Umbrax is a harsh, temperate and hot world located in Quadrant 89, one of the five Quadrant Galaxies. Once inhabited by a mysterious race, it was eventually claimed by the criminal organisation, The Syndicate around 49 BQF and became their headquarter. During the Quadrantia Disorder in 05 AQF, the planet was conquered by Rambo Nation and became a new trade port for them, though troubles were far from over with the native Velocitar disagreeing with the Rambo occupation.


Wildlife at Umbrax

Umbrax is an ancient planet, formed since the beginning of the Quadrant Galaxies. Ever since its excistence Umbrax has been a hot, dry and temperate planet, a harsh world where the native inhabitants fight for survival against each other and nature herself. Eventually, the Crakadox settled at the planet and created a massive space port, using Umbrax as a forward base of operations and a perfect place to hunt down the native animals and use the captured ones in gladiator fights.

Velocitar Riders, with a sleeping therapod behind them!

Eventually, with their disappearance after War of Quadrantia in 15.000 BQF against the Aininyë, the planet was left abandoned leaving the native Velocitar to become the dominant species on the planet, seeing the former crab species as a God-like entities. The Velocitar managed to tame the native Syndicteriae, managing to cross large distances the Velocitar began settling themselves over many continents of the planet.

The Velocitar, a primitvie species survived for years, using spears for hunt and defense against rival tribes. This continued for decades, until the arrival of The Syndicate in 2749 (49 BQF) who took the ruins of the Crakadox as their headquarters. Living in relative peace with the criminals, the Velocitar were shocked when in 2803 (05 AQF), Rambo Nation invaded the planet and drove the Syndicate out, occupying the planet the Velocitar began a revolt against them, refusing to recognise them as the new dominant species of Umbrax.

Occupied by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus since the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat by an Imperial Garrison it was liberated in April 2820 by Rambo Loyalist with aid of Judge Magister Ramhis and the native Velocitar.


Umbrax Keep

Umbrax Keep

Umbrax Keep is the largest fortified position of Rambo Nation at the planet, its white walls protect the various houses, the inn and the seat of Judge Magister Ramhis against natural threats like the Spinoluap and attacks from the Velocitar. Build atop a large hill nearby the ancient structure, the hill provides the guarding 8th legion with a great surrounding and are able to spot threats well before they can do harm. Its location at the steep hill provides a natural barrier as well.

The center building is the inn, with its clock tower is a recognisable building and loved by both the guards and the citizens. At the other side of the inn lies the throne of Levarrion, now a popular tourist attraction at Umbrax and for those that dare to travel to the planet. The keep was build after the Rambo forces managed to occupy the planet in 05 AQF.

Crakadox Structure

Crakadox Structure

The Ancient structure was once build the mythical Crakadox, build in sandy colors the structure acted for their kin as a major trade and landing port, granting a safe access to the planet. Dating back well before the rist of Rambo Nation, the structure is recognised by various Quadrantia powers as a monument and must be preserved for histories sake.

Umbrax Portal

It pillars and long ascending halls give a free view over the surroundings, located a mere kilometer from Umbrax Keep the Rambo claimed the structure as their main landing port, just like the Syndicate before them. Build atop a massive hill near a blue water lake, the top of the hill often allows you to see the various native wildlife when they use the lake as their water resource. Nearby the structure a mysterious portal is located, also once build by the Crakadox.

Velocitar Rider Village

The Velocitar Village is located south of Umbrax Keep and is one of the larger and influential Velocitar tribes found at the planet, though their are many the Rider Village is located closest to the Crakadox structure. The Velocitar live in tents, while their tents are surrounded by a wooden spiked wall to give the villagers protection against natural threats. Its towers are the watch towers, allowing the Velocitar to spot threats and able to act. Located near a small water resource, the Velocitar are proud of their village as its the eldest village of the Velocitar found at the planet, with their ancestors burried under the ground blessed their fortune, or so the spiritual Velocitar believe.

Other Locations

Rambo Watch Fortress

Other spotted locations near Umbrax Keep is the Rambo Nation Watch Fortress, located on a hill and surrounded by the white walls the Watch Fortress is the place where the hybrid Ap'She has his command. Though unknown to him, its remote location allowed Judge Magister Ramhis to keep him away from the sight of Umbrax citizens. The Watch Tower lies close to the Velocitar Rider Village and has a direct sight with the Velocitar Watch Tower.

Velocitar Watch Tower

The tower recieves supplies from Umbrax Keep by caravan routes, as its location between two large hills prevent the use of dropships or shuttles due to the strong winds raging through the narrow valley and its perfect ambush place.

The Velocitar Watch Tower is made of wood, surrounded by a wooden spiked wall and a single tent allows the Velocitar to watch the Rambo movements, located on a slope, the tower is visible from the Watch Fortress, though the walls are not and as such the movements of the Velocitar are often difficult to predict, as the Rambo are unable to get a clear sight at the daily affairs of the Watch Tower. Add to that the tower lies at the direction where the sun sets at twilight. Various mounts can be found here as well, used by the Velocitar as messengers when ridden or as pack animals.




  • Name:Iguanbrian
  • Type: None Scion, Saurien
  • Found: Umbrax
  • Lenght: Between 8 and 12 meters

Iguanbrian are large herbivore sauriens, members of the Ornithischians classifications. These friendly and slow moving creatures migrate from one waterpool to another, eating grass and the various cactuses on the way. The Iguanbrian only remain near water resources for longer periods of times to lay eggs and hatch them.

The Iguanbrian have a harsh life at Umbrax, being the natural prey of the fearsome and large Spinoluap, while at the same time their eggs are the target of the egg stealing and eating Syndicteriae. The Iguanbrian defend themselves using their tails, and are known for their touching "ballads", their roars when communicating with each others are often found emotional by the Velocitar.

  • Name:Spinoluap
  • Type: None Scion, Saurien
  • Found:Umbrax
  • Length: Between 12 and 16 meters when fully grown

The Spinoluap is a massive and dangerous therapod saurien native to the harsh world of Umbrax. Often tracking down the Iguanbrian herds, its main diet they are known to attack Velocitar settlement as well. Feared by the ones living at Umbrax, they know to run when they hear its roar in the distance. When not hunting, it can often be found lying dormant in the water pools for refreshment. They are quite fast as well, and can use their physical strenght and arms to pin down their prey, overpowering them before devouring its prey.

  • Trivia: Spinoluap is named for OluapPlayer for his fondness of the Spinosaurus.
  • Name:Syndicteriae
  • Type: None Scions, Saurien
  • Found:Umbrax
  • Length: Between 2 and 3 meters

Syndicteriae are egg eating therapods, rather small compared to their larger carnivore cousins, the Syndicteriae prey upon the eggs of Iguanbrian and Spinoluap. Often found near the herds, they are often killed by stampedes or by the might tail of an Iguanbrian when they become to annoying.

The Syndicteriae were eventually tamed by the native Velocitar and used as mounts, as the fast and agil creatures were perfect for riding.

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