The Mega Proton Missile is actually composed of three normal Proton Missiles.

Proton Missiles are explosive weapons used in space combat. They are used by most military spaceships, from small defence ships to Uber Turrets. They are guided weapons with a long range, but will detonate harmlessly if they travel too far without hitting their target. Proton Missiles can be launched to attack all vehicles and turrets, although they are only usually used against enemy spacecraft.

Based on the orbiting electrons in the Proton Missile's icon, it seems that Proton Missiles are nuclear or thermonuclear weapons.


Level Requirements Damage per shot Energy used per shot Energy Efficiency Description
Proton Missile Icon.jpg
Minor Proton Missile
Gained during tutorial mission, specifically when player scans crashed ship 30 0.5 60 Fires a small homing Proton Missile at its target. Effective against enemy spaceships.
Proton Missile Icon.jpg
Proton Missile
Body Guard 1 or Conqueror 2 60 1 60 Fires a homing Proton Missile at its target. Great against other spaceships.
Proton Missile Icon.jpg
Mega Proton Missile
Body Guard 2 or Conqueror 3, Proton Missile 180 1.5 120 Fires a powerful homing Proton Missile at its target. Effective against enemy spaceships.


Empire type Purchase Cost
Proton Missile Mega Proton Missile
Own §400,000 §1,200,000
Trader §260,000 §780,000
Warrior / Knight §200,000 §600,000
Zealot §300,000 §900,000


The name "Proton Missile" is most likely a reference to proton torpedoes from Star Wars. They also have a similar glow effect to photon torpedoes in Star Trek.