Former Rambo CapitalEdit

Rambo Capital

Rambo Capital pre-march 08AQF

The page will list all the former locations and extinct animals once found at the Rambo Capital. Various events during the history of the Quadrant Galaxies disaster struck the Rambo Capital, removing various locations or animals from the globe. The first of the greatest of disaster unfold at 29-03-08AQF, when the Fury of Galvarus was unleashed upon the Capital, obliberating the three moons of the Capital and destroying millions of lives upon the destruction. The debris of the moons were drawn into the atmosphere due to the gravital power of the planet. The incoming chunks of rock caused chaos and massive damage at the planet, resulting in the extinction of various wild life while tsunami's or impacts destroyed and removed various cities and locations from the global map.

Locations on the SurfaceEdit

Amnuvallionia 02

City of Amnuvallionia, as seen from high orbit with the Capitol Building in the back of the picture.

Amnuvallionia is a large and crowded city, already over well 1000 years old the City is considered the most modern due to the skyscrapers build in ancient style. The Statue of the Late Emperor is also located here and the City even has her own air field to let small shuttles and frigates land near the city, there are even hangars were the ships can be repaired. Shorlty after the Rambo Civil War many Cities were reduced to rubble and the air field of Amnuvallionia too, she was a Rambo Blue Airfield with a small town located near it.

When the Rambo Founder unified the Serindia and started building a Space Ship Amnuvallionia was the location were the first space ship would be constructed. Due to this the small town near it soon grew out to a large town and after the succesfull launch of the First Space Ship the village had grown out to a large City. However, the Serindia decided that Tirithsilliana was the Capitol and many Serindia left Amnuvallionia. So the City parts were abandoned until the Heer Stekeveel War.

Amnuvallionia 01

The Statue of the Late Emperor, Dino Le Rambo I

During the Heer Stekeveel Wars most of the City was reduced to rubble after the devasting attacks and after the forming of the Noble Alliance, the City was rebuild with aid of the Kloppig and Insector Eldarions. During the Noble Alliance, many skyscraper and modern building were build throughout the city, but all in ancient Founder style thus making the City a special and magnificent place.

Amnuvallionia 03

Amnuvallionia Air Field seen from high orbit

However, during those times the City was expanding and was over crowded as many Ramboidae and other members of Rambo Nation began living in the City. So the City was florishing and became once again an important city of Rambo Nation. During the Second Galactic War Captain Tul managed to infriltrate the City and destroyed the shield generator located at Amnuvallionia, making a way open for invasion by the RSA and the Imperial Alliance. The city was later liberated during the Second Galactic War (0 BQF) and once again became very very crowded and a center of citizens. It was destroyed in march 08 AQF by tsunami's and earthquakes.

Ancrevialicia 01

Ancrevialicia, the Core of the Rambo Capitol, located in a large dome.

Ancrevialicia was a secret location, and is the home of the Ancrevialicia, the Amazones of the Ultimate God. It was the core of the Rambo Capitol and is located in a very large dome, and is filled with lightstones so it seems the sky is filled with start. The Core was constructed before the Rambo Serindia evolved on the planet, the Core was constructed at around 70.000.000 BQF, and is the oldest place in the Quadrant Galaxies. During those times, when the Shrine of the Ultimate God was completed, a large tower was build at Ancrevialicia, at the top a portal which leads directly to the Shrine, which is protected by the Judge of the Shrine. They lived a long time into peace, honoring the Rambo Gods and awaiting the time to protect the Rambo Serindia at the time it was needed. However, there destiny was spoiled, as one of there own, Aur'Lodin left the Core early and before the destined time and as such, the portal was closed and could only be entered by the Shrine, but Aur'Lodin managed to elude the Judge of the Shrine and managed to put the Shrine's entrance away in a mountain. She then left the planet.

Ancrevialicia 02

Ramtilsae exited the Grand Tower

Meanwhile below, things were worse as Aur'Lodin action led to the near extinction of the Ancrevialicia, and the many buildings vanished and the Grand Tower construction became weaker. As Selenyia managed to save the Serindia by sending her Lieutenant, he later left Rambo Nation and the USS Bonaventura was send to the Shrine were it still is today and Captain Ramolla entered the Core. There he lived a long time in peace, but he perished sometime after and a tomb was created for him by the Ancrevialicia, whom were saddened by his passing. The place was later rediscovered and the Amazones left the city, leaving the place desolate and empty. The cave collapsed in march 08 AQF by the many earth quakes that struck the capital in the wake of incoming debris of the destroyed moons.

