Zevia, a planet located in Quadrant 21, one of the five Quadrant Galaxies. Zevia is a planet filled with forests, swamps and in the north and south even polar lands. Though most of Zevia inhabitants are tribal/civilization stage, one space fearing civilization holds in secret their base inside a valley. They are known as the barbaric Quadrantia Loron.

Located in the south of Quadrant 21, it lies close to the southern trade routes of Rambo Nation and the UNO. Yet to the east, a far more dangerous empire has her borders with Zevia, they are known as the dreaded and feared Secoolian. As a diverse planet, Zevia holds many differant kind of animals, from reptillians to mammels, humanoids to insectoids and more. However, with the coming of superpowers to Quadrant 21, Zevia might become an important strategic position.


Zevia is a dim, arid world with scattered oases of plant growth, sometimes even resulting into dense forests.

Zevia her surface

In past times the planet suffered a meteor attack, which resulted into the forming of creaters, circulair seas and stirring up the subterranean waters and minerals, mixing them with the materials found at the meteor both the waters and air turned green from substances launched into both the air and seas.

The result of these meteors attacks into the long forgotten past meant that the surface became lush and filled with trees, plants and swamps. The meteors also changed the weather, instead of normal rain there could also fall dangerous poison clouds, though the local plant life have found a natural shielding to it. Over time life evolved at the planet, with local wildlife inhabiting the forests and plains. Due to the meteor bombardments, high mountians can be found up into the north. While in the west the dense forests are located, with to the east and south massive and dangerous swamps. The temperature on the planet can be considered hot, whith freezing cold nights. As such the planet provides a diverse wild life and natives, who managed to build their own kingdoms and filled the planet with villages and small cities.

Eastern Swamps

Another notable fact of the planet is that the planet is filled with a powerful magical density, a legacy of the ancient Atlantica. This makes the planet dangerous to those who have instable magical abilities, as the planet could feed the individual and destroy him or her in the process due to overfeeding the person in question.

As such Zevia gives home to many lifeforms, whether they are natives, coming from space or evolved from the materials of the meteors, Zevia is an interessting place to visit, yet caution is adviced as the planet can be quite hostile to those who are not careful.

A surprising fact of Zevia is that in the south from space various ruins can be found, though none of the current species (including the Loron) want to venture south due to the high density of magic and radiation. Some theorize some accident happened in the south, wiping out those who inhabited her.


The planet Zevia came into excistence a long time ago, around the forming of the Quadrant Galaxies around 12 billion years ago by the Ultimate God. Zevia was long untouched and left to evolution. However around 200.000 BQF a race known as the Atlantica ruled over the Quadrant Galaxies and one of them, Quetzamet decended on the planet and became honored by the Greendions, who build large temples for the snake god.

At some time in history the Atlantica left the planet and the Greendions believed that one day he would return. Meanwhile other species began evolving on the planet and the Greendions left their homes due to dry, and migrated to the northern edges of the western forests. As they left the most advanced civilization of Zevia returned to ancient times, and scattered over the western, easters and southern continents tribal villages of various species evolved. With the Greendions gone the local wildlife creatures managed to grow and expand, perfecting the ecologic system.

In the eastern swamps the various Saurien species settled themselves, building a city as the center of their might they remained in isolation for a long time. Living in the swamps they made use of the natural resources that swamp gave. While in the north the Caitlion settled themselves, with in the west the Greendions and Oriquendiä remained hiding in the forests.

When the Secoolian conquered Quadrant 21 around 7800 BQF they mostly left Zevia alone, as it had no points of interesst for them. However the planet laid next to their main supply route in the western edges of the Quadrant.

Around 200 BQF a space civilization known as the Quarantia Loron settled a base at Zevia, in the nortern mountains and their vehicles were soon known as the brown fire spitting birds, who sometimes came to take individuals to their nests. After there arrival most of Zevia remained in isolation, with the citizens living their lives until 05 AQF when both the UNO and Rambo Nation arrived in Quadrant 21 and began exploring it. When the Quadrantia Loron began raiding their ships the Rambo their attention was drawn to Zevia, and send Claire Rambo, a sergeant of the Rambo militairy to investigate and map the Quadrantia Loron their base, while staying away from the local citizens. Succeeding in it, the Rambo became aware of their base, and withdrew Claire from Zevia. What they are planning to do remains unknown.

