A Protecto-Shell.

The Protecto-Shell is the 1st part unlocked in the row of zealot parts. The Protecto Shell appears to be a small, strong plate. It creates a spark effect when the captain is hit. Proving itself useful in certain adventures. It is useful for newer captains, and as a complexity of 1.

The Protecto-Shell's effect is very straightforward. It reduces incoming damage by 1/4 (0.75 damage multiplier), and has no energy cost. When paired with the Regen-Deflector, damage reduced increases to 33% (0.67 damage multiplier). When paired with both the Regen-Deflector and the Danger Reductor, damage reduced increases even further to 66% (0.34 damage multiplier).

Note that the Protecto-Shell does not reduce damage due to poison at all (though it still reduces the initial damage of the impact by 1/4).

Creature Stage abilities