Thadus 0002 7.3 is the third moon of the binary planetary system orbiting at the seventh place of the binary pair at the center of the Thadus 0002 System, 2.28 light-years from the Nivenia System. It is of low value materially, being primarily composed of water ice, though it does have traces of ammonia and methane. Its gravity is much lower than that of Nivenia Prime, making it nonideal for Nivenian colonization as well. However, one of the other bodies in the system, Thadus 0002 7.1, is a much more valuable target for most purposes due to its composition of almost entirely carbon. Due to their different composition, it is likely that these moons formed from debris ejected (or stripped off of other planets) when the larger of the two stars in the system died.

However, Thadus 0002 7.3 does contain traces of yellow spice - not like Caeruleo 6.9 levels, but enough to be extractable and to support an industry. It is currently suspected that there is life under the ice layer, but it is not yet certain.

Other moons of Thadus 0002 7:

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