Khaza'Drimiaerh 01

Khaza'Drimiaerh 01

Khaza'Drimiaerh was founded 48.948 years ago. It became the third city of the Serindia and belonged to the Red Serindia Kingdom. An agressive tribe/city it soon attacked the other Serindia Kingdoms and cities and her name was feared. The city was ruled by King Balidurun. Upon the Second Planetary War the city was destroyed when the Rambo Alliance attacked her. The attack was led by King Alivua. At 455 BQF King Alivua managed to kill Balidurun and the city was engulfed in a massive explosion.

now a days there are not remnants of the place called Khaza'Drimiaerh and the area is still of limits due to the radiation which were unleashed during the destruction of the city. Around 03 AQF the Red Serindia began rebuilding the city to her former glory, as the radiation seemed to have vanished after over 450 years. Though the rest of the citizens or Serindia refuse to inhabit the city, they did visit the place and the former palace was rebuild to function as a museum, chronicling the second planetary war. The ruins were swept away by tsunami's that struck inland before the area around the city collapsed by earthquakes and most of the land sunk beneath the oceans waves.

Luthrionicae 01

Luthrionicae coast line and harbour port

Luthrionicae, the harbour city of the Rambo Capitol of Dinoman82. The City is fairly new, she excists for over 210 years now and was build near the coast and rivers, valleys and plains. This meant a great variaty of terrain where the homes of the Ramboidae were build. It also means a lot of the wild life of the Capitol Planet walks among the citizens. Around 210 BQF the latee Emperor Dino Le Rambo ordered the construction of a harbour place for boats. However, it turned out differant as as the rivers and the coasts were attracting various and wealthy Ramboidae to live there. Due to her beaches and warm climate many houses were build with docks for boats and as such Luthrionicae became a populair vacation place on the Rambo Capitol.

Over the course of years the town became a medium sized city and the city was spared from all wars. During summer times the town gets crowded with tourists and citizens who like to sit at the many beaches of the city.

Luthrionicae 02

Luthrionicae center, with vacation homes and the Residential Home.

During winter, the trouble arrives for the cities, when the food for the animals gets short, they often venture into the city and plunder the various garbage trunks. However, the citizens don't mind, as it is also one of the most attractive things of the city, the animals just venture among the citizens in the city. Most recently, Rambo Nation contstructed a new building that resembles the Phaedro Towers of the Core Federation, they did this in honor of Queen Alestra and is the residential vacation house of the Royalties and High State Visitors of Rambo Nation. At all time guarded by swordsman, the various goverment rulers and royalties can enjoy a peacefull vacation among the citizens of Rambo Nation. With the building of this residential home, a small dock where two shuttles can land have been constructed. The city was swept away by tsunami's and shock waves in the wake of the destruction of the moons by Galvarus in 08AQF.

Minas Vuliaroronth
Minas Vuliaroronth

Minas Vuliaroronth

Minas Vuliaroronth was founded 48.825 BQF and soon became the second city of the Rambo of the Medieval Age. Considered the “Blue Capitol City”, it meant that the Blue Serindia Tribe had the most powerful position besides the Yellow Serindia of Rambo City. The Blue Serindia soon began creating there own knights, known as the Order of Vuliaroronthia.

A powerfull city, is could not withstand the Red Serindia Kingdom, and was burned down at 2500 BQF. Now a days her ruins are a tourist attraction. The ruins were destroyed by earthquakes in march 08 AQF before the land sunk into the ocean.

Ramerodaras 03

The Senate Building

Ramerodaras is an ancient structure which was used for the Senate and is still known as the Senate Hall or as the Diplomate Center. Ramerodaras was build around 1000 BQF as a need for neutral territory, which later was used to meet with other races and species when reaching the Space Stage and meeting the Rambo and other Alien Species. As the Rambo enjoy hights, the structure was build on a large hill located near the sea. Over the course of years the structure or building was expanded and a large docking plataeu was build for the landing of larger shuttles. However, to enter it, people have to pass security. During her time of Rambo Nation it has always been used and known as the Senate and became Rambo Nation's Diplomatic Center. It has never been under attack in her history. However, when the Second Galactic War took place the Bounty Hunter Emto infriltrated the Senate and managed to assasinate the Hutter Ambassador, in the first time in her history someone died in Ramerodaras. After the forming of the Quadrantia Federation, the Ramboidae Senate became the center of the Quadrantia Federation and all meetings were done here. Upon the Treaty of Fornaeria the structure was used as the libary/archives for Rambo Nation and became restricted area.

