Yudumarth, a small planet in the Outer Colonial Regions of Rambo Nation located in Quadrant 82. Seemingly unimportant, the poor planet is vital to Rambo Nation as it is the closest planet near the Quadrant-Cyrannus Wormhole.


Yudumarth, a small and poor planet in the Outer Colonial Regions of Rambo Nation. Thoug poor and small in eyes to other empires and nations, Yudumarth holds an important strategic position as it is the last planet before entering the Quadrant-Cyrannus Wormhole which leads directly towards the URC territories. Hold this planet, and the Quadrant and Cyrannus will be unable to help eachother fastly. Due to this a Rambo Nation fleet is always close by but due to the Yudimarans refusal to join Rambo Nation, the Nation raised taxes and Yudumarth became even more poorer. In return they natives became distrustfull of Rambo Nation, though the Nation still wishes them to join the Nation, only because of there strategic position. The planet is often used as a last stop to re-supply before entering the wormhole.

The trade route or hyperlane near the planet is one of the most crowded and together with the Ramsoria Run they are the most important routes of Rambo Nation.

surface of Yudumarth


The brown/yellow surface of Yudumarth is filled with craters and valleys, in where the citizens made their homes. With the mountains and valleys the native Yudimaran were able to make settlements wich became easily defended against external treats and give great shelter against any climate hazards.

Over the entire surface, their are various settlements, though the most prominent are the small yet capital city of Yudumarth City and the royal city of Yahvast.

With a tropical enviroment the climate is hot, dense and often not very welcoming to those who don't like hot and dry weather climates. Though the natives of the planet are used to it. None the less, in summer times temperatures can reach 55 Celcius degrees and most citizens are often found inside their homes to escape the smoldering heats. The climate gives a great ecology with a variaty of animals, though most animals are unknown as they live far away from where the Yudimarans dwell.

The natural flora are green trees, often found near water resources or plain areas where, if it rains they can fully absorb the water they so badly need. The ocean colors of the planet are greenish due to the high amount of algas.


Early History (140.000 BQF- 440 BQF)[]

Not much has been recorded of early history of the planet Yudumarth, though discoveries were made that the Yudimaran civilization has been as old as 130.000 years. Yudimaran scientist believe the planet was formed 140.000 years ago and creatures evolved really fast over the course of years, resulting in the earlies ape form like creatures which would eventually evolve into the Yudimaran.

USS Bonaventura discoveres Yadumarth

Yudumarth then entered her Medieval Ages and around 500 BQF they advanced into their current state, in which they call it their modern age. Around 447 BQF a short war occured between the Yudimaran and the Yadarthian in which the Yadarthian civilization was reduced to ashes. Around 440 BQF a Rambo Nation captain, called Captain Ramolla discovered Yudumarth and the two made first contact and allied eachother. Over the course of years Yudumarth would advance a little, with short range space capable crafts they were able to colonise the 6 moons, orbiting Yudumarth.

Colonial Independate Union (440 BQF-05 AQF/02 NE)[]

The colonizing of the 6 moons meant that Yudumarth was able to form their own intergalactic goverment, known as the Colonial Independant Union, as they did not wish to join Rambo Nation- much in anger of Emperor Ramulindalë, the ruler of Rambo Nation at that time. As such Rambo Nation left Yudumarth alone for quite some years, only trading with them. This meant Yudumarth remained a poor and unwealthy Union in Quadrant 82, only used as a pit-stop by many nations in which they could get their income off. This left the Yudimaran to resent Rambo Nation and the other Empires of Quadrant 82, though they couldn't change that as they needed Rambo Nation trade and commerce.

Around the outbreak of the Galactic War, Yudumarth was left alone by the Imperial Alliance and Rambo Nation, though that changed at 03 BQF when Rambo Nation allied the URC. Lying close to the wormhole leading to the Cyrannus Galaxy, Yudumarth became a strategic position to Rambo Nation and Empress Ramashe wanted to let the Yudimaran join Rambo Nation, though they again refused, much to her dismay.

