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Fires a concentrated blast of energy at the target for an energy cost.

- In game descrption

The Plasma Pulser is a weapon in the Captain Outfitter.


It is mostly coloured a dull grey with a single green light. It also has coloured pieces along the top with the colour based on the Captain's coat colour.

There are three levels of Plasma Pulser, with the pulse blasts differing in both power and appearance between the three.

  • Level 1 pulse blasts are weak and purple, composed of a single energy stream running along the length of the trail. It seems to have an equal amount of fire and electricity combined. Unlike the other 2 levels, there are no rings appearing in the pulse blast. It makes a weak sound upon firing.
  • Level 2 pulse blasts are medium-strength and green, with three energy streams in the trail. It seems to have a higher amount of fire yet less electricity combined. The pulse itself is surrounded by a large green ring. The sound it makes is much stronger than that of the level 1 pulse, and sounds somewhat metallic.
  • Level 3 pulse blasts are high-powered and blue, with three energy streams and several rings making up the trail. It has a higher amount of electricity than fire, which is acually visible in the blue blast as it sparks. It takes a split second to charge up before firing, and it emits a low-pitched sound as it does so. The blast sounds very similar to the level 2 pulser combined with a kind of crackling.


The Pulser is a handheld energy-based Captain weapon. The Pulser fires a "pulse blast", which is generated by the Captain's own energy source and has some similarities to both the ship-mounted Pulses and Blasters. Unlike the Pulse but like the Auto Blaster, the pulse blast has a limited ability to follow and track its target. However, in appearance, it is most like the pulse but with a trail of energy behind it. Unlike both blaster bolts and pulses, the pulse blast disperses after travelling for a few seconds. This weapon, along with the Missile Flinger, is useful against enemy aircraft and spaceships. Unlike missiles, however, a pulse blast has no blast radius and so only causes damage to the target that it is aimed at.



The damage, energy usage, and cooldown times can be found in the instruction booklet of Spore Galactic Adventures, on page 4.

  • Level 1
    • Damage: 20
    • Energy Used: 80
    • Cooldown: 1.55 seconds
  • Level 2
    • Damage: 35
    • Energy Used: 100
    • Cooldown: 1.9 seconds
  • Level 3
    • Damage: 55
    • Energy Used: 125
    • Cooldown: 2.5 seconds



  • At Level 3, the Plasma Pulser looks like a plasma caster from the movie Predator, and at Level 2, it resembles plasma weapons from Halo.
  • In the early stages of GA, the pulse blast button looked identical to the spit button. Furthermore, the actual in-game beam also resembled the in-game spit. This may have been because Maxis had not fully developed all of the pulse blast graphics at the time.
  • When the Pulse Blast explodes upon impact, the plasma releases a small ring that extends shortly and sparkles trinkle to the ground. These make the explosion look like fireworks.


Creature Stage abilities