Terra Prime is a planet found within the eastern parts of the Unclaimed Territories of Quadrant 82. This planet is often overlooked by passing ships as the Quadrantia Humanoids who colonised the planet refuse to use space crafts and as such do not have a space fleet of their own. The humans at Terra Prime are living in peace and prosper, together with the many Scions that call the planet home. Most curious, the planet houses no true wildlife, as all creatures found at the planet are Scions. A Yodian by the name Kjac also calls Terra Prime his home, where he can study the Scions in peace and quietness.


Terra Prime has lush forests, blue seas filled with life and large grass plains. Though often seen as green and lush planet, Terra Prime also has polar lands, deserts and mountain areas. Terra Prime is one of the few planets where the native wildlife fully exist out of the mysterious Scions.


Not much is recorded of the history of Terra Prime, known records indicate that around 448 BQF the first humanoids settled themselves at the planet. Since then, the humanoids lived in peace and prosper, far away from dangers. The humanoids, colonist from the former Humanoid Empire refused to go into space again and used their vessels to build their homes. Over time, the humanoids did have trade with other species within the vicinity, but often consider them neutral. Due to the lack of space crafts or space stations, Terra Prime has escaped conflict during the Second Galactic War and was left unharmed. Around 0 BQF, the mysterious Yodian by the name of Kjac settled down on Pallarian Town, a small village found at Terra Prime and began studying the mysterious Scions.

During the 12th month of 2804 (06 AQF), Terra Prime was visited by the crew of the Falcon, they remained at the planet for a period of time as one of their own, Claire Rambo learned about training Scions by the mysterious Kjac. By 2814 (16 AQF) the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus began plundering its natural resources and forced many Q-humanoids from their home.




All of the native wildlife of Terra Prime are Scions, from friendly to aggressive, from small to large the inhabitants of Terra Prime consider them creatures and treat them that way. Scions can be found all over the planet, though some are only found at certain places.

  • Name: Bulauros
  • Type: Normal Scion
  • Found: Terra Prime

Lenght: Between 1.10 and 1.50 meters in height

The Bulauros are a quadruped, bovine Scion. It is covered in light brown fur with a thick, darker brown mane around the neck. The Bulauros have incredible strong neck muscles, capable of lifting five times their own weight on their horns. The Bulauros by nature are social Scions, moving in herds. The Bulauros relies solely on physical attacks and as such can be considered a close combat fighter.

When trained, the Bulauros are kind and gentle scions who are strictly loyal.

Butterfly Stage ILarge.png
  • Name: Butterfly
  • Type: Bug Scion
  • Found: Terra Prime:
    • First Stage: All over Terra Prime
    • Final Stage: only near Pallarian Town
  • Length: Between 0.3 and 0.5 meters

The Butterfly are an insect scion with two stages, the first stage resembles a catterpillar but when fully grown it resembles a butterfly. The Butterfly are rather small, but are gentle creatures and are often found in small swarms near flowers, to drink and eat nectar. The Butterfly first stage can use web attacks and tackle attacks to defend themselves. The Butterfly first stage are found all over the planet, but somehow after they are fully grown all migrate to Pallarian Town. The Butterfly Final Stage aren't the most impressive Scions in the Cyrandia Cluster, though their combination of flying attacks and stun and sleep powders makes them a Scion to be aware around.

When trained the Butterfly are often gentle and quiet Scions, loyal and capable of getting along with most other Scions.

  • Name: Catscion
  • Type: Normal Scion
  • Found: Terra Prime
  • Lenght: Between 0.4 and 0.6 meters

The Catscion, like their name suggests are cat like scion. These small Scions are by nature rather friendly and are often kept as pets by many. However, like normal cats the Catscion also can be defensive and arrogant.

The Catscion are unable to use elemental type attacks, though their sharp claws and nails make them a dangerous oppenent.

  • Name: Chompam
  • Type: Fighting Scion
  • Found: Terra Prime, mountain road only (rare)
  • Lenght: Between 0.5 and 0.8 meters

Chompam are odd looking humanoid resembling Scions. The Chompam are fighters by nature though are rare in appearance. Found only at the Mountain Road, they often hide between the rocks and caves. Though small, the Chompam are capable close combat fighters with a powerful punch. Though not very agile, their thick hide gives them a boost in endurability, allowing them to take a lot of damage before being defeated.

When tamed or captured, Chompam can be rather stubborn and one needs the respect to be able to use a Chompam in battle.