Confederacy troops above Yadumarth City

Great Cyrannus War

This strategic position became clear to Geldrim Achyriona, the ruler of Yudumarth when at 04 AQF, in the first month of both the Quadrantia Disorder and the Great Cyrannus War the Confederacy of Allied Systems blockaded Yudumarth and sieged control of the Cyrannus-Quadrantia Wormhole. During the small battle that occured, the Yudimaran defense force was defeated and Geldrim allied the Confederacy, as he liked them more then Rambo Nation. He believed he was a saint, and through the Confederacy, could bring his people to new hights and civilization. The people followed him in his vision and resented Rambo Nation even more. During the blockade, Uruviel, a Rambo Nation citizen was captured as a slave for a Confederate Captain.

1st Battle of Yudumarth

This fact, and this fact only meant a reason for Rambo Nation to attack Yudumarth. After the Senate gave permission to do it (some oppossed, like Senator Gorubla and Senator Chuinaylia), Empress Ramashe ordered the planet to be invaded. And as the Third Month of the Quadrantia Disorder started, the Rambo Senate agreed to declare war on the Confederacy and to attack Yudumarth, starting the 1st Battle of Yadumarth!

First Battle of Yadumarth begins!

Meanwhile, a lone Caradhras Class managed to infriltrate unnoticed and landed various troops on the surface of the planet. Sadly it turned out is was a trap and various Confederate troops attacked and ambushed the Rambo Forces. Somehow they managed to turn the tide and the Rambo forces advanced and took over a small city and cleared a way for further invading forces.

Though the first battle of Yudumarth seems a Rambo success, the Confederacy destroyed most of the SMTT and wounded many Rambo soldiers. Reinforcements would have to arrive soon, otherwise the first attack was in vain as another attack the Rambo would not hold there position nor there cleared area! Miles away, a large Confederate troop regiment was on the move to close in the Rambo forces! As Rambo Nation pushed back the Confederacy forces at Yudumarth- Senator Chuinaylia and Senator Or'Ana visited Geldrim with a diplomatic visit, though were bringing sad news as the Senate of Rambo Nation had decided to occupy Yydumarth until the Great Cyrannus War was over. Geldrim knew what this meant, Yudumarth became an occupied planet of Rambo Nation and refused to accept this and send the two Senators away.

Senator Or'Ana and Senator Chuinaylia in conversation with Geldrim Achyriona

Mere hours after the visit Chuinaylia and Senator Or'Ana to Yudumarth, a holo message was recieved by Rambo Command. Geldrim pronnounced that Yudumarth would not accept an occupation of Rambo Nation, and openly asked the Confederacy for aid, and in return Yudumarth would join the Confederacy of Allied Systems. To much surprise of Rambo Nation, soon frustration followed and some wondered if the people of Yudumarth were even worth saving.

2nd Battle of Yadumarth

Second Battle of Yadumarth

As Rambo Nation did want to await a response of the Confederacy, Rambo Nation invaded Yudumarth and conquered her. Driving the remaining Confederate forces away from the planet. The invasion fleet was led by the Suiliagothrond Battlestation, under command of Fleet Captain Ramdleton and supervised by the Empress herself. Within hours the complete northern hemisphere was under control of Rambo Nation and the city of Yurrus, the third city of Yadumarth, was destroyed by the prow-mounted phaser cannon (with only at 15%), and all 28.000 citizens of that city died in the process. Later on the Empress left the station and returned to the capital.

This was the perfect chance for Geldrim, the current ruler of Yudumarth to openly rennounce Rambo Nation and his people joined him in this. After giving a speech it turned out Geldrim and Tukio Nutria were in league and there ships attacked a Rambo Nation Orodreth Wing, which was jamming signals of the Yudimarans. Within minutes and taken by surprise the wing was destroyed and the station had to withdraw to the Northern hemisphere. As the Confederacy contacted Yudumarth to offer assistance, both Rambo Nation and her foes prepare for battle. With there prize, the Suiliagothrond Battlestation! However, Rambo Nation withdrew from Yudumarth and left the planet and surrounding system in hands of the Confederacy. They left to the nearest staging area within Rambo territory and prepare to re-launch a new campaign.

This event concluded the third month of the year 04 AQF of Rambo Nation. After the attack the Confederacy contacted Geldrim, and after a small conversation Yudumarth, or better known as the Colonial Independant Union became a member of the Confederacy.

Member of the Confederacy of Allied Systems[]

Geldrim watch as Ramindia safes Uruviel

After Yudumarth and the Independant Colonial Union became members of the Confederacy the Yudimaran celebrated this event. In the following month, more work was found at the planet and it became less poor. With factories running at full capacity, it rolled out tanks and orbital drop ship.

