The Proboscis is an omnivorous mouth available in the Cell Creator and Early Creature Creator of Spore for cells and creatures to possess, costing over 25 DNA to add to the creation.


Cell Stage[]

An example of a cell (Nosey) possessing the Proboscis part.

In the Cell Stage's gameplay, the Proboscis is the only unlockable mouth that can be harvested from killing a cell with the Proboscis mouth. Functionally, the Proboscis allows the cell to succ up the substance within other cells and digest plant particles, but cannot consume meat chunks or entire prey cell's body.

Creature Stage[]

In the Creature Stage, the Proboscis functions like any generic mouth part like its predecessors. It gains level 1 bite and sing abilities to the creature.

Maxis-made creations with Proboscis[]




Note: These parts are not available in Spore in general and cannot be used in-game besides accessing via unreleased editor.


  • Through Modifications, a player can access hidden/unused morph handles for this part. These handles can greatly warp the appearance of the Proboscis by making it wide in some places, and thin in others. At times it is almost disc-shaped
    • The 3 'extra' variants of Proboscis can be accessed via the Hidden Cell Editor, or via Modifications. With each variant having progressively more teeth
  • If real-life cell anatomy is considered. It is possible that in cell stage, Proboscis works by puncturing through the Plasma Membrane of a cell, and sucking out all of the ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) from the cell, triggering a process called Necrosis (Cell death).