A Power Shield.

The Power Shield is the third part unlocked in the row of zealot parts, after the Danger Reductor and Protecto-Shell. It appears to be a metal plate with pointed edges and an electric current passing through it. It has a complexity cost of 3.

The Power Shield reduces 100% of incoming damage (0x damage multiplier), but costs a large amount of energy. Its energy cost is equal to 50 x the amount of damage reduced (which is all incoming damage), resulting in a very high energy cost. For example, a 30 damage attack (Level 1 Energy Slash) would deal 0 damage, but would cost 1500 energy. However, when coupled with a Danger Reductor, it absorbs all incoming damage, but only costs 40 x the damage reduced. It can vastly increase a captain's resilience at the cost of mostly nullifying the usefullness of energy-reliant weapons. It can thus be a good combination with the shaman weapons, since they dont use energy and would not be affected by the high energy consumpion of the shield.

Note that the Power Shield will not reduce damage due to poison at all (though it still removes the initial damage of the impact).

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