The large building, reaches very high and has differant levels and offices. The late Emperor Dino Le Ramo I often visited the place to come at peace as it is very quiet and remotley located. The Building is protected by a large shield if it came ever under attack and after her new appointment, the building became even more heavily guarded. It was destroyed and sunk into the depths of the seas in march 08AQF in the aftermath of the Fury of Galvarus.


Vulmiartari, a small city found on the Rambo Capitol.

Vulmiartari, also known as the city on the Plains is actually a large fortress, with houses build around it and over time it grew out to a small city due to the contstruction of a large Libary. The first stones were laid around 2500 BQF. The large hills were surrounded by massive walls and the Fortress of Vulmiartari was a fact. It survived the Trogg Wars and the Heer Stekeveel Wars.

Over time the city was expanded with houses and a large casino and libary were build in the city. The Capitol Building of the Fortress was rebuilded into a large hotel or appartments to let the Rambo live in it. Around 50 years ago it recieved the status of City. During the Second Galactic War Vulmiartari remained free from Imperial Control due to the citizens withdrawing behind the wall. Shortly after, Bounty Hunters took the Fortress hostage, took some secret information from the libary and had taken Princess Ramtilsae hostage. Afterwards, it was decided that the Rambo Military was allowed to search for criminals.

Also the Casino became a very populair place for the citizens of Rambo Nation and vacation tourist also often visited the city. All around the city many of the wildlife of the Rambo Capitol can be found and people who love the nature also venture here. The Cities plains also containt barges and farmers, mostly herding the Herbisciosa and keeping them in barges. The city is fairly peacefull, but is also knowns as the only city on Rambo Nation where criminals can be found due to the pubs and the large Casino. An earthquake destroyed the place in march 08 AQF.

Wildlife that went ExtinctEdit

Brachaeinoa RN
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Height: 6.8 meters - 9.2 meters
  • Lenght: 10.2 meters - 18.2 meters
  • Age: approx. 500.000 years
  • Location: Tirithsilliana, Rambo City and Luthrionicae

The Brachaeinoa are the largest creatures found at the Rambo Capitol Planet, these large herbivors live near the cost and often walk through rivers and water to eat water plants. They are also very shy and people need to search hard to spot them at all. The Brachaeinoa are considered Epic creatures and are the most ancient creatures found at the planet, scientist estimate these creatures have life spans over 500.000 years. However, due to them being a mystery not much is further known of these creatures and only 250 of them are still a live.

When walking though the seas of the Rambo Capitol Planet of Dinoman82, they often dive and when needed air, they sometimes hit fisher boats who sink. However they are not seen a threat and the Ramboidae of Rambo Nation honor these creatures a lot. The large and proud beings went extinct in the aftermath of the Fury of Galvarus when tsunami's hit the lands.

Chironacae RN
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Height: 2,5 meters - 3.2 meters
  • Lenght: 6, 1 meters - 8,6 meters
  • Age: approx. 2500 years
  • Location: Rambo City, Luthrionicae and Vulmiartari

The Chironacae are large, yet very shy cow like dinosaurs. they are often found in large herds and feed upon plants, grass and water plants. When scared, they go running which can be dangerous when you get trampled. They like to be around waters, where they can cool down and drink.

The creatures can become very old (scientist theories the oldest know speciman was over 2500 years). The creatures, although large often inhabit forest and plains, feeding upon grass and leaves. They cause no trouble whatsoever, but it is known, when the Chironacae are very scared they sometimes destroy buildings in there run. They often hurt themselves with this and means they need medical care. The creatures went extinct in march 08 AQF after the Fury of Galvarus, when their lands were hit by earthquakes and sank into the seas.

Croco Bonto
Croco Bonto RN
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Height: 0.67 meters - 0.95 meters
  • Lenght: 3.8 meters - 6.7 meters
  • Age: 100 years
  • Location: in sewers and swamps all over the world

These small crocodil creatures are very territorial and their bites are very mean. They are often found in the water ways and sewers of Rambo Nation cities, were they prove a menace to construction workers.

They are also found in large numbers in swamps or very deep up rivers. There green color makes them difficult to discover in filthy waters, and although they are small and not deadly, they can cause serious damage and trauma to citizens and tourists. They went extinct during the aftermath of the destruction of the moons after their homes were swept away by a massive tsunami's and their nests covered by earth by one of the many earthquakes that struck the capital.

Mastaroidae RN
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Height: 2.8 meters - 3.6 meters
  • Lenght: 3.1 meters - 4.2 meters
  • Age: unknown
  • Location: Vulmiartari, Luthrionicae.

The Mastaroidae are large elephant creatures, territorial and strong, the predators are going out of her way for this kind of creatures. However, they do no one harm if you do not anger or scare them.

