There is no place like Tohoch. It breed us to be warriors, to relay on our intelligence and cunning over brute force. It's shaped us into what we are today, and will continue to be central to our changes.

- Elder K'ora

Tohoch is the swamp-like homeworld of the Orgaat, and noted for it's harsh wild life and very few resources on planet. From this world, the Orgaat evolved, and it is the nexus of their civilization. Although nomadic and prone to wandering across the universe, most make it a habit of going back to Tohoch at least once in their life as a pilgrimage of sorts. Although a colony of the Mendel Pact, it is largely inhabited by Orgaat, with most other races, with the exception of the Ugandalorians and Kadalians, not staying for too long.

Tohoch is a very hot, swamp-desert world, home to many fierce predators, many of them descended from the savage Orgaat themselves, and only the most fearsome remaining today. The Orgaat either remain in tribal villages built on the trees of the world, or in nomadic clans around the swamps, forests and deserts that dot the world. Tohoch has little industrial capability, though has enough resources to let the inhabitants continue to produce weapons and other devices for their survival across the galaxy.

History Edit

Evolution of the Orgaat Edit

The Orgaat first developed on their world more akin to squid-like beings then anything, slowly evolving themselves based off their diets, which, as they became more advanced, moved from fish, to amphibians. The Orgaat, had, for reasons unknown to many, developed a system of taking in traits of anything they had eaten, quickly evolving over the course of many generations lungs, scales, and other features that would develop to assist them on land. At one point, a group of Space farers crashed landed on Tohoch, and the inhabitants proceeded to devour them, brutally chasing them through the forests and consuming them in total. This would, in a few generations, jump start their evolution, causing an explosion in industrial growth, despite their youth and lack of resources.

Establishing a base in the mountains under their leader, S'rek the Green-skinned, the Orgaat began to use their genetic memories to produce weapons, buildings, and more importantly, ships to carry them off their planet and seek out new worlds for hunting and genetics. Some however, did not welcome this, and turned to the deepest, darkest jungles of their world for better hunting opportunities. These tribes where never heard from again, and indeed, would become many of the vicious sub-species that had developed beyond control and became feral creatures.

During their first development of the vessels that would be called War Spheres, the Orgaat encountered another race, the Togunda. The Togunda did not have many allies, though soon found the Orgaat to be worthy of respect. Both favored a strong sense of ancestral worship and respect, and both shared clan system combined with a pragmatic world view. Combined with an increasingly mercenary attitude, and the two quickly became the best of friends, Orgaat clans joining Togunda ones to survive in hostile territory. The Orgaat came to respect the stubborn will to survive in many environments, as well as their sturdy frames, while the Togunda respected the Orgaat for their ingenuity, strength and experience in jungles. To this end, many Togunda Trade Guilds where allowed passage onto scared Tohoch, and honor not usually given to aliens, due to the Orgaat belief system.

Such prosperity was not to last.

The Hermicce Wars Edit

The Orgaat, as they expanded to the stars, established colonies in many places, and advanced their scientific knowledge greatly. However, they unfortunately came to the attention of a number of Hermicce warbands. Many had been driven from the Waptoria Sector, and saw the Orgaat as an easy means to grab territory and resources for themselves, as well as the young Orgaat as slaves. The Hermicce crashed into the Orgaat's tiny empire like a tidal wave, slaughtering their way and enslaving many of the carnivorous Orgaat for the slave pits. Even with the help of the Togunda, nothing could slow down the mighty Hermicce. The death blow came when the Hermicce landed on Tohoch, and killed the Orgaat Elder Shifters, decapitating the Orgaat and leaving them defenseless. As the remaining Orgaat ran off to the jungles to hide, a small number traveled outward to seek help.

They arrived in Walgolorian territory, telling the older race the horrors they had seen, and the terror of the Hermicce. The Walgolorian would not stand to see another race oppressed like the Orgaat had, and rallied the other Mendel, the Kodalorians and Ugandalorians, to their side for battle, all three sending large forces to liberate Tohoch, as a Waptorian fleet arrived later to help. Fierce fighting took place, as many Orgaat joined with the Mendel warriors and Togunda Merchant fleets to hunt the Hermicce, as other Orgaat tried to rebel both, feeling their homeworld violated by so many aliens. Still, the Mendel and Waptoria convinced the Orgaat to join their side, and together, the races drove the Hermicce off of Tohoch, and won a mighty victory, set in stone by the new Orgaat leader, K'ora reaching an agreement with Walgolorian leader Casio Lwerian'ca to allow the Orgaat to integrate in Walgolorian society as full members, while maintaining their right to consume the meat of their enemies, with similar agreements made with Ugandalore the Great and Comacar O'kariin.