Soon, Yudimaran joined the Confederate fleet and army as captains and commanders. During the fourth month of the Quadrantia Disorder in the year 04 AQF, Admiral Lizaconda of the CAS used Yudumarth as a staging area to travel over the Ramsoria Run and invaded and conquered Karzhamahri Nui, a vital colony to Rambo Nation. A month later, Ramindia, a Serindia smuggler faced Geldrim and managed to escape with his newest servant, Uruviel. Geldrim didn't mind however, as he had plans to become the Vice-Chancellor of the Confederacy.

Third Battle of Yadumarth

As Yudumarth was experiencing prosper and wealth, with new shipyards for Confederate Frigates the now CAS colony was visited by Lizaconda after Rametru Nui was retaken by a Cyrandia Task force. Yet at the same time a Cyrandia Task force attacked Yudumarth, under lead of Ramniels of the USS Majestic. As the Third Battle of Yudumarth had started the tide turned in favor of the Cyrandia task force and Yudumarth fell into hands of the Cyrandia Alliance. Soon one of the URC Venator Class Star Destroyers began a orbital bombartment and the planet plead for aid to the Confederate Senate.

Fourth Battle of Yadumarth

Aid would arrive in the 10th month of the year 04 AQF, when a large Confederate fleet arrived at the planet. During the following battle many Rambo and URC ships were damaged, even the Loyalist was destroyed as a revenge for the orbital bombardment. The attack was led by a Basileus Captain commanding the Mortalitas Dreadnought Terror of Stars. After the battle was won by the Confederacy- the citizens of Yudumarth began rebuilding their homes.

Infriltration of Yudumarth

Meanwhile Yudumarth celebreted once again their joining to the Confederacy, making it a national celebration.

Later on, in the third year of the Great Cyrannus War the fleet was reinforced at Yadumarth, now she held the second most powerful Confederate fleet in the Quadrant Galaxies, next to the secret fleet in the Western Sector. However sometime in the third year, near the end of the war Yudumarth was infriltrated by an elite TIAF squad, who went to do a dangerous mission after being asked by URC president Apollo. The TIAF team was succesfull in infriltrating Yudumarth, passing the Confederate fleet in orbit and bypassing the security in Yudumarth city. Arriving at the palace they faced Geldrim in personal combat, but Geldrim was killed by the TIAF and his heir, his daughter was also taken by the team. Now Yudumarth was leaderless and in choas, and choas would only spread more with the coming end of the war.

Independant and alone[]

With the end of the Confederacy and the forming of the Empire- Yudumarth was in chaos and despair. Blocked from all trade routes the people were starving as the Rambo, nor the Cyrandia Alliance gave aid due to their occupation with the Empire. Yet their new ruler, a young girl known as Aayilah, eldest daughter of the late Geldrim managed in secret to contact members of the Quadrantia Federation, which seemed to have survived her dissolve by the original members. As such Yudumarth joined the Quadrantia Federation and the people were given food, recourses and medical aid of the Federation. Further more in surprise the Yudimarans added their tanks and transport ships to the Federation Navy.

Aayilah and Syria argue

After the Great Cyrannus War, somewhere between 01 NE and 02 NE a Nosiso Queen managed to arrive at Yudumarth and in secret made a new hive for herself and the now seperate hive of Nosiso. The new "Queen" is actually a princess and is a female off-spring of the original queen who died during the second battle of Nosiso.

Rambo's march of victory!

However around 06 AQF/03 NE the position of Yudumarth within the Federation dwindled and grew very weak. When Syria, Aayilah her sister who was now in rule disagreed with her elder sister the economic deppression resulted in poverty and civil unrest. One freedom fighter known as Camron even attack civilian and militairy targets. Making Aayilah her position as ruler weaker than ever. During the third month of 03 NE/06 AQF Syria worked together with Camron and others and managed to bomb a passenger liner at the Rambo Capital. When Syria confronted her sister about this, they argued until they were suddenly informed that three Rambo Nation ships had entered the system. Within moments the Rambo overwhelmed the Yudimaran defenses and fleet captain Trabl, a Tralor claimed Yahvast as conquered and brougth Yudumarth to it's knees. Though there were some who resisted, it became clear the Rambo had learned from their past mistakes as they began giving the citizens packages of water and food, at once gaining sympathy and respect from the citizens.