Carnoria and Claire meet eachother at the top of Carnivoria city

The Rambo did nothing with the information until in 02 NE attention was drawn to Zevia. Claire Rambo- now in service of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus arrived at Zevia in search for the Zevian Skull.

The Empire vs the Quadrantia Loron and an arriving USS Enterprise-A

Bringing two Ifrit-class star destroyers Claire arrived at Carnivoria city where she forced King Carnoria to reveal information about the skull. The King showed her the crest and verse and she looked in excitement what it could mean.

However the Empire' attention to Zevia was unwanted by some and the two star destroyers came under attack by the Quadrantia Loron. With the Loron ships in higher altitude it seemed that the Empire was losing the battle when the Loron pressed their attack with launching Loron fighters. Though the Empire vessels were also able to launch fighters it seemed one of the Ifrit-class star destroyers was losing altitude and would not need mucht time to crash into the swamp below- when suddenly in the midst of battle the USS Enterprise-A arrived under command of Captain James Rambo. With the arrival of the USS Enterprise-A the Quadrantia Loron retreated back to their base at Zevia. Meanwhile Claire and Carnoria travelled to Quetzamet his temple in the eastern area of Zevia but did not found the skull. To make matters more difficult for Claire- James Rambo confronted Claire and her Basileus navy troopers as they started their exploration of Zevia (in search of a way to open the a gateway to the Space in Between). When Claire left she headed to the Q-Loron base while James found at the mysterious Imperial lady was in fact his missing daughter.

Claire and Carnoria meet again!

Dignitaries sign the Treaty of Serindianliae

Later on Claire confronted the Quadrantia Loron about the Skull but they claimed to know of nothing. As such Claire and the Empire left Zevia again. Also Captain Rambo left in persuit of Claire and Zevia returned to her daily matters again.

In 03 NE/06 AQF Claire Rambo- now a Rambo Operative visited King Carnoria once again at his city. Carnoria was surprised but happy she was still alive, as it meant that the Hunt was still on. He welcome Claire and allowed her to study the markings within the palace once more. After they left Carnroia began to wonder about the future of Zevia and what the Suariens role in it could be if they could get their hands on the skull.

Elsewhere, in the western forests Lt. commander Irana, also in service of Claire studied the temple and met with a Greendion who they took onboard their battlestation. In 03 NE/06 AQF King Carnoria signed the Treaty of Serindianliae, making Zevia a protectrate of Rambo Nation.


The inhabitants of Zevia are quite diverse, though most are still in tribal or civilization stage, their are also records of a space faring civilization on the planet.

Northern Poles[]


The Caisuine are a humanoid/mammal race living at Zevia in the Northern poles. The Caisuine resemble somesort of dogs, with high sensative sent and hearing this traits help them very well in the dangerous and cold north. Their tendrills the Caisuine use to impress others or females for mating. Caisuine have blue skins and are eager to learn new things and have devoted themselves to science and religion. The Caisuine are around 2.50 meters in length.

Catoblepas cruiser

The Caisuine are intelligent and the most advanced species on Zevia (besides the Loron, but they are in fact extra galactic). The Caisuine live in high blue towers, with are located near a small settlement of the former Atlantica. Due to their advancements the Caisuine managed to build air ships, which are driving at crystal energy only found in the north. The Caisuine call their ships the Catoblepas cruiser and have a length of 125 meters. Equipped with limited shielding and power cannons the Caisuine use the ships mostly to transport the crystals or search for them. But when threatened they will surely use their ships for defensive purposes.

Furthermore the Caisuine are one of the only ones who know where the Loron their basecamp is located and the two live in peace, leaving eachother alone. As the most advanced species, the Caisuine never explored Zevia, simply feeling no need for doing so.

Eastern Swamps[]

The Eastern Swamps are dangerous and hostile to those who do not know how to pass through them. Yet in the middle of the massive swamps stands a massive and glorious Saurien city, signaling their might and cunning. As the swamp are dense, warm and hostile the inhabitants wear mostly light armor, or else they would sink into the soft grounds. The eastern region (swamps) are seen as the Saurien home territory, and very few venture there.


