Tircos was a planet formerly located within the Tigris Galaxy and a small Rambo Nation colony known for it flora and sugar dispositions. Once a site of battle between the Congregation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets, after its relocation to the Quadrants the planet eventually fell under control of House Ramgrath and its sugar and nutrition refinery became a vital part of the Legatus.

By 2830, most of the forests dissapeared after heavy deforestation and the sky was polluted by the smoke from its factory.


The discovery and the Colonization of Tircos by Rambo Nation settlers is unclear, but presumed it was shortly after 2508 (290 BQF). The planet settlement remained small and unimportant until the discovery of large sugar dispositions within its native flora. Soon after Serindia settlers raised a refinery and began the slow deforestation and production of sugar products and production of nutrition slurry.

A Serindia worker at Tircos

During the Tigris War the planet was the site of a major battle between the Congregation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets though it eventually fell to the might of the Congregation. The battle marked the beginning of close relations between the DCP and the Rambo. Due to a temporal anomoly by the USS Typhon, the planet was eventually relocated through time to the Quadrant Galaxies and resumed its role with the refinery.

By 2830, after 10 years under Legatus occupation the planet was heavily polluted and most of its forests had vanished, all native wildlife has ceased to excist as well and Serindia workers travelled daily to the planet from Ramirith.


Tircos Refinery

The Tircos Refinery lies within a valley near a mountainous area, easily reached by shuttle or transport. It features three major production facilities, where smoke is always rising from its furnaces. Nearby, various holding facilities are used to store the various stages of its productions, formerly only sugar but since the forming of the Legatus the refinery is most famous for its mass production of nutrition slurry for the Legatus Navy and the Legatus Army. The terrain also features three landing docks and three container sites for the Muunivelle-transports that can pick up their containers using grapplers are the facility is not build to house large container ships.

Most transportation is done by light freighters that travel across the Cluster or bring the amount of nutritions to a Muunivelle-freighter in low orbit with various runs.

The production facilities are the cause of the pollution of the planet.



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