Planet Sculpting tools are used to shape the appearance of a planet. Most of them, excepting the Basic and Terra series, are found in the same way as artifacts and Planet Coloring tools. You notably cannot terrasculpt your home planet. They can also be used as weapons and can damage cities & civilizations & obliterate tribes instantly like any other weapon.

It is also possible to get them by cheating; typing "spacecreate" in the cheat box will give you all planet coloring tools along with the planet sculpting tools.

Basic Series[]

These are the first terraforming tools unlocked and are the most basic. They can still be used for a variety of purposes.

Unlocked with Terra-Wrangler 1 or Explorer 1:

Unlocked with Terra-Wrangler 2 or Explorer 2:

Unlocked with Terra-Wrangler 3 or Explorer 3:

Terra Series[]

The Terra series has tools for sculpting a variety of geographical landforms.

All the other sets of planet sculpting tools are found randomly on planets. Each series has a different style of landforms.