A truly magnificent world. However, it is but a taste of the benefits of friendship between our two civilisations.

- Guolivian

Sundarra is the capital of the Draconid Imperium's territories in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Located in a star system along the galaxy's Perlimia Trade Run, Sundarra serves as a gateway for Core Worlds and Inner Rim inhabitants to the Andromeda Galaxy and serves as a location to witness the culture of the Draconid Imperium. Although considered within Draconid space, the planet is governed by a combination Draconid and Cyrannian administration, solidified by the planet's constitution.

A key characteristic of the planet's architecture is the merging of common Draconid and Cyrannian styles to form a cosmopolitan elegance that attracts tourists far and wide. This same cosmopolitan quality is also the reason for much of the planet's non-Andromedan population.


Much of the surface of Sundarra consists of expansive oceans surrounding rugged continent-sized islands which are themselves surrounded by thousands of smaller islands. The geography of these islands varies between hilly lands of golden grass or expansive forests of golden or scarlet-leaved deciduous trees. Trees are much more common near the equator and make way for wide-open grassland in the northern altitudes. Along the equatorial coastlines the land gives way to expansive beaches of soft, chalk-white sand. Coastlines become more craggy and steep at northern latitudes and closer to interior mountain ranges. As a geologically active planet, several of the continents and many of the smaller islands host active, dormant or extinct volcanoes, making the land in many parts of the planet extremely fertile with volcanic soil.

Nexia'Silimia, the planet's capital and largest city.

As a young colony, Sundarra has few large cities, with the largest being Nexia'Silimia near the equator. Most of the planet's starports are located in the aforementioned largest cities and most of the population reside in coastal towns or agrarian communities inland. These agrarian communities are commonly surrounded with acres of hydroponically-irrigated farmland, the water of these installations has a reputation to glisten in the morning and evening sunlight. More rugged regions are marked out with terraced hydroponic farmland that disputably has either a similar or more awe-inspiring sense of beauty to it.


Due to the expansive interconnected oceans, the coastlines experience frequent rainstorms and strong water currents that bring in warm waters from the equatorial regions. Under normal circumstances the planet' equatorial regions would be frequently at the mercy of hurricanes and typhoons were it not for a network of climate-control systems in orbit. Aside from a few regions where a monsoon season would be vital to keep a region healthy.

It is only in the northernmost reaches where the warm temperatures make way for snowbound winters.


Sundarra's proximity to the core worlds places it in close proximity to the heart of high Cyrannian culture. This, its status as an administrative capital of the Draconid Imperium and Cyrannian influences from businessmen, immigrants and tourists mean that the planet has over time been more accepting of high Cyrannian arts, media and values. The planet has gained a reputation as a melting pot of both Andromedan and Cyrannian ideas which is evident in the architecture present around the planet from skyscrapers to quaint villages which exhibit feature architectural features and various products from both galaxies.

The planet's proximity to the heart of the galaxy mean that a lot of its citizens in metropolitan regions of the planet show an interest in politics and in the economic scene. The planet has become a hotspot for up-and-coming politicians and entrepreneurs to demonstrate their prowess in what could potentially be described as the "gateway to Andromeda", with new shows, books and films published locally showing the increasing popularity of this trend.

Despite the rustic nature of the outlying settlements, most inhabitants possess a fair degree of affluence even though both host empires no longer have much of a rich-poor divide. This is recognisable in that even residents in rural agrarian communities are able to afford some of the latest gadgets on the intergalactic markets.


Being a Draconid capital in the heart of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the planet is sheathed in a networok of defences designed to protect it from the worst of known threats. Enveloping the planet is a transphasic shield maintained by a combination of low-orbiting satellites and planetside emitter nodes that can protect the planet from most conventional attacks such as shipboard turbolasers, torpedoes starfighters and bombers. Reinforcing these is a network of laser-emitting satellites, countermeasure launchers and ion cannon satellites.

Beneath this shield are a network of drone starfighter hangers that in unison are capable of launching millions of drones in the event of invasion that are remotely controlled from AI mainframes within each starfighter hanger. Teyus, the natural moon of Sundarra, is host to a series of silos and cloaked missile satellites capable of launching ship-destroying surface-to-orbit transphasic cruise missiles along with having its own compliment of drone starfighter hangers in its orbit.


Sundarra was initially surveyed in 04 BNE by a Republic cartography crew who found promise in this warm, stormy but mineral-rich planet. Before initial exploitation could commence however the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War meant that Sundarra's development was pushed aside, gradually slipping deeper into the republic bureaucracy before eventually becoming so buried as to be completely forgotten by the war's end, meaning that since the rise of the Galactic Empire it was left unclaimed until records of it were discovered by bureaucrats in 02 NE where there was discussion on what do do with it.

After some time of an initial souring of relations with the Draconid Imperium it was proposed by Senator Guolivian that in order to improve relations with the Imperium they could be offered the planet to colonise. After much senatorial debate it was agreed upon that the Imperium would be offered this planet as part of an attempt to strengthen bonds between Andromeda and Cyrannus by creating a cosmopolitan planet, to which the Imperium's Grand Senate accepted, sendign the first wave of some 40,000 colonists two months later.

The planet's popularity grew due to its location on the Perlimia Trade Run. The curiosity brought about by the cultural interest in the Draconis led to an influx of Cyrannians visiting the planet as tourists and promoting a tourist culture in metropolitan areas and some of the more picturesque coastal settlements. As reputation about the planet grew, more Cyrannians opted for dual citizenship in order to gain permanent residence on the planet.

In 03 NE a proposition was put forward to construct a second moon in orbit and further out than Teyus, with the initial framework established after three months.


Sundarra is more than a gate to Andromeda. It is the seed of ideas and revelations, a place where the residents of two galaxies can mix and talk.

- Crown Prince Maxios Telvenum


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