Some of the most decadent and unlawful people live on Tar Kuuraen, where the powerful benefit at the expense of the weak.

- Apaltar

Tar Kuuraen is a large ecumenopolis in the Outer Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy, known for its decadency, crime rates and dominance by crime-families. Tar Kuuraen was once a desolate world away from the major galactic trade routes, though when the First Republic waged its wars against the Nagith Empire in the ancient past, a Republic colonisation fleet happened upon the world and colonised it. Over the centuries, Tar Kuuraen's surface began increasingly dominated by wide urban sprawl, eventually turning the planet into an ecumenopolis that once rivalled the galactic capital of Orbispira.

However, when the Republic fell, Tar Kuuraen became the home of crime families and became one of the key centres of the Cyrannian Syndicate. Though the planet remained as one of the richest places in the galaxy, it became infamous for the gaps that existed between rich and poor, being home to some of the most affluent individuals living in the city's gleaming spires while the destitute inhabited the world's lower depths. During the Great Cyrannus War, both sides of the conflict attempted to gain the favour of the planet's powerful mob bosses which continued into the reign of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic.


Early History[]

Tar-Kuuraen, a shady hub of the Outer Rim.

Colonised by the First Republic in 14,680 BNE, Tar Kuuraen was at first a staging area during the Republic's war against the nefarious Nagith Empire, overtime developing into a key Republic colony world on the frontiers of known space. As the centuries went on, Tar Kuuraen's surface became dominated by an ever expanding planetary city which rivalled the galactic capital Orbispira at its peak. However, with the fall of the Republic and the beginning of the galaxy's dark ages the planet became mired in crime and corruption eventually giving birth unto the galaxy the infamous Cyrannian Syndicate, a nefarious crime group dedicated to maintaining their own power.

Over the centuries, Tar Kuuraen became known as a world of both decadence and destitution which was finally addressed under the reign of the United Republic of Cyrannus in the decades prior to the Great Cyrannus War. Under the Presidency of figures such as Fleur Inviere, the Republic attempted to stamp out the planet's rampant crime but to no avail. During the Great War however, both Republic and Confederacy of Allied Systems attempted to curry favour with the planet's mod bosses in exchange for information about secret hyperspace routes near the planet. Though these attempts had mixed results, with the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, this information was often seized by force. Nevertheless, though calls in the Imperial Navy were common for a base delta zero of the planet, its influence in the Outer Rim prevented such a bombardment. With the rise of the New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE, the practices of the Great War were continued, with both the Empire and the Republic maintaining an entirely unofficial presence on the planet for surveillance.

Second Great War[]

When the Second Great Cyrannus War erupted across the Gigaquadrant, Tar Kuuraen continued as it always had during wartime—a place of subterfuge, crime and deadly power games in a seemingly endless criminal underworld. Soon after the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, the infamous bounty hunter Éaltar Gauisa was contacted in the famous Jonalek Tavern in the Central District by Aubrie, working in connection with the Phaedric Order. Gauisa would later play a key role in the Republic Day Attacks, but ultimately failed. Later, Jonalek Tavern was shut down by the Empire, when Raptor Squadron attacked, seeking out Corva, Tironus Manition and Stench, who were accused of the crime of privateering in service of the New Republic. With the help of Republic agent Rhavor Aldorón, the crew of the Falcon managed to escape Raptor Squadron's clutches, though squadron commander Vitiian Rax vowed that she would track down the traitors.


Far from the opulence of the planet's highest spires and nightclubs, the vast majority of the people of Tar Kuuraen live in hardship and desperate poverty. Wealth is concentrated overwhelmingly in the hands of the planet's elite, though even the highest of those are firmly in the pocket of the Syndicate, which is believed to be headquartered somewhere on the planet's surface. Located along the Perliama Hyperlane, races from across the galaxy can be found on the planet, be they unscrupulous scientists seeking to advance their research without government supervision, or freed Alavar slaves forced to sell their bodies to make a living. Indeed, much like Orbispira, the lower you go on Tar Kuuraen, the more dangerous the territory is. In the hovering clubs and casinos, however, life is decadent and opulent. There is something for everyone on the planet, the elite proclaim, even those with tastes shunned by the outer galaxy can always find pleasure amidst the skylanes.

Notable Natives


Central District[]

Tar-Kuuraen, a shady hub of the Outer Rim.

The Central District is the most affluent area of the planet, the focal point of which is the famous Kuur Spaceport, which floats over the endless city below. Home to some of the galaxy's most famous celebrities, the majestic towers of the Central District seem a world away from the extreme poverty that exists on other areas of the planet. Though denied by those who value their epidermis, this area of the planet holds the headquarters of the Cyrannian Syndicate, under mysterious new management since the arrest of Flovos Pretio and Rivergron during the New Cyrandia Wars.

The Central District is the planet at its most inviting to visitors, with a risqué atmosphere and governed by the local authorities policy of strict no-violence offering a respite from the chaos which grips most areas of the planet. The district is home to clubs, venues and high-end shopping the envy of the Outer Rim, the inhabitants of which know well the famous casinos which line the promenades. Although many species from a multitude of worlds live in the Central District, there is a distinct pro-Republic atmosphere, with the area being home to many Republic-aligned smugglers and bounty hunters.

Dvotville District[]

Dvotville District is affectionately known as "Little Ottzello"

The Dvotville District is one of the poorest areas of the planet and is home to massive industrial factories and the opulent palaces of corrupt crime-bosses. The district houses the planet's oldest industrial facilities though the layers of decay in these factories have not prevented some of the galaxy's most nefarious groups from making use of the resources found within. The Empire is suspected by Republic Intelligence to operate a large number of front corporations out of the district which facilitate thoroughly illegal experimentation, both technological and biological in nature. Despite attempts from the largely ineffective Imperial-backed government of the planet to improve the living standards of the area, Dvotville remains one of the most dangerous areas on the planet, gaining the nickname "Little Ottzello"; a nickname gained in no small part due to the large numbers of Cyrannian Loron gangsters operating in the area.




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