  • Name: Elechu
  • Type: Electric Sion
  • Found: Terra Prime
  • Lenght: Between 0.2 and 0.4 meters

Elechu are small mouse like Scions. Friendly and curious in nature, they are very shy when humanoids pass by, though show interesst in all other kind of Scions and creatures. They are agile and fast and suprisinlgy, they can use their short legs to jump quite hight. Many see the Elechu as cute creatures, though they don't like to be paddled by strangers and will use their electric abilities to scare away those who show to much interesst in them. When captured, the Elechu are loyal and friendly Scions, often refusing to surrender when facing defeat.

The Elechu can use electric based attacks together with fast and agility attacks to confuse it's opponent.

  • Name: Glybot
  • Type: Sonar Scion
  • Found: Terra Prime
  • Length: Between 0.3 and 1.4 meters

The Glybot are scary and not so friendly scions. With their sonar abilities they can produce high screeches that are painful to the ears. Though having somesort of wings, the Glybot in fact cannot fly instead they glide using wind currents. With their fangs and claws the Glybot will defend itself and attack others who tresspass it's territory when required.

When trained, the Glybot often show traits of disobedience.

Krabler Large.png
  • Name: Krabler
  • Type: Water Scion
  • Found: Terra Prime

Length: Between 0.8 and 1.2 meters

Krabler are crab like creatures found at planets with salt water. These orange colored crabs are often mistaken as just crabs and can be served as a meal as well. However, these scions have water based attacks as well as a strong claw to defend themselves. It is not common to see fishing ships sink because of their claws. The Krabler rely on long range water attacks and close combat physical claw attacks.

Normally the Krabler are gentle creatures, but have periods of grumpiness and should be avoided.

  • Name: Laporian
  • Type: Water/Ice Scion
  • Found: Terra Prime, only near Pallarian Town
  • Length: Between 1.2 and 2.6 meters

The Laporian are considered legendary and beautiful creatures by the citizens of Terra Prime. The Laporian often swim near the coasts at certain times, their songs filling the air with an almost serene sounds. The Laporian, by nature are shy Scions, not easily trusting nor approaching non-Laporian one must really gain it's trust to approach one.

The Laporian rely on ice and water based attacks. When trained, the Laporian will allow you to be carried on it's back, so the trainer can cross seas and rivers with ease. Laporian are like most Scions loyal when treated well.

Owlaron (Claire's)Large.png
  • Name: Owlaron
  • Type: Psychic/Flying Scion
  • Found:Terra Prime, only near Pallarian Town
  • Length: Between 0.6 and 1.2 meters

The Owlaron are an owl like type of Scion, most active during nights they use their psychic abilities to hunt for small insects and search for fruit. The Owlaron are by nature arrogant and proud Scions, not easily tames nor caught the Owlaron will always resist capture and will attack with it's wind, psychic and claw attacks. Suprisingly, a rare kind of Owlaron was found near Pallarian Town, this one was smaller in appearance and seemed to be smarter. It also contained a more reddish color.

When trained, the Owlaron are gentle and loyal creatures, though still retain their arrogance.

  • Name: Spiderak
  • Type: Bug Scion
  • Found: Terra Prime
  • Lenght: Between 0.1 and 0.3 meters

The Spiderrak are small spider like Scions, easily overlooked due to their size they are rather shy and often flee for larger creatures and persons. Above all things, they fear flying Scions and creatures. Though not looking really impressive, the Spiderak can be a valuable assest to a trainer or summoner, as the Spiderak posses strong webs for disabling others or use their webs as climbing ropes. With their lone horn, the Spiderak can paralyse it's victim.

When trained, the Spiderak are kind and gentle creatures.

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Kajothia City[]

Kajothia City

Kajothia City is the closest city near Pallarian Town. Reachable by other city roads or by the mountain road between Pallarian Town and the city, Kijothia City is a rather small city, some prefer to call it a town as well. Located between a river and a large lake, Kajothia lies between the trees, giving the city a friendly and warm feeling upon entering. The building style various from one level houses with gardens to multiple level appartments. The city is split in two parts due to a canal running between it.

The city houses a Scion Master arena where Scion trainers can try and defeat him to obtain a skill token from him.

Oakster Arena

Oakster Arena is a small castle like structure, with the house of Oakster and the arena connected to it, Scion trainers can challenge the master for his skill token. The arena is rather old, with one tribune for watchers as many within the city enjoy watching Scion fights. The arena is home to Oakster's Scions as well, a Bulauros and a Owlaron.