A smaller number would travel and join the Waptoria for their efforts in driving out most of the Hermicce, and, joined with all these races, hunted down the last of the Hermicce. With this done, the other races began the process of rebuilding and repairing the damaged planets of the Orgaat, including Tohoch.

Modern history Edit

Tohoch has been a center of military training for the Mendel. Many Ugandalorians train here before being sent out, and remains the spiritual capital of the Orgaat. Even though they now spread across multiple galaxies, from Cyrannus to Borealis, the Orgaat still make the effort to travel to Tohoch and hunt there for 1 week, viewed as a right of passage for the Orgaat and scared pilgrimage. Tohoch is protected by a mighty Mendel armada and space station, and many Togunda trade ships also dock above it, and on the ground is protected by the many fierce natives who live there.

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Culture Edit

The Orgaat view their homeworld as scared, and, as such, aliens are not allowed to set foot until they have earned the respect and gratitude of the Clans of the Orgaat. Notable exceptions include the Mendel, Togunda and some others. The inhabitants here are of a mostly silent, hunter-tracker nature, prone to being more pragmatic then other Mendel races, yet still maintaining a spiritual touch to their daily lives. As such, what one comes to expect from the typical Orgaat society, will get largely the same here, albeit with more savage creatures running around trying to eat them, and even some natives.

Religion Edit

While the Orgaat view the planet itself as scared, they do honor their ancestral spirits through daily prayer and sacrifice, their shamans leading their tribes and clans in honor and veneration of their highest figures and ancestors, such as S'rek the Green Skin and A'kor the Red-Hunter. The Orgaat believe the ancestral spirits gather within them, and, by eating their foes, not only gain new genetics, but also new strength from the ancestral spirits of others.

Shrines dedicated to certain Mendel and Waptorian gods and goddesses are kept active across the world.

Cities Edit

The Orgaat have few active cities, being very nomadic and prone to moving around frequently. However, one common tribal den has become their capital, named E'van'gaul, a large town by most standards, and home to many Clans from across the Orgaat territories. Here, visitors can stop and enjoy a rest for a while, or, as most usually do, go out and hunt with the natives for dangerous big game.

E'van'gaul maintains "Quarter Embassies", sections of the city dedicated to housing certain races and allies within their borders, and designed in such a way to keep them from being close to two allies who may have a "spat" with one another.

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Orgaat Hounds are one of the primary species on Tohoch, and, like many, descended from the Orgaat themselves after they consumed the flesh of various wolf-like creatures. These Hounds are often tamed by Orgaat Clans for use in hunting, guard duty and warfare, and act as scouts and trackers as well. Some Hounds, however, usually the larger and more feral ones native to the deeper forests, are too savage to be tamed, and are killed when they come to close to Orgaat villages and holdings.

Even so, the most docile Orgaat Hounds, are still very stubborn, willful beasts, and many races within the Pact find them repugnant and disgusting. Orgaat keep them around, however, because they are still very loyal and useful once their trust is earned. Hounds are known to eat Orgaat who abuse or mistreat them, and as such, handlers will spend their wholes lives with them as pups before they lead them into battle.


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Oceans Edit

The Orgaat, for whatever reason, naturally hate water and are terrified of the oceans of their world. A general rule of thumb is they never go near their oceans unless they absolutely have to. As such, on other worlds where going to the beach is considered a fun vacation, for Orgaat, it is pure hell. While some members, such as the Rending Fin Tribe, make their homes in oceans, these are usually shallow enclaves, helped by their new adaptations. Most Orgaat, however, avoid the oceans.

It's believed, the Orgaat long ago traveled back into the oceans some time ago, seeking new prey that they could not find on land. It's unknown what happened to them, but every year, it is said, they would return to land, larger, more powerful, more feral, and more aquatic. Finally, it is said these beings disappeared entirely. When the Orgaat, much later, tried to navigate their oceans, it said these Clans where almost eaten by massive beasts that rose out of the waters to attack them.

As such, to navigate their oceans, they do not build boats, but aircraft, and do the same on all worlds. Orgaat prefer jungles and deserts, where they can see and detect predators and prey alike before they attack or run, but in the ocean, due to years of being separated, their sense are dulled and practically useless. While they deposit their young in water before they develop, this, again, is mostly in lakes and rivers, or even in the shallow areas of the ocean.

Because of this fear of the ocean and it's inhabitants, Orgaat simply call it one massive ocean, Tiam'atral, or Hell Waters.

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