Rambo Nation continued it's occupation until the twelfth month of 06 AQF, control over Yudumarth was then given to Mortikran, an officer in service of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.



Yudimaran species.png

The Yudimaran are red-skinned humanoid people that are native to Yudimaran. Both female and males are physical stronger than most humanoid species in the Quadrant Galaxies and both also have enchanced natural reflexes and have better sprinting capabilities. Though noble and having a great sense of honor, they can be very aggressive and hostile to those who dare to threaten them.

Males and females are easily identified, males have horns and spikes and are slightly larger then there female counter parts but are also easier angered. While the females are more friendlier and nicer, they can also be very aggressive when threatened. Female and male have equall right at Yadumarth, though the females are not often found at higher positions, simply because they rather stay at home and care for there children.

The Yudimaran are a divided people since the Great Cyrannus War, as such are Rambo or Confederate citizens, while others remain loyal to the Colonial Union.


Yudumarth Creepers1.png
  • Name:Yudumarth Creeper
  • Type: Rock/Sand Scion
  • Found:Yudumarth Desert
  • Length:Between 15 cm up to 1 meter (rare)

Yudumarth Creeper= Yudumarth Creepers are dangerous little creatures living in the deserts of Yudumarth. They attack in massive groups and eat their prey whole. Their thick scales protect them againt the smothering heats, and creepers are often half burried in the sands, lurking and waiting for their prey.

Yudimarans know to stay away from time, though it seems smugglers like to sell them as pets for criminals.

Yudumarth Grassweed1.png
  • Name:Yudumarth Grassweed
  • Type: Grass/Poison Scion
  • Found:Yudumarth
  • Length: all sizes up to 3 meter

The weeds of Yudumarth, like it's Quadrantia counterpart are somehow sentient plants. However the Yudumarth Grassweed are far from dangerous, as they have no form of self defense. Though when not kept in check can overgrow entire fields, as their reproduction rate is known to be very fast.

The weeds are kept in check by the Yudumarth nature itself, as the herbivores known as the Yudusaurus eat the weeds as primary food.

Yudumarth Lizard
Yudumarth Lizards2.png
  • Name:Yudumarth Lizard
  • Type: None Scion
  • Found:Yudumarth deserts
  • Length: 0.8 m - 1.20 meters

Yudumarth Lizard= The lizards of Yudumarth a bipedal and quite fast. These small creatures are often an annoyance to the Yudimaran as they plunder garbage cans and often steal food or demolish equipment when found.

The lizards are difficult to spot in the deserts due to their natural skin color, wich acts as camouflage. Though the lizards are often found an annoyance, they are vital to the ecosystem of Yudumarth as they actually eat everything and are often seen as the cleaners of the planet.

Some Yudimaran tried to tame these lizards, but the lizards have proven difficult to tame and are quite stubborn.

Yudumarth Parrot
Yudumarth Parrot1.png
  • Name:Yudumarth Parrot
  • Type: None Scion
  • Found:Yudumarh
  • Length: 0.6 - 1.20 meters

The Yudumarth Parrot is a rare kind of bird with beautiful colors. The birds are often found in flocks and live upon the few berries found at Yudumarth. As such, the parrots are easily found as they do not venture far from natural water resources, as in the desert that is the only place where berries and plants can grow and thrive. The birds can fly long distances but prefer not to, and can reach speeds far beyond the ability of Yudimaran vehicles.

The parrots are known to be able to learn words, or mimic them. Though most prefer to listen to their songs. The parrots measure around 0.60 meters in height, though there are some known specimens who reaches heights of 1.20.

These birds are often hunted by smugglers who can sell the birds for high prices in other empires and nations.

It is known that James Rambo legally bought a parrot and named her Sunshine.

  • Name:Yudusaurus
  • Type: None Scion, Saurien
  • Found:Yudumarth Desert
  • Length:Up to 4 meters

The large, slow witted but impressive saurians are the herbivores on Yudumarth. These slow but large creatures keep the Yudumarth weed in check and wander the fields and deserts of Yudumarth in search of food. They are often find in large herds, avoiding cities and populated areas.

