Riphar-15JD is a desolate moon located in the remote and often overseen and uninteressted Rihpar system, the moon once thought to be a fine place to mine for ore by Rambo Nation and a great study of the pertrified Q-Octopus was forgotten due to the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War until the Regellis Star Empire used the planet as its new prison and experimental side.


Riphar System

The Riphar system is an old and remote system, often found uninteressted due to it's two hostile moons orbiting a blue gas giant, located in a system with two blue suns. After the Trucinex War, explorers of Rambo Nation stumbled upon the planet and found a petrified Q-Octopus. These civilians set up a secret lab to study the massive creature though years later were forced to leave the planet due to the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War. As the civilian scientist never reported their side to Rambo Command, it was forgotten and abandoned, leaving all data and lab materials behind. Months later, the Regellis Star Empire stumbled upon the planet after they claimed the system for their expansional territories and found it an excellent location for a prison and experimental side.

In 08 AQF, the crew of the Falcon managed to infiltrate the facility and free one of the prisoners, Ramikku Ramoval. A pursuit was in vain as with aid of the New Cyrannian Republic the prisoner managed to return to the Quadrant Galaxies, endangering the secrecy of the facility.


Petrified Q-Octopus/Riphar Processing Prison

Riphar-15JD Prison

The Petrified Q-Octopus seen from orbit at Riphar-15JD

The prison, located near and inside the petrified Quadrantia Octopus was once a side of a hidden and civilian Rambo Nation laboratory that was build inside the petrified remains. For years study was done upon the remnant and though it raised a lot of questions, how was it petrified? How did a Q-Octopus wound up in Cyrannus? And how did it grow to such a size, with aid or just with sheer age? Approximate data indicate the creature has been petrified for over 100.000 years.

After the scientists left, the Regellis Star Empire claimed the system and used Riphar-15JD as a new prison side, building rude shelters for their prisoners of war and captured citizens, the Regellis (or better said Vulrulan Overseer) set them to work, mining the ore or else using them for interrogation and experiments, all in name of the Star Empire.

The chasm is surrounded by a green colored Regellis fence, while the overseer nor the guards sleep at the harsh planet, they instead live and sleep inside their cloacked ships in orbit. The shelters keep the prisoners safe from harm and give them the extra oxygen required, a diversity of species can be found here as prisoners. Sadly the planet is very dusty and many of prisoners are suffering from lung problems.

Notable Individuals[]


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  • The planet was made to show a "darker" side of the Regellis and as a gift to Cyrannian.