Proboscis Preview

A blank creature body showing the Proboscis added.

The Proboscis is the only omnivore mouth in the Cell Stage. You can obtain it by killing a Nosey or a Bloato. With it, the cell can suck up the substance within other cells and can also eat plant particles, but can't eat meat chunks. It costs 25 DNA points.

Creature with probuscus

A creature with a Proboscis.

It can also be used in the Creature Stage if unlocked, but the final time it can be accessed is the Early Creature Creator. In the Creature Stage it is a simple omnivore mouth, with Level 1 Bite and Sing. It is not required to unlock omnivore mouths later on: that relies purely on a balanced mixture of meat and plant matter being eaten in the Cell Stage.

Appearance Edit

The proboscis appears as a long elongated tube, which becomes increasingly thinner, with a small increase in thickness at the tip, The creature's texture fade into a a light and desaturated green color; which at the tip, fades into a darker, and more saturated green color.

The proboscis has strange movements, which appear as the tip, middle and base widening and returning to normal.

Strategy Edit

Cell with jaw probus

A cell with both a Jaw and a Proboscis.

If you place Jaws beside a Proboscis (or vice versa), you can eat meat chunks; not from the Proboscis, but from the Jaws. This tactic potentially allows you to gain more meat per kill (two to three from draining the creature, then three from "popping" its carcass), provided that you have a spike part. However, this strategy can easily change your card to a Carnivore, so if you are hoping for Omnivore, then you must eat more plants to balance this out. Another option is to put proboscides on all four sides of the cell, since the proboscis cannot be hit by spikes or another proboscis, probably increasing your survivability and defenses against peer-sized cells. However, it is very costly, as a proboscis costs 25 DNA.

Proboscis can be used to eat an epic-sized Snorf alive, although it will not die to this very often as it has a lot of HP and is very fast. It does not work against other epic cells, and the proboscis is the only mouth that can damage epic cells.

Trivia Edit

  • Through Modifications, a player can access hidden/unused morph handles for this part. These handles can greatly warp the appearance of the Proboscis by making it wide in some places, and thin in others. At times it is almost 'disc'-shaped
    • The 3 'extra' variants of Proboscis can be accessed via the Hidden Cell Editor, or via Modifications. With each variant having progressively more teeth
  • If real-life cell anatomy is considered. It is possible that in cell stage, Proboscis works by puncturing through the Plasma Membrane of a cell, and sucking out all of the ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) from the cell, triggering a process called Necrosis (Cell death).