Xuz Fareh is a planet located in a star system, in the Lapida Galaxy. It is the homeplanet of the Llurebleg.


Xuz Fareh is a planet of similar size to the Earth. There are no visible oceans, as most of the water in the planet isn't visible, and is found in underground deposits rather than on the surfaces, though there are swamps and ponds where water is visible.

The average temperature is 13 degrees Celsius, being slightly colder than Earth. Flora is abundant, with small flora being slightly more common than large one. There's a large variety of species in the planet, many of them characterized for posessing reptilian and mammalian features, as well as posessing several species proven to be related to those of other planets, mainly Cyardalos.

Xuz Fareh has one moon: Gorb Olohya.


Like many other planets, Xuz Fareh might be millions of years old. The backstory of the planet is obscure and mysterious, but it's know that at some point it was visited by alien species (possibily the Frento) that left some mysterious structures before dissapearing. Nearly a millennium after the aliens left, a local species known as Llurebleg became sapient and started its civilization. The Llurebleg recently explored a part of the moon of the planet, Gorb Olohya, leading to the discovery of a Frento city: Ckun-Dag.



The following is a list of known species to live in the planet:


These are the following biomes that can be found in Xuz Fareh:

  • Wide plains with a great amount of Plainsgrass, occasional ponds and barely any large plants. It's the favorite habitat for most herbivores and predators, as well as the place Llurebleg usually settled their cities in.
  • Generally small forests with a dense population of Rainleaf trees and Forebushes. The largest and deepest of them are the only places in the planet Wildcarnagers and Polordoneers can call home.
  • Wet swampy areas which represent most of the water found in the surface of the planet. Their main inhabitants are the Swampleaves, the Cuttleshrooms, the Aerocauls and the Watoadzards.
  • Reduced areas of high mountains and valleys. Raptorels commonly travel to these areas to make their nests and lay their eggs. The only known species to spend here its whole life is the Mountain Snowsucker.



Xuz Fahreh has been divided in three "countries" by the Llurebleg:

  • Renerila: This section is located at the northern parts of the planet, and is occupied by some of the most important cities, like Cyner and Fagges. The landscape is a pattern of forests and grasslands alike. It is also the place where the most mysterious structures were found. The predominant breed of Llurebleg in Renerila is the hanyirenel, but there are also some members of other races scattered around the cities.
  • Gantanosia: This area is the largest "country", occupying almost the entire southern hemisphere of the planet. It is where cities like Vinarya and Purxie are found. The landscape is mainly plains, but there is also a decent amount of swampy areas. The majority of the hanyidabara race lives in Gantanosia.
  • Federex: A division located in a rather small region of the planet's southwest, beneath two mountain ranges. This is the area were Anaryas is located. The predominant race is the hanyilurane.


The Llurebleg have a democratic and polyarchic government, where the citizens choose their leaders. Every 7 years respect the corresponding planet, each city elects its own representative and votes for the one that will rule the planet, known as juter (meaning great boss in Banarian). The current juter of the planet is Connis V.

The juter of a planet doesn't have absolute power, but its the one whose approval is necessary to implement the most important laws and projects suggested by the representatives of the different cities, other powers or the juter himself/herself. When an important decision must be taken, the representatives of each city in the planet will meet at the capital (Cyner in the case of Xuz Fareh), which also serves as the residence of the juter. There, the representatives will debate about the project and finally take a decision, which must then be approved by the juter. If there isn't a consensus between the representatives, the juter will be the one to choose one of the ideas proposed, without being capable of suggesting and approving it's own at the moment.

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  • Xuz Fareh was a name given by the unknown civilization the Llurebleg don't know about. They refer to the planet as Hanyira, which is derivated from their auto-denomination: hanyire.