As long as the Rambo Nation flags are waving in the wind at the Capital, there is always hope!

- Aur'Lodin

The Rambo Capital, also known under the following names: Capitol of Dinoman82, Serndianiliae and Elen'Nunian is the capital planet of Rambo Nation and homeworld of the Rambo Serindia. Named in honor of the Rambo Ultimate God, the Rambo often reffered to it as the Capitol of Dinoman82, however most others simply the planet the Rambo Capital. The planet has been given various titles and names as well, like: Planet of Nobility, the Blue Bird Homeplanet and idyllic.

The planet is considered the most important of Rambo Nation and is the center of that Nation. The Planet has a few notable cities and is considered a beautifull and ancient planet with magnificent cities where the might and proudness of the Ramboidae of Rambo Nation is reflected. Well known for her shores, long stretched forests and grass plains, deep blue seas and a paradisiacal nature, cities filled with art, music and history the planet is a populair vacation spot

The planet is also the largest of Rambo Nation and it contains a few cities, one of it is the Capitol City of Tirithsilliana. Another important and ancient city is Rambo City, the first great City of the Serindia and home of the Rambo Founder.


Seen from orbit, the Rambo Capital shows her lush and green surface, filled with blue oceans it would seem an utopia to live on. And a paradise it is!

- Vice-Admiral Ramcard

Rambo Capital her well known shores

Geologically the planet is divided in the green and lush areas in the west, south and east. While far up north and south contain the polar lands.

The massive plains of the planet are filled with trees, forests, rivers and all others what the local wildlife needs to survive. While there are mountains near the shores, the capital doesn't really has massive peaks, more like hills filing the landscape. The Capital her well known shores provide beautiful sight at sunset or at dawn, which are well known to tourists visiting the capital. Further more, the shores with beaches provide tourists and the natives a place to relax and enjoy the sun.

Moving to the plains, the local wildlife dominates the area, feeding themselves from the leaves or from eachother (depending whether you are a carnivore or herbivore). The plains are mostly left to nature, including the forests as the natives mostly build their cities near the coast and shores, where the rivers or ocean provides them with food and trade routes. Many consider the planet a temperate and beautiful planet by Galactic standards, with a varied terrain that includes coastal lakes, massives oceans and tar-pits, thick forest, powerful rivers, broad grass plains and beaches at the shores.

Rambo Capital her nortern landscape

However, up north near the polar land the lands changes drastically. Their mountains arise with snow capped mountain peaks and strong wind currents. The massive glaciers still provide a beautiful sight, however the north is the most dangerous area of the planet. With massive ravins, avalanches and unstable frozen sea waters. Still the hazardous area provides a home to one of the natives and trees still grown in the mountain areas.

As the planet is quite large, most of the planets thick forests, grass plains and northern mountains remain unexplored, even in modern times.


The Planet of Dinoman82 is a very ancient planet where the Rambo Serindia had there total evoluation. The planet upon her creation by the Rambo Gods was a pardise, with lots of green and other magnificents events on the planet. During the evolution of differant kind of species it became soon clear that the Rambo, which later were reffered too as Serindia became the dominent species on the planet and upon reaching the Civilization Stage, the planet was named the Rambo Capital of Dinoman82.

Though the exact timedate of when the planet was formed or came into excistence is still unknown, Rambo Nation scientists believe the planet herself is over 925 million years old, but was in her earliest history barren and filled with vulcanos and toxic gasses. Over time, life formed itself at the planet, with cells and small bugs. Further on life evolved and creatures began walking the surface of the massive planet.

Early History (65.950.000 BQF - 100.000 BQF)[]

Over the course of millions of years the planet became lush and green, with a variaty of life and flora. Around this timedate the first cells of the Serindia came into excistence and were found in the massive seas, still covering most of the planet. The first evidence of the Serindia was the so called Rambo Cell, a microscopic creature which was blue with white stripes. It had three eyes and had carnivore and herbivour mouths. It was fast swimmer, with two Cilia on either side to propel it through the watesr. The cell also had spikes and could release poison from twin glands on its back. It was also capable of releasing an electric charge to defend itself or to attack it's prey.

Yet as the Rambo species began evolving another species was already dominant in one part of the planet, they were known as the Longsauria, a saurien species of ancient times. They lived far away from the Serindia place of evolution, yet around that time the Longsauria already lived in castles and houses made of stone.

Rambo Serindia 1st reaching land

Over the course of millions of years the microscopic Rambo Cell evolved and grew legs (around 12.850.000 BQF) and this event marked the dawn of a new age for the Rambo Serindia. The first forms of the Serindia only had legs and a horn to defend itself. Over time, with the evolving of other species the Serindia species continued to evolve until grew arms and wings, and soon became the dominent species on the planet. Their dominance meant the species could advance and soon they discovered the invention of fire!

Shortly before the Serindia reached their tribal stage another civilization, which lived in castles and villages (Longsauria) ceased to excist as their continent fell to an earthquake. Unknown to most is that the Longsauria suffered somekind of anomaly at their continent, which transported them to another galaxy. The dissapearance of the Longsauria meant that the Rambo Serindia became the most prominent and dominant species on the planet.

Tribal Era (approximately 100.