The Carnorian are the most dangerous and cunning sentient carnivores found at the planet Zevia. Though the Carnorian are one of the largest species of Zevia, measering over 2.63 meters the Carnorian often use their length and size in combat. As ancient creatures, they ruled over Carnivoria City since her construction was finished by the Iganudarian around 4000 BQF. Since then the Carnorians never gave up their power and have always ruled over the Sauriens in the East, yet for some reason the Carnorians are declining in numbers and few are alive around 05 AQF/01 NE.

As rare creatures, the Carnorians known to be brutal to their enemies and allies. Their traits are even more dangerous, as they are cunning and often let others due their work. What is also known about the Carnorians is that they like to eat their victims, feeding of their flesh and bones it often become a great celebration with drank for the Carnorians. This trait further more spreads their reputation of dangerous creatures. They are very endurable and can take quite some damage to their own bodies before collapsing, and without willing to surrender ever it makes the Carnorian the prime leaders of the Sauriens.


The Dilophio are green Sauriens of the eastern swamps. Due to their appearance and their venomous bite and saliva the Dilophio were exiled from Carnivoria City and were not welcome anymore. As such they began wandering the swamps as nomads, though they remained within the save borders of Carnivoria City. Instead of settling themselves they began herding some of the Zevia Peacocks and began making tents from the local fauna and flora. As such they were constant on the move, seeking better places to remain for a certain period of time. Their craft in making tents became perfected when the Dilophi managed to use a certain silk fabrics that could stand against the poison rains that once in a while falls.

The Dilophio are around 2.2 meters in size, with a long tale for stabilization they are fast runners and agile in evading dangers. Yet their life as nomads made them a bit paranoid and they do not trust strangers or visitors. Though the Dilophio are the Sauriens who are most informed of the other events at Zevia, as they are the ones who encounter other species the most when they are tracking. The Dilophio feed upon the eggs of the Zevia Peacock and when in danger they will try to bite their offender, to paralyze him or her with their poisonous saliva.


The Iganudarian are herbivores who live in Carnivoria City, together with the Velotorian and Carnorians. In ancient times they build Carnivoria City for all Sauriens in the East, but sadly the Carnorians took over power and reduced the Iganudarians to mere citizens. As they are the only sentient herbivores in the swamps, they feed upon plants and fruits found in the swamps.

Their traits of building and repairing the stone structures were the only reason the Carnorians didn't wipe out the Iganudarians, as such they now live under the protection of their guidance and rule, together with their militairy the Velotarians. The Iganudarian have long tails for stabilization for running and walking, and actually are very friendly and love to life in the city. They disagree with the policy of allowing no strangers into the city, but they cannot do much against it. The Iganudarian are around 2.2 meters in size.


The Velotarian are relative small carnivores found at Zevia, servants of the Carnorians they act as the prime militairy force of the East. They do not use weapons made of steel or wood, they use their own claws and teeth to kill their enemies. Agile, fast and cunning you will never know how a Velotarian acts in battle, and when you feel their claws it is already to late. After they kill their enemies they often eat them as a sign of victory, as such most of Zevia fear the eastern armies and consider them as brutes.

The Velotarian have a pointed snout, a thin, muscular body and great reflexes. The Velotarian are often called the Velo's and they feed upon any prey they can find in the swamps. Yet they fear the Zevia Ants, as they are very dangerous for such small creatures. They also life in Carnivoria City, often in harmony with the Iganudarians. Yet many fear them, as they hear, see and smell almost everything. The Velotarian are around 1.60 meters in size.

Western Forests[]

The inhabitants of the western forests are mostly in tribal stage, though it also houses the space faring civilization. As the western forests are the more temperate and hot area of the planet, the inhabitans of that area also have less cloathing (considered by others to be more exotic) and they make use of the forests to provide them with what they need.


Greendions are small green demon like creatures found at the planet Zevia, and are perhaps the oldest sentient species on the planet. They have a natural resistance for poison clouds and and experts at stealth. It is also proven they are relatives to other "dion" species, like the Redions. They have an average length of 1.63 meter. As a former great civilization, they build ancient temples in forgotten times, to honor the Atlantica. They by far honored the Atlantica Quetzamet the most and they build temples in his honor. However after a period of dry the Greendions decided to leave their homes, believing going back to the roots would please their Atlantica God again.

However as they vanished from sight, and migrated more north (near the edges of the western forests) they deminished in number due to dangerous wild life and disease. When they began recovering around 200 BQF they encountered the Quarantia Loron, who enslaved the entire race. Now they serve the Quadrantia Loron, still dreaming of one day to be freed.


