A player-made creature posing.

Animated Avatars like this one closely resemble a creature posing.

SporePose.png Pose is a socializing ability used in the Creature stage and in Adventures. It used for the same purpose as SporeSing.png Sing, SporeDance.png Dance, and SporeCharm.png Charm, with the only difference being its function time being much shorter. Posing is usable if a creature has a sociable type of graspers that possess Pose.


The Pose movement involves the moving of arms, legs or both in an artful manner, with a flourish of leaves, petals etc. However, the movements are different for each level of Pose. There are five levels of Pose, all with different movements.

Level 1[]

Level 1 Pose is weakest. It is made up of a turn of the palm toward the sky, moving the arms out a bit, and a slight tilt of the head. Also, a light spray of leaves is thrown out of the hands.

Level 5[]

Level 5 Pose is strongest and most sociable. It is made up of a jump with arms up and hand spread, while legs are splayed outward. Once the creature hits the ground, a huge spray of petals/leaves are thrown out of the hands to float down over the creature. This pose is the longest pose in time.

Parts granting Pose[]

List of parts granting pose
Name Type SporePose.png Pose DNA.png DNA
Setaetarsel Hand 2 25
Amphibigrab Hand 3 75
Amphibigrip Hand 4 150
Croak Masseur Hand 5 250
Nubknuckle Hand 1 25
Lockpicker Hand 2 75
Opposabubba Hand 3 150
Monstrumtalon Hand 4 250
Trapfist Hand 1 25
Succulenders Hand 2 75
Snatchengrabben Hand 3 150
Dexterrorous Hand 4 250
Bonestickler Hand 1 25
Torsionwrencher Hand 2 75
Prongripper Hand 2 150
Tearerwrist Hand 3 250
Phatlanges Hand 1 25
Badgerbear Hand 1 75
Ultrarolfer Hand 2 150
Metacarnal Hand 3 250
Butterbib Hand 1 25
Mitzy Hand 2 75
Classic Minion Hand 3 150
Ectoknight Hand 4 250
Peppergrabber Hand 2 25
Suction Cup Hand 3 75
Spongemitt Hand 4 150
Suckerpunch Hand 5 250
Mittenfist Hand 1 25
Nubby Hand 2 75
Pointer Hand 3 150
Clownfingers Hand 4 250

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