W'alor is the homeworld of the Walgolorian, the capital of their old empire, the Walgolorian Dominion, and a center of industry and trade within the Mendel Pact, along with the planets Ugandalore and Kodalon 5. It was from here that the Walgolorian race grew and developed, and it was here where their Empyreal Caste united their warring clans together in common cause.

Since then, it has proven to be part of what citizens of the pact call, the 3 Sisters, and few other worlds can match it's majesty, and only worlds such as Vior'tal, Ugandalore itself, and Truxn can match it's military might. Outside of this, it is a center of culture and education within the Mendel Pact, and many alien races, especially Orgaat, Ugandalorian and even a few humans, have come to call the planet home.

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In their ancient history, the Multus Esse found the planet and established a research base on it, under the care of the Observer, 67680 Dutiful Watcher, and conducted many experiments there. However, after the fall caused by the Alpha Cyber Collective, the Multus left the base and it's remains under 67680's watch.

During the seeing, the Multus automated research vessels deposited a group of Ugandalorians on the planet, who evolved into a different offshoot, which became the Walgolorians. For years, the Walgolorians established different civilizations, their clans flocking to the rule of certain founders who created city states under their rulership, under which various minor clans swore servitude to in exchange for protection and other resources.

Despite this, the Walgolorian continued a downward spiral as the various Clans and city states fought multiple wars against each other, with their aggression leading them to destruction, and eventual extinction. However, as 2 Clans, Clan Rwehian'ta and Clan Mekhais, 2 strange Walgolorian appeared in the camp of the besieging Clan Mekhais, demanding to see their chief, as another appeared at the gates of Rwenhian'ta. Both gave off a powerful aura of wisdom and grace that the Walgolorian could not ignore, and, after much talk, the 2 meet and declared peace.

Across the world, countless others, now called "Empyreals", appeared, uniting the Clans in peace, and, using their wisdom and clarity, declared the leading Clan, Lwerian'ca, to be the rulers W'alor from hence forth. Now united under 1 great king, the Walgolorian took to the construction of, first, their new society, then, their first starships, with the help of the awakened 67680 Dutiful Watcher, with their first starships reaching their moons, Lu'vaii, then Su'bith, before spreading out further across the stars.

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W'alor is a dry planet, mostly made up of scrub and savannah, and doesn't receive much water. Cities and towns are located in areas near rivers, lakes, and other sources of water, or where rain is very plentiful.

The capital city of Fio'Walor is located at the equator, and contains the highest population on the planet. Here, is where the temperatures are survivable for all races to live, as well as having enough water nearby to support large populations when the city was first established.

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W'alor is separated into 5 great continents, each controlled by a number of Clan Keeps and holding many a great city on their surface. As much of W'alor is arid desert and scrub land, Cities where chosen carefully, but many areas today are being evaluated for possible city location, engineers hoping to use their advanced technology to shape the land in such a way that more cities can be supported before the people out grow their own cities. While colonization on other worlds has stemmed this, W'alor remains heavily populated.

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W'alor has five main settlements that dominate it's surface. These cities where constructed in ancient times by the Clans of W'alor, though, it should be noted, numerous Clan keeps can be found elsewhere, private lands and settlements kept and maintained by a certain Clan. The five cities are as follows.

Fio'Walor Edit

The Capital city of W'alor itself, and considered the very heart of the Empire of the Walgolorian. It is here that the Councils of the Walgolorian meet to discuss politics, debate issues and ready diplomats for contact with new races and ideals. The city is a splendid example of the ingenuity, grace and culture of W'alor and it's people, and is used as an example to all of the power of the Walgolorian Dominion. The city can trace it's routes back to the ancient Clan wars of the old time, where the two Clans gathered to fight one another. As their forces gathered, the first two Empyreals appeared to both, speaking with the leaders of both Clans, and allowing them to unify together.

Upon the foundation of the Dominion, and the appointment of Clan Lwerian'ca to a lead position, Clan Rwenhian'ta and others voted to move their Clan Hold elsewhere, and use the site to not only celebrate the arrival of the Empyreal and the unity of their race, but to be used for all Clans to gather and speak, without fighting or dueling amongst themselves. As the city was expanded by the Clans, it's towers reached into the skies, splendid and sliver in color, jewels and shining decorations used on even the simplest of buildings. The city is made up of large spires and towers, that are home to countless Walgolorian. At the center of the mighty city are a series of temples and archives that are home to the Empyreal Caste, and their Taidhelior diplomats, average Walgolorian who seek to take diplomacy rather then warfare, and study under the Empyreals. These crystal temples house countless records about the empire, their weaponry and other details that are of vast importance to the Dominion.

Fio'Walor is guarded by a group of honor guardsmen, a group of elite Walgolorian warrior chosen for the honor of guarding the great Empyreal Council. The most elite, called the "Light of W'alor", are sanctioned with the Guarding the Supreme Empyreal, currently Ord Acaya, and are considered the greatest warriors the Walgolorian can field on foot. These among the blessed few that actually train and partake in melee combat, making them effective marksmen and swordsmen, whatever the situation calls upon. They are also charged with investigations and security within the holy city.

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W'alor is the home of the Walgolorian, and, as such, all Walgolorian born here take a great amount of pride in their heritage and culture. Unlike with the colonies, where changes have been made as they encounter new races, ideals or trade, W'alor remains generally unchanged. This results, in times, in a hostility towards aliens on the planet, but this way of thinking as cooled down, and aliens can generally be found with the general population, having all the same rights. The Walgolorian from here are considered the most enlightened and most practical of the Colonial worlds. Ship production, diplomacy and other tasks are considered mastered by them, but their most famous feature is their military abilities.

Forces from here dedicate their lives to fighting, and are known to concentrate their fire power on one target at a time, while letting their heavy support Knight/Paladin suits target independently, allowing them to maximize their fire power to the best they can. Warriors from here are known to spend the day before battle meditating and praying on their lives and what use they where to the Empyreals and the Empire, and going into battle the next day with clear, calm resolve in the face of any foe.

The Supreme Rulers of the Empire, the Sovereign Lord and the Supreme Empyreal both are native to this world, giving much civic pride to the people, and much resolve against the foe in battle.

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Like other Mendel worlds, politics is managed by the many Clan Keeps dotting the world. A number of Clans hold much power on W'alor, such as Clan Sieriol, Clan Adeddan, and various others, and their Clan Chiefs work to keep balance on the homeworld and to maintain order and law. While still prone to bickering over land disputes and the like, Walgolorian will usually settle their debates peacefully, least the Empyreal Caste makes their disapproval known. Traditionally, each Clan also has a number of Empyreals with it to guide it's people and maintain their resolve. Every Clan Lord has a Clan Empyreal to help run the Hold and keep things in order. As with all things, all Clan Lords answer to the Sovereign Lord, of Clan Lwerian'ca, Chosen of the Empyreals, and High King of W'alor. Ruling with him is the Supreme Empyreal, elected by his peers to the position and to look out for the growth of the Empire in all things.

A notable difference between them and their kin is the workings of the Princes belong the Sovereign Lord, a ruler of a certain region of W'alor who has the power over the various Clan Lords in that area, giving him command of all of their armies and loyalty, so long as he is fair and strong in rulership. The Princes of W'alor ruler alongside the higher ranking Empyreals, and answer only to the Sovereign lord.


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