The Oriquendiä are a humanoid species, decendants of the ancient Atlantica, and as such they are blessed with long life, enchanced abilities like reflexes, swift recovery and far sight. Their green skins make them easily overseen in the forests, as they allow a natural camouflage. Living in harmony with the wildlife, they only fear the brown fire spitting birds, as they seem to take their fellow brother and sisters. They have an average length of 1.80 meters.

The Oriquendiä have reached tribal stage, and discovered fire and make use of spears, though not for hunting but to find fruits high in the trees. Their are natural differences between female and male Oriquendiä, like most humanoids found in the Quadrants. The Oriquendiä have a habit of staying near there villages, not wandering far off and not liking adventure, as it could endager the village and the people living in it. However there are some individuals who seem to like to wander off and explore.

The Oriquendiä are only found in the western forests.

Quadrantia Loron

See: Quadrantia Loron

Quadrantia Loron 02.png

The Quadrantia Loron are a type of Loron living in Quadrant 21. They aren't physically different from the Loron, but have their own fairly unique culture and traits. One of their notable traits is that they lock rock and rap. The Loron have an average length of 2.7 meters. The Loron are the only space faring civilization found on Zevia, and inhabit the most nothern part of the western forests, near where the mountains reach high. The Loron use crafts which are seen by other species as the brown fire spitting birds.

The Loron of Quadrant 21 are pirates and barbaric at that. They plunder and raid everything they can find and were even able to enslave the Greendions for their own use. Though for some reasons the Quarantia Loron never venture to the east and north of Zevia, instead they seem to stay at the western part of the planet, one of the reasons is because their primary base is located in the west.

They rarely interact with the other species or wildlife on the planet. The Quadrantia Loron often raid Rambo Nation and UNO ships, but since the forming of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus now fear that their base of operations might be exposed one day and that their days of piracy are over.


Carnoria, the King of the Sauriens
King Carnoria 02.png

King Carnoria is the supreme ruler over the Sauriens since 3500 BQF. Carnoria is ruthless, with a constant bad mood and a like for meat and often bored by pleas of citizens. As such he is feared among the Sauriens, and even other continents know fear at his mention. When he united the Carnorians and Velotarians under a single banner they left their wooden homes and attacked the Iganudarian who were constructing a stonen city. Within hours they had won over the herbivores and Carnoria his grandfather was crowned supreme king over the Sauriens.

Carnoria, well aware of the northern and western events fears that his power might be challenged one day and as such he now finds a way to ensure his rule for eternity. He allied the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and even joined on one of their missions for a while before returning to Zevia again.

Dil'inne'Dry 1.png
  • Name:Dil'inne'Dry
  • City: Diliphio Nomads (former)
  • Age: Unknown
  • Affiliation: none

he Diliphio with the name of Dil'inne'Dry, often simply name Dil is native to the world of Zevia- a planet in the south of Quadrant 21. As a Diliphio Dil has a green appearance, with a venomous bite and saliva he is a dangerous foe. Like all Diliphio nature, he is distrustful of none Diliphio and is always on guard. Born in an unknown time (he himself doesn't remembers it anymore) in the swamps of Zevia he became a nomad like his family. During his childhood he grew bitter at the other saurien species who seemed to have it that great in their grand city in the middle of the swamp. He once tried to visit it but wasn't welcome and over time left Zevia to explore the Galaxy.

For more see : Quadrants individual page.

Wildlife and creatures[]

The wildlife of Zevia is quite diverse, having both reptiles and mammals. From the western forests to the eastern swamps, from the northern icey and cold pole to the southern wastelands, the various animals dominate the landscape. Yet they have to live in harmony with the sentient species, but they have learned that some creatures still have to feared, even with all their knowledge and technology.

  • Diet:Omnivore
  • Height: 1.60 meters
  • Length: 3 meters
  • Location: North Poles

The Bahadram are raptor like creatures whom are very proudly and agressive and inhabit the north pole. The Bahadrim are feared and loved at the same time, and the Caisuine didn't hunt them down simply due to their eggs, which are a delicate and some are even tamed by the Caisuine for those reasons. The wild Bahadrim are agressive and very protective of their nests, but when tamed the creatures can even be rode upon if you want. When tamed they also become very nice and loyal to there tamers.

