Votum IV (usually referred to as Votum) is the fourth planet of the Votum system, and the center of Talven diplomacy. It is the only Talven world that is open to all foreign citizens, leading to a greater level of variation in the style of the planet's architecture. This has also resulted in some Talva refusing to consider it a part of the Talven Empire, though the majority of citizens in the Empire approve of its existence and purpose.




Dubris is the capital of Votum, and the home of its spaceports and embassies. Dubris is famed for its architecture, having been designed by the greatest architects that the merchant guilds had to offer, and influenced by the art and architecture of thousands of civilizations throughout the Gigaquadrant. The city is built on many levels, with increasingly large gaps in the upper levels to allow light to pour in to the equally impressive lower levels. Unlike many similar cities, wealth and power does not vary between levels, as the planet is largely dominated by the Talven middle class.

Imperial Plaza
Surrounded by the headquarters of all twelve official Departments, Imperial Plaza is at the geographical center of the city. Various artists are often invited to perform here, and a small market sells exotic Talven goods (including imitations of Talven art) to tourists.

Embassy Tower
Designed to resemble a mountain, Embassy Tower looms over the city, housing foreign embassies, as well as facilities for discussing and signing international treaties. The city's monorail network is centered on this structure, giving foreign diplomats easy access to the rest of Dubris. The tower has its own spaceport, for those that wish to avoid public attention during their visits.


Images Azzinothe Empire
DI Flag Modern Draconid Imperium
Eldarisian Flag Eldarisian Empire
ImperialFlag Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
Hegemony symbol The Hegemony
Ugandal Flag Mendel Pact
Mithadorn Flag Mithadorn Republic
NewRepublicFlag New Cyrannian Republic
Slukatian Empire Slukatian Empire
UnionFlag Stellar Union
UnifiedOrder United Order of Tophos and its Sublime Territories
United Persan Descendants Flag United Persan Descendants
WaptoriaFlag Waptoria Alliance of Species
ZP Symbol The Zarbania Powers

Gallus' Spire
This massive palace is split between the merchant guilds, acting as a temporary home for foreign merchants negotiating trade deals. The merchant guilds usually prefer to invite potential business partners to their palace-worlds, so the palace is rarely crowded.


While Dubris serves as the center of diplomacy, Benacus is the center of entertainment. The city is full of galleries and museums, but is mostly visited for its impressive theaters, most notably The Celestial. Balbus Marinus often performs here, when he is not occupied with state affairs.


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