Mountain Road[]

Mountain Road

The mountain road is a road that connects the village of Pallarian Town with Kajothia City. The road crosses the forests and mountains between Kajothia City and Pallarian Town, a road not taken without risks as various Scions call the forest and mountains their home.

The road is made of stone paths as well as wooden bridges. Following the shape of the mountain, the road circles half the mountain before going down to lower ground again.

The road is a preffered route for those who seek new Scions to capture or fight against them.

Dracrus wooden cabin

Dracrus cabin is a small wooden cabin where Dracrus lives. Together with his Chompam and Krabler he trains his Scions in isolation, preparing to fight during the Scion league of Terra Prime. Winning all the badges and tokens of skills. Dracrus now awaits someone who can beat him in battle.

The cabin itself is simple, with the kitchen, living and sleeping room in the same room, the cabin actually feels quite warm. Inside various trophies are hang upon the walls.

Dracrus chose to live inside the cabin to be able to train his Scions in secret and away from the peering eyes of other Scion trainers. The cabin lies upon the Mountain Road.

Krabler's Rock

Krabler's rock lies at the end of the Mountain Road, and just meters away from Kajothia City. The rocks are the main breeding grounds of the Krabler's, every year thousand of Krabler's come here to breed and leave again for the places they came from. As such the young Krabler's grow up alone, testing their strength against one another. Many Scion trainers like to visit Krabler's Rock to try and obtain a Krabler as their own Scion.

Pallarian Town[]

Pallarian Town

Pallarian Town is a small village found at Terra Prime, constructed and founded near the coast Pallarian Town is known as a small yet peaceful and gentle place to visit. Due to her remote location, Pallarian is often ignored by tourists and Scion Trainers as it lies far away from any public transport, though a small air port is nearby the costs for a flight towards the village are high and as such less attractive for visitors. Pallarian Town lies between the trees, with decent and luxerious houses with orange and blue roofs, it gives the city a warm feeling. All houses inside the village have their own gardens and some lie close to the shore. The lone police station lies in the center of the village, and oversee the nearby sea and village. The only vehicle found in the village is the police motercycle of the officer at service. Pallarian Town is one of the smalles villages of Terra Prime, with few inhabitants.

At the edge of the city, a bridge was constructed wich leads to the House of Kjac and his small Scion reserve.

House of Kjac

Professor Kjac's house is known as Kjac Mansion or the House of Kjac. The house of Kjac is basic, like most Pallarian Town houses. With two floors, the main section houses Kjac's reading room, the kitchen, living room, a study room and upstairs the bed and guest rooms, as well as the bathroom. The interior of Kjac's house is highly decorated with wall decorations, a replica of a Yodian Destiny-class and many bookshelfs. The second part of the house, the large rotunda houses Prof. Kjac's laboratoy, here he can study and heal Scions. With various advanced Yodian equipment, Kjac is able to study all kind of assest of the Scions, how they live, how they breath, their internal organ placement, brain waves etc.

Interior of Kjac's living room

The lab also houses an advanced healing center, where injured Scions can be healed as well as special crystals, housing the Scions when they refuse or not needed to walk ouside in the reserve.

The ouside reserve is a small island where Kjac can study the Scion in a natural habitat, though functions as a living place for the Scions as well as Kjac feels the Scions should be ouside their crystals as much as possible. The small bay houses the rocks for the Crablers, the Bird rock and the rock of Eris. The island itslef has various flowers, trees and other areas for the Scions to live in.

The following Scions (can) remain at Prof Kjac's mansion and to whom they belong:

  • Kjac: Veseva, Valaxian and Charzargon
  • Aubrie: Benavylsaur, Rattatoi 2x, Spiderak
  • Claire: Pidarrow
  • Unknown I: Rattatoi 2x, Ram'Eris 1x, Krabler 1x
  • Unknown II: Rattatoi 1x, Krabler 1x
  • Unknown III: Bulauros 4x, Butterfly 2x, Laporian 1x, Owlaron 1x, Vulcrow 1x


The Airport of Pallarian Town only has two landing docks, located just outside the forest a lone stone path leads to Pallarian Town. The Airport has a small welcoming hall, a small gift shop and ofcourse a tower with attennas to guide space ships towards the landing docks. When arriving, people are free to travel to Pallarian Town, the only town or place connected with the airport by path.


Hmm, a very nice place, hmm!

- Kjac


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