Carnotarian animal.png
  • Diet:Carnivore
  • Height: 3 - 3.5 meters
  • Length: 6.9 - 9.2 meters
  • Location: Western Forests

The Carnotarian are large and hostile creatures. They are seen as the most agressive creatures found at Zevia. With their red colors, massive jaws and size the Carnotarian are the top of the food chain at Zevia, and are actually always hungry and searching for food. Surprising, even with their large size the Carnotarian are quite fast and agile.

With their massive jaws they bite their prey, shacking it until death before ripping the flesh from the prey's bones. As a carnivore, they are only seen together in mating seasons and are otherwise mostly alone. Fiercely territorial against other Carnotarian they do hesitate to kill any opposition. At a side note, you will know when a Carnotarian is nearby when the wind is facing you, it bears it's rotting scent.

Zevalophus animal.png
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Height: 1.50 meters- 2 meters
  • Length: 3.50 meters - 6 meters
  • Location: Western Forests, Eastern Swamps

The Zevalophus are native animals from the planet of Zevia. These herbivores are like cows, moving in herds and are very social and easily tamed. There green colors give them the ability to blend in within the western forests, hiding between the trees and plants against hunters and carnivores.

There large horn is used for sounds, with various notes for mating, alerting or communition. The Zevalophus their long tails are used for stabalization, though the tail can also be used for defensive options against smaller hunters or carnivores. The Zevolophus feed upon the many trees, grass and plants found at Zevia. And ofcourse they also drink water to prevent dehydration of their bodies. A notable side effect of drinking is that the Zevolophus need to rest for a while, making them easy targets for carnivores or hunters.

Zevia Ant
Zevia Ant.png
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Height: 0.01 cm - 18 cm
  • Length: 0.02 cm - 50 cm
  • Location:Eastern Swamps, Southern Wastelands

The Zevia Ants are the most common yet dangerous bugs found at Zevia. For ants, they are quite large, measering between 0,02 cm and 50 cm. The ants are mostly found in the Eastern Swamps, where they clean up everything that has died or is dying. But beware, do not destroy their nests or they will hunt you down with thousands at a time!

The ants are easily spotted by their red colors, and will defend their nests if creatures are to close by. When captured they will only leave a skeleton behind.

Zevia Peacock
Zevia Peacock.png
  • Diet:Omnivore
  • Height: 0.80 meters
  • Length: 1.20 meters
  • Location: Eastern Swamps

The Zevia Peacocks are birds with feathers and a tail, though able to fly for short distances the peacocks rather walk then fly. With bright blue colors they scare off enemies, though the only ones not impressed by the colors are the sentient beings and the ants.

The peacocks are easily tamed and hereded, and the Sauriens use their eggs for food and meals. The peacocks by nature are shy, though when herded they are quite fond of their owners.

Zevia Seals
Zevia Seal.png
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Height: 1 meter
  • Length: 2 - 3 meters
  • Location:Easter Seas, Northern Poles

The Zevia Seals are small seals found in the eastern swamps and the northern waters at Zevia. Teh seals are very shy and often use sand banks for sun bathing. Yet the seals are very slow on land and in the eastern swamps are easy preys for the various Saurien races.

The seals are kind to most creatures and often very curious, which is probably why they are so easily captured by hunters and sentient being on Zevia.


Zevia houses various locations of interest, which houses the various species of the surface.

Caisuine City

Caisuine City

  • Location: Northern Pole
  • Affiliation: Caisuine

Caisuine city is a large city located in the northern pole and home to the mysterious and advanced Caisuine. The city was build around 2500 BQF and together with Carnivoria City they are the oldest cities at the planet Zevia. Though Caisuine City is filled with towers where the Caisuine live in, it gives a far more modern and advanced feeling then Carnivoria City.

Caisuine City is surrounded by water, and during the most cold times at Zevia the seas around Caisuine city freeze and you can walk over the seas. The city is at all cost protected by a small fleet of Caisuine airships, and traffic from and to the northern pole expidions can be seen every day.

In the middle of the city an ancient Atlantica wall and various houses and water house can be found, one of the remains of an Atlantica settlement. The Caisuine themselves use the houses for the most elite and rich as a sign of honor and power.