The Yudimaran honor them and see hunting them as forbidden. There scales keep the creatures cool against the smothering heats of the deserts. They are known to be family creatures and when having young, they are dangerous to approach.

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Yahvast is the second city of Yudumarth and holds the Royal Palace of the Achyriona Dynasty. The city is build inside a large valley close to water, and houses many civilians and a small docking port. The city is often seen as the govermental center from where all decisions are made and is heavily defended by the Yudimaran Colonial Militairy.

The city was build around 1500 BQF and soon grew out to become the second city of the planet. With various shops and small towers, the city gives the inhabitants a village feeling, where peace and prosper is valued above all things. The valley protects the citizens against the harsher elements of nature.

The city also houses a small church to honor the Ultimate One. During the Great Cyrannus War the city remained out of conflict, though during the Yudumarth Campaign is was the first area to fall under attack.

Yudumarth City

Yudumarth City, the capital of the planet and homecity of the Yudimarans. Located in a valley or crater the various houses are build closely at eachother, providing a sort of harmony. The city has her own means of energy providing light to the city and the space port just outside the city. With a tower in the center to provide a paronamic view over the area the Yudimarans are not often seen outside, as it is agains the law.

With a small church to honor the Ultimate One the small church is the center of the Yudimaran religion. The city also has her own supermarket, and is the only supermarket on the entire planet with Rambo Nation products, often smuggles by Ramindia. The shop is owned by the Yudimaran S'rina Dromanda.

During the Great Cyrannus War the city was the main side of various battles. Since 06 AQF/03 NE most damage has been repaired, though bomb craters are still seen around the city.

Yurrus, after being destroyed

Yurrus, the third city of Yadumarth and considered the most modern and wealthiest on the planet. It houses over 28.000 Yudimarian citizens and many technologic advancement were made at Yurrus. The city had a dam to protect her from the wather, behind the dam houses were build and the more wealthier Yudumarian settled here.

The city was build over 250 years ago, and soon rose up to become prominent and had a great deal of influance on public matters and financial situations. The city was also known to object against Geldrim's ruler and were no supporters of him. And refused to build statues of him and place them in the city. Near the end of the 3rd month of the Quadrantia Disorder the city was destroyed by the Suiliagothrond Battlestation, when the prow-mounted gun (bombardment phaser)fired at 15%. It incernated the entire city and killed all 28.000 citizens.

Entrance to the Nosiso Hive

Deep within the uninhabited and unexplored areas of Yudumarth, the Nosiso Princess found her way together with her Nosiso subjects. Together they found a massive cave, a remnant of a once chrashed meteorite and forified it to become their new Hive. The new hive is to ensure the freedom of the Nosiso.

Hidden from view, and living far away from the Yudimaran the Nosiso of Yudumarth hope to live their lives in isolation and to stay away from conflict or public view.


Geldrim Achyriona.png

Geldrim Achyriona was the ruler of Yudumarth, considered a threat by Rambo Nation and the Cyrandia Alliance. During his reign he brought the Yudimaran to new heights, but his dreams and his desires for his people eventually brought the planet in an economic crisis and marked them as enemies of some of the greater empires of the Cluster.

His ideas led to the multiply refusal to join Rambo Nation, and instead in the year 04 AQF the Yudimaran under his rule joined the Confederacy after they won the battle of Yadumarth- in wich the massive Suiliagothrond Battlestation destroyed a city at Yadumarth. Due to joining the Confederacy he was given the rank of senator, representing the Indepandant Colonial Union- which contained all Yudimaran planets. During the early months he expanded the militairy, building more dropships and tanks for Confederate use. During the 5th month, one of his slaves (Uruviel) was saved and escaped his rule- but Geldrim didn't care. He was trying to become the Vice-Chancellor, hoping to recieve this position would expand his influance in the Confederacy.

Sometime during the third year, near the end of the war- Geldrim was killed by an elite team of TIAF soldiers, though still managing to defend himself for a while, he was killed after he was tackled to the ground by Salgada, who later stabbed Geldrim in the hart after he swore that ill luck would come to the cities of the TIAF.

When Geldrim died, Yudumarth went into choas and was left leaderless as his daughter and heir to his rule was also taken by the TIAF. It could be said that with the death of Geldrim, Yudumarth fell into an economic and social depression.

