It is better to stay away from Puffish, but if you have the Proboscis or the Electric parts, it can be easily defeated.

Be careful, though; Puffishes are very determined.

Also Puffish is one of the cells with the secret cell editor parts (the poison spitter - ID calls it Toxic Poison). Puffish makes the same sounds as Squirty, the only other poisonous cell.

Cell AbilitiesEdit


  • When epic/predator sized, they will never eat live predator/peer Jawhead, and Jawhead will not be killed by the spikes or poison. Puffish may eat Jawhead when Jawhead is prey sized, however. This situation is similar to Epic/predator Stabber and predator/peer Squirty.
  • Puffish have been seen eating predator Jawhead.
  • Puffish have poison spitters, so they cannot be harmed by your or other Puffish's poison.

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