Rambo Prime is a colony of Rambo Nation located in the Mid Colonial Sector, located near the Wormhole Platuae this "intergalactic" planet is one of the most strategic positions within Rambo Nation, connecting other galaxies with the Ramsoria Run. The citizens are known to be friendly and open to all kind of species, as Rambo Prime is often used as first stop before exploring or travelling further within the Quadrant Galaxies.

Rambo Prime is the seat of House Ramcelsior.


Rambo Prime (Pre-2820)

Rambp Prime was discovered by explorers in 2448 (350 BQF), located near the many wormholes, soon dubbed the Wormhole Plateau the Rambo Goverment ordered a stronghold to be constructed and act as a first defense against intruders from other galaxies. Over time, Rambo Prime grew and grew, nobles started living at the planet and travellers from beyond found the planet their first stop before further travelling within the Quadrant Galaxies. Due to it's strategic importance and growing population, Rambo Prime became a prospering and wealthy planet, often protected by various ships in service of Rambo Command and private ships.

During the Second Galactic War in 2798 (0 BQF), the planet came under attack for the first time in it's history. The Imperial Alliance tried to invade the planet and managed to hold it for a small while as well, starting their occupation until the Imperials were driven off by the allied fleet during its liberation. After recovering and returning to their daily lives, the planet came under attack once more in 04 AQF during the Great Cyrannus War by a Cogsangui captain onboard the Burning Heretic, but he was defeated before serious damage could be done to the planet. Sadly the troubles for Rambo Prime were far from over as in the same year the dreaded admiral Lizaconda, in service of the Confederacy of Allied Systems tried to besiege the planet once more. Luckily due to the timely arrival of Rambo Nation ships and the Suiliagothrond-battlestation, danger was prevented.

Singularim forces on Rambo Prime, August 2820

When Rambo Nation fell under the "protectrate" of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the planet became part of their "Quadrantia Province". During the 12th month of 2804 (06 AQF), defected Grand Mandator Garlboz led an unsuccessful attempt with the Angforst to close the wormhole leading to the Milky Way Galaxy. His plans were thwarthed by a joined task force of Rambo and Imperial vessels.'

Following the Viral Outbreak in the first night of 2805 (07 AQF), Lord Ramtainus Ramveral, Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior and lord Argathon Froramsilia had a meeting at Château St Selenyia, though left in disagreement over a decision of a private fleet for Rambo Prime. With the fall of Rambo Nation in 2819, the planet became part of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

On the 8th of August 2820, Rambo Prime came under siege by the Singularim Pact who sought to liberate the planet from the occupation by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. As the days passed, the battle turned more gruesome and intense while the Empire was forced to give ground. On the fourth day, on the 12th of August the Empire, under command of Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral performed an orbital bombardment and destroyed Rambo Prime City with most of its citizens before withdrawing. While the Pact and the Rambo Loyalist ensured a victory and drove the Empire from Rambo Prime, it was a biter victory. The bombardment side could be seen from orbit and continues to smolder and burn.


Current Locations[]

Château St Selenyia

Château St Selenyia

Château St Selenyia harbour

Château St Selenyia is one of the ancient seats of House Ramcelsior. Build in a distinguished building style, only found formerly at Pauvenris and Vietara, it showed the prestige, wealth and power that House Ramcelsior once held in past times. Château St Selenyia is known for it's greenery, it's large harbour and two massive anti-space cannons used to protect the city against enemy invaders should the space fleet fail to protect the planet. The city is inhabited by Rambo Serindia pauvenris, the last of their kin and one tower houses a Zapticuno. Named in honor of the Atlantica Selenyia, the château is a populair tourist attraction for those visiting Rambo Prime and also houses a massive library. Just outside the walls a small council building can be found, overlooking the sea and harbour where the lords of Rambo Prime can meet and discuss matters in relative peace and neutrality.

The location for this council building has been chosen at Château St Selenyia due to House Ramcelsior once great influance and known neutrality.

Former Locations[]

Former locations
Prime City

Prime City

Prime City is the capital planet of Rambo Prime, seat of House Ramveral it is crowded by the various Serindia, Tralor, Radeon and Zazane calling it their home. Located in a small valley, erected walls protect the citizens against attacks and local wildlife, inside the citizens live in peace and prosperity, enjoying parties and a normal daily live. Within the cities people can live within houses, apparments or windmills. Various motels can be found within the city as well to provide travellers a place to stay over before continueing their journeys. Within the city the banners of House Ramveral can be found at various buildings and at the gates. Prime City was destroyed in August 2820 by an orbital bombardment.