Carnivoria City

Carnivoria City

  • Location: Eastern Swamps
  • Affiliation:Carnorian, Iganudarian, Velotarian

Carnivoria City is the capital city of the Sauriens in the East, build around a lone mountain in the middle of the massive swamps it provides a perfect scenery, both for romantic purposes as for tactical matters. With her white and red colors, the city is easily spotted from far away, though their are no hand made roads leading to the gates. Instead the surrounding swamps make it difficult to get into to city, which is a natural defense the swamps provide for Carnivoria City.

The city was build by the Iganudarians around 4000 BQF, but they lost possesion over the massive city when the Carnorians and Velotarians took power away from them. Since then the three Saurien species live in rather harmony in the city, living their daily life in peace and prosper. Since her construction the massive city has never been under attack nor damaged by any means.

The various towers and spirals of the city allow you to enter the various levels of the city until you reach the capital building, who stands at the top of the mountain.

Grand Temple of Quetzamet

Grand Temple of Quetzamet

  • Location: Western Forests
  • Affiliation: Greendions

An ancient temple, which the Oriquendiä and the Greendions see as the temple of Quetzamet, who they honor as there supreme God. This is one of the most remarkeble archeologic sites on Zevia, as the temple was build over 3500 years ago (around 3500 BQF) by the Greendions. The temple is located near their city, and is the center of their religion. Legends claim that those who dare to enter the temple without permission, will be cursed till the end of times.

The temple itself it quite large, though also partly claimed by the nature and plants. The various species on the planet, even the wildlife avoid the temple and only dare to look at it from distance, even the Loron due this. The reasons for this are unknown.

Greendion city

Greendion city

  • Location: Western Forests
  • Affiliation: Greendions

The Greendion city was build around 3000 BQF, nearby the grand temple of Zevia. The Greendion city is notable for her angular houses, with small doors specialley made for the Greendions. Located at the top of a flatten mountain, the city gives a view over a wide area, perfect for observation of animals and possible threats to the city.

Over time the city was decorated and the Greendions lived in peace and prosper, however at sometime during Zevia her history the Greendions were forced to leave their city after a period of dry and hunger. The city came abandoned and the nature claimed the city, as the woods grew in the city and covered the streets and buildings with planet live.

Nomad Camp

Nomad's Camp

  • Location: Eastern Swamps
  • Affiliation: Dilophio

The Nomad camps are owned by the Dilophio, who builded the tents from certain silk fabrics and woods provide the shelter the Dilophio need against the poison rains and ants in the swamps. The tents are often build upon hills, to stay away from the ant nests found in the swamps.

When the Dilophio have the need to move on again, or are being chased away by the Carnivoria City guards the Dilophio break down their camps and build them up elsewhere again.

Oriquendiä village

Oriquendiä village

  • Location: Western Forests
  • Affiliation: Oriquendiä

The Oriquendiä village is located near the former city of the Greendions, located at the base of the mountain. The mountains they never cross, and protected from sight by the woods, the Oriquendiä live in decent isolation, with herds of Zevolophus nearby the lake. The village lies close to the trees, as the woods made of leaves protect them from sight of the brown fire spitting birds.

The small wooden houses of the Oriquendiä provide shelter against the rain or poisonous clouds. Made of wood, the fire inside provides little warmth, with two beds to sleep in the houses provide all the Oriquendiä need. The village is quite small and the only Oriquendiä settlement on Zivia.

Quadrantia Loron Compound

Quadrantia Loron Compound

  • Location: Western Forests
  • Affiliation: Quadrantia Loron

Arriving around 200 BQF the Quadrantia Loron under guidance of Warlord Tec'Tor settled themselves into a valley in the northern part of the Western Forests. The valley provides shelter from sight of other species, and can only be entered with the use of flying crafts, which only the Loron have on Zevia. The valley is filled with houses for the Loron, landing docks for their fighters and in the center lies Tec'Tor his villa.

The brown houses, build from scrap provide a crowdy and busy place, where the Loron uses the Greendions as slaves, bringing them food or dranks, or they are used to repair their houses or resupply their ships. The Greendions themselves sleep outside, as they have no home for themselves. Another fact of the compound is that smoke always rises from the houses due to the use of dirty generators, some species who have boats claim it to be the place of eternal smoke and the homes of the brown fire spitting birds. The place itself has no defenses like turrets or shields and until 05 AQF never plays a significent role in galactic history, only that it is used by the Loron as base.


A wonderful and green planet, filled with wonders and hazards!

- Claire


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