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Planet buster

Planet Buster destroying a planet

The Planet Buster is a weapon tool appearing in Space Stage of Spore. It is capable to destroy planets and moons nearby.

When the Planet Buster is fired, a projectile resembling that of an Anti-Matter Missile and Anti-Matter Bomb appears. After its detonation, the planet slowly swells before its crust is completely blown apart, preventing the molten mantle from cooling and forming into a new planet.

The Planet Buster was first seen in the 2005 GDC Presentation, when Will demonstrated a weapon on his spaceship capable of destroying an entire planet, causing it to become a simple ball of fire surrounded by a supernova-like ring.


Killing 2 astral bodies with one stone

Destroyed planet and moon

Damage: Permanently destroys planet and orbiting moons. Other Notes:

  • Breaks the Galactic Code.
  • A useful tool to impress the Grox.
  • Cannot be used on save games without special modding.
  • Planets destroyed this way cannot be repaired. It will only be a floating ball of lava. Returning to the star system will cause the planet to completely disappear, as though it was never there.
  • Destroying twenty planets grants the Quietus Star Achievement. Obliterating Earth in the Sol System grants the Oh the Humanity! Achievement.
  • If used on the only planet in a star system, the spacecraft will simply fly over the star. The spacecraft cannot land, and will be repelled, as though the star is a gas giant. However, the player can zoom in close to that star.
  • This tool requires purchased ammunition.
  • When fired, the planet cannot be left until after the cutscene.
  • Can not be stopped or reversed in any way without loading a previous save game.

Tips Edit

  • Breaking the Galactic Code only makes local empires that are at a maximum of 10pc from the epicenter angry, possibly to the point where they will start a war. To want to "test" the weapon peacefully, do it far away from other empire in other part of the galaxy (beware of nearby empires; their relationship will decrease harshly), or use it near the Grox. Or, if wishing to ally the Grox, perform it on a uncolonized planet near one of their systems for a +10 relationship boost. The player can do this a maximum of 5 times for a maximum boost of 50 relationship points.
  • To avoid breaking the Galactic Code, try using the Planet Buster inside Grox's territory.

Glitches Edit

  • There is an extremely rare glitch in which the colonies on a planet will not be destroyed while the planet will be and the empire attacked will still remain and attack the player's spaceship, (assuming they are their enemies). The colonies will not be able to be interacted with by the player making them only a nuisance if they are at war with the player since the they can't ask for ships or for them to attack their enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • In concept, the Planet Buster is similar to many planet-destroying superweapons in science fiction.
  • In the computer game Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, the weapon "Planet buster" was a nuclear missile which would create a massive crater on wherever it impacted, destroying any cities or units within a certain radius. While it does not destroy the planet, it does cause all other factions to declare war on the attacker, as it breaks the "UN charter", the game's equivalent of Spore's Galactic Code.
  • The phrase "BIG BADDA BOOM" is from the 1997 sci-fi film, The Fifth Element.
  • The Planet Buster is the only purchasable item that breaks the Galactic Code.
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