The creatures are a rare and are protected by the Ramboidae. They were near extinct due to the Rambo Civil War in ancient days and near the end of the Second Galactic War there population is still growing and stabilizing. The Ramboidae scientist believe that there are now around 1500 still alive. The creatures went extinct during the aftermath in march 08 AQF, when their homes were struck by earthquakes and sunk beneath the ocean seas.

Veloraptorae RN
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Height: 0.8 meters - 1.4 meters
  • Length: 1.5 meters - 2.2 meters
  • Age: aprox. 125 years
  • Location: all over the planet (except near Tirithsilliana)

The Veloraptorae are the most common small predators found at the Rambo Capitol Planet. They are fast, shy and often dissapear at sight. However, they can also hunt you down without you even knowing it until it is too late.

When venturing into the forests are other dense areas, you should be carefull when the surrounding are silent around you, it often means a Veloraptorae pack is hunting you down. When you see one, you prepare to attack him. But before you can do anything, you are attacked from behind, or sideways by other Veloraptorae you did not notice. There favorite prey are the Herbisciosa and the Parallimiua, and they also seem to like to eat the Pitchcrows. They fear the largest creatures of the Rambo Capitol Planet however. They went extinct in march 08 AQF when their numbers were swept away by earthquakes and tsunami's.

Moon of the Rambo CapitalEdit

The Rambo Capital was blessed with three moons in orbit, all capable of substaning life. All moons were quite important for the Nation, as one contained its main shipyards while the other housed the Senate and the Senate Conference Room. All three moons were destroyed at 29-03-08AQF during the unfolding events of the Fury of Galvarus. The debris of the moon were drawn into orbit of the Capital due to its gravital power and caused major damage and chaos as the surface below, wiping out cities and locations and reshaping the map of the capital.

Moon of Anummiae

Anummiae, housing the Senatorial Executive Palace

The Second Moon of the Rambo Capitol Planet of Dinoman 82 is a small and peaceful place. The planet is full of green and wildlife, and the only city on the city lies on the water with ground bridges leading to the various independant islands. With a variaty of culture, Anummiae contains almost every species of Rambo Nation and is one of the most diverse colony within Rambo Nation.

The colony houses the Senate Executive Palace, also known as athe Parlement Building, housing all the 14 Senators whom have their offices there. The building is heavily guarded by Seven Starr Serindia Soldiers and officers, but citizens can make an appointment with the Senators if they want.

Morglûkia V'irkli Du'lko, a notorious Crime Lord also has his office on Anummiae, under the eyes of the Senators he can oversee his criminal network in secret, and Rambo Nation is not aware that Moglûkia is a criminal crime lord. The colony falls under the Inner Colonial Sector and is considered very important. To buy a house, or even an appartment on the colonial surface you will have to have money, since they are one of the most expensive in all of Rambo Nation.

Moon of Rowar
Shipyards of Rowar, moon

Moon of Rowar, with the shipyards clearly visible from space, covering half of the moon

The Moon of Rowar is a moon of the Rambo Capitol Planet of Dinoman82, the most prominent and well known moon Rowar contains the massive Orbital Shipyards, where all the Rambo Nation star ships are produced. Although the planet is filled with water, the shipyards are floating in orbit/high air and are massive. The few peaked of mountains on the planets are filled with homes of the Aviadactyl's.

As a prominent moon they recieved there own seat in the Senate and hold a lot of influance within Rambo Nation. Due to her influance the Moon of Rowar has recieved her own Senatorial Seat, and thus given her own sector designation. They are represented by Senator Aviaratyal, the Aviadatyl director of the Shipyards.

see Shipyards of Rowar.

Moon of Väeressëa
Moon of Väeressëa

Moon of Väeressëa, with the statue of Enlightment in front

The Moon of Väeressëa is the third moon of the Rambo Capitol and is often called the Senate Planet or the diplomatic center of all of Rambo Nation. A green and filled with rocks and mountains, the moon seems uninhabited but underneath the massive mountains she holds one of the ruling goverments of Rambo Nation and is of great importance to Rambo Nation.

With a statue of Enlightment, dedicated to the Demi-God Tiaultiam they believe she protects the moon. Following further there are two massive docking ports for shuttles and small crafts of Senators. Follwing the hallways you will find the Senate and the Office of the Chancellor of the Crown high up in the mountains. The Senate is heavily protected by Officers, Seven Starr Serindia Soldiers and a few Mobile Suite Droids.

Many Senators love to visit Väeressëa as she contains a lot of peace and quiteness, something Senators appreciate when discussing important matters.

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