Cooperation HQ

Cooperation HQ

The Cooperation Headquarters is owned by Lord Argathon Froramsilia, who in younger years used his wealth as a noble to buy an abandoned castle at Rambo Prime, close to Prime City at a hill located nearby. He turned it into the headquarters of the Cooperation. Over the years, he expanded the Cooperation, owning multiple buildings across Rambo Nation. As one of the main and most powerful trade organisations within Rambo Nation, Argathon was often investigated for trade indications with the Syndicate and other shadowly organisation, though was never proven. Ever since spice, crates and crafts arriving and leaving the landing dock can be seen, it is said within the lower dungeons vast vaults of gold are held, the fortress itself it guarded by the Watch in service of Froramsilia and none can enter with the Lord's consent. Since Argathon also formed his own private fleet, it proved to be his center of operations.

The Headquarters was destroyed in August 2820 by an orbital bombardment.

Rambo Prime Space Station

Space Station

In orbit of the planet lies the Rambo Prime Space Station. The RPSS (Rambo Prime Space Station) is a medium sized space staion, located near the whormhole plateau, this station coordinates all the incoming and outcoming ships to the Milky Way Galaxy, Tigris Galaxy, Ramvelkys Galaxy and more. It is manned by personnel of Rambo Command.

The space station has a size of 450 meter and is considered small by Rambo Nation space station standards. The station was destroyed in the 12th month of 06 AQF by Garlboz during his rebellion.



Though a colony part of Rambo Nation, it is primary inhabited by Rambo Serindia, Radeon, Zazane and Quadrantia Tralor.


Rambo Prime houses various well known individuals, some are of noble births others are commoners.


Rambo Prime houses not only ordinary wildlife but is also home to various Scions.

  • Name:Fishkarp
  • Type: Water Scion
  • Found: Rambo Prime
  • Lenght: Between 0.3 and 1.2 meters

Fishkarps are fish like water type Scions with little to no abilities, they are known to use bubble when trained and can splash around, but further more they seem unalbe to use attacks. Most trainers who want a fishkarp take them for their swimming abilities and speeds they have, wich some use at a tackle. Though not very populair among trainers and summoners to have as a Scion, they are exquisitely fine on a plate with various ingredients like spice and vegtables.

Picthcrows RN.png
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Height: 0.2 meters - 0.4 meters
  • Lenght: 0.3 meters - 0.5 meters
  • Age: 18 years
  • Location: all over the planet

The Pitchcrows are small and friendly birds native to the Rambo Capital. Set loose upon the planet the birds soon expanded and integrated with the other local wildlife and fauna. They are small and are often living near the coast and cities where there is plenty of food. Some can also be brutal, and pick food from your hands. The Pitchcrows are considered by the entire planet as pests, they are found to be everywhere and often cause trouble when they are stealing food from your hands (this happens daily). However, as the Ramboidae policy is not to hunt down any animals, or Rahiae as the Ramboidae call them the Pithcrows have a free way and can fly wherever they want.

  • Diet: Herbivore (mostly grass)
  • Height: 0.6 meters - 1.5 meters
  • Lenght: 0.8 meters - 1.6 meters
  • Age: 20 years
  • Location:All over the planet

The Unirilea are an unicron/horse like creature found at Rambo Prime. They are used by the local Serindia as farm creatures as they produce excellent milk, which is the key igrediant for milk and other substances within whole of Rambo Nation. The horses can also be used as pack animals and when trained are gentle and sweet companions.

They are used in the sigil of House Ramveral.

  • Name:Zapticuno
  • Type: Flying/Electric
  • Found: Château St Selenyia area at Rambo Prime
  • Lenght: Between 1.2 and 2.2 meters

The Zapticuno are large flying/electric type Scions, with a powerful electric charge and agilty the creatures are a powerful Scion for trainers and summoners. Though rather rare at Rambo Prime, one is known to make it's home at one of the towers at Château St Selenyia and is protected and forbidden to disturb. The Zapticuno can use powerful wind and electric attacks to disable and actually grievously hurt it's oppenents.

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