Planet Atmospheric tools are tools used to terraform planets, by changing their atmosphere level and temperature, to improve their T-score. Note that there is a "Permanent" tool for every "Disposable" tool, so once you acquire every permanent tool, you need not use any disposable ones..

"Disposable" Tools[]

These tools rely on ammunition, each unit of which must be bought. They are unlocked very early on in the game.

  • Asteroid Call Button: Increases the temperature and decreases the atmosphere level.
  • Atmosphere Freezer: Decreases the temperature and the atmosphere level.
  • Volcano: Increases the temperature and the atmosphere level.
  • Ice Comet: Decreases the temperature and increases the atmosphere level.

"Permanent" Tools[]

These tools are permanent additions to the spaceship, so they are powered by its energy instead. They are unlocked later in the game, after the "disposable" ones.

Staff of Life[]

The Staff of Life is the ultimate terraforming tool. When used, it instantly raises a planet's T-score to T-3 (the maximum), and automatically fills out the ecosystem. Unfortunately, it relies on ammunition, which it has only 42 of, and once it runs out, there is no way to get more for it (without a mod or a hack of some sort).