Yarchadia, once the home of the proud and gentle Yunilinage before their destruction by Mandator Camron Dar as part of his Quadrantia Contingency Plan. The once green planet turned desolate and where once the proud cities of the Yunilinage stood now stands a massive crater emblazing the crest of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus to warn those not to stand against the Empire! Upon the forming of the Dinotopian Republic the Imperial outpost was sieged and used as a listening post for the Republic.


Yarchadia was once an outer colonial planet inhabited by Rambo Serindia but abandoned by them upon the outbreak of the Tigris War.

Yarchadia Imperial Base, May 2820

After the war, the planet was given to the Yunilliage refugees from the Tigris Galaxy and Quadrantia Zazane nomads frequently visited the planet as well. Dependent on trade and commerce, the planet often houses a lot of species conducting trade and commerce and enjoying the famous Yuniliage parties and resting saloons.

The planet and its inhabitants were destroyed by Mandator Camron Dar and Lady Astrosia during the Dawn of Divina-events in May 2820 (22AQF) as part of the Quadrantia Contingency Plan. The Empire raised a remote military outpost and bombarded the cities and villages in such a manner that ever since the Imperial Emblem decorates the surface of the planet. After the formation of the Dinotopian Republic in July 2820 the outpost was sieged by the Dinotopians after the atrocities were discovered by the Rambo Loyalist sergeant Thalyssaera.


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