Geldrim possesed magical abilities and was the long time ruler of Yudumarth before his demise. He is ruthless and delusional, viewing his corrupting ideas are the way for the Yudimaran and he considers himself a saint and devine.


Aayilah is the cute and cunning current leader of the planet Yudumarth. After the death of her father, the infamous Geldrim she became heir to his throne as Aayilah is the eldest daughter of Geldrim. Aayilah is a fair and wise leader to her people, and unlike the other Dark Councillors, she prefers to wear her official Yudumaran garbs, which grants her the respect of her people, though the annoyance of her peers.

Aayilah, despite being a good leader, wishs that she could have enjoyed early adult life without having the position of leader thrust upon her, and misses her father greatly after his death. Despite her loyalty to the Quadrantia Federation, Aayilah still has fond memories of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, and seems to be interested in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. As such, she dislikes Rambo Nation.

Sadly, after her fathers death Yadumarth has been plunged into a deep economic deppression and she faces resistance from her younger sister, Syria who wishes to avenge her father and kill those responsible in her eyes. Aayilah disagreed with Syria and blamed her as a person who wants to attract unwanted attention from major powers in Quadrant 82. Sadly their opinion differances led Syria to lead a resistance against her elder sister.

Syria Achyriona.png

SYria Achyriona is the youngest daughter of Geldrim Achyriona and second heir to the rule of Yadumarth. She is still young and very naive though being the daughter of Geldrim made her also arrogant and she believes she can do anything she wants.

After the death of her father she vowed revenge for who she views as responsible, Rambo Nation. Sadly her elder sister, Aayilah is the heir to the throne and disagreed with Syria. As such Syria decided to raise a rebellion against her sister and plans to make terrorist attacks against the enemies of Yadumarth.

Camron Dar.png
Camron Dar 01.png

Camron Dar Yuduimaran male with a great sense of honor and loyalty. He is ruthless against his enemies and a capable tactician. However his lack of mercy for his enemies, doesn't hesistate him to make civilian deaths as well.

He carries a selfmade armor, with a phaser blaster on his right arm as well as an eyepatch wich contains a sensor and scanner.

He is a former Yudimaran soldier, who served loyally under Geldrim during the Greaty Cyrannus War among the various campaign on Yudumarth. After the death of Geldrim, he started a rebellion movement against Aayilah as he disliked her way of ruling, though had little supporters. During the third year of the Dark Times he began working together with Syria to overthrow the Yudimaran goverment and take revenge upon Rambo Nation, who he blames for the current state of Yudumarth.

Nosiso Princess (1).png
Nosiso Princess.png

The Nosiso Princess, an off-spring of the original Nosiso Queen- she managed to escape death and found her way to Yudumarth. Now in secret she sets up her own hive at Yudumarth- unknown to it's original inhabitants.

The Nosiso princess plans to advance her hive so she can take over Yadumarth and make the planet a second major planet for the Nosiso.

S'rina Dromanda.png

S'rine Dromanda is the local Yadumarth supermarket keeper and due to this position and wealth he has grown a bit on his belly. Very friendly and always willing to help everyone, whether they are citizens of Rambo Nation or not. He seems close to Ramindia V'Las, a smuggler whom brings S'rine his Rambo Nation wines, making him an esclusive supermarket.

After the Great Cyrannus War S'rina continued to run his shop.

General Yudivast.png

The right hand of Geldrim, a General and friend of Geldrim. It was he whom made contact with Tukio Nutria and the two allied eachother and created there own army to fight against Rambo Nation!

He later seemed to have perished during one of the battles of Yadumarth.

Yadumarth Yudimaran Security Officer.png

The security officers are the only defense soldiers of the Yadimaran and they are highly trained in combat, inspection, defense and investigations. All excist out of males and they also protect Geldrim and his family.

Notable Vehicles[]



We Yudimarans, will never bow before anyone! Never endure an oppression again! We will strike without warning, without mercy, fightings as one we will shatter our enemies and haunt their nightmares! We will drench our ancestors' graves with our enemies blood! We shall rise again, from the ruins of our cities! And all will know, Yudumarth belongs to the Yudimaran!

- Yudumarh propaganda

A dustball, with a harst climate, lots of dust and mean people!

- Uruviel

Covoted due to her strategic position, many Rambo lost their lives to ensure the Nation her safety agains them!

- Ramashe


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