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Pleuratex.png|'''''Pleuratex'''''<br><small>Scorpion</small><br>Descended from deadly sea scorpions, ''pleuratex'' are common ambush predators in the inland waterways of Scorpiae's vast rainforests. Capable of reaching over eight metres in length, ''pleuratex'' are an opportunistic species capable of hunting prey and scavenging the kills of others, while they have also been observed cannibalising younger individuals. While ''pleuratex'' are more comfortable in water, they are also capable of moving onto shore to evade predators, though this in turn marks them as vulnerable to more able-bodied land predators.
Scophiba.png|'''Scophiba'''<br><small>Amphibian</small><br>A two metre long amphibian, ''scophiba'' are a common sight in the forests of Scorpiae, hunting for fish, small insects and carrion. A robust and resistant species, ''scophiba'' were among the few lifeforms on Scorpiae to be relatively unaffected by the Cognatus bombardment during the Intergalactic War, particularly when compared to other vertebrates. Like the ''pleuratex'', ''scophiba'' are semi-aquatic though are poor swimmers in deeper waters. As such, adult ''scophiba'' tend to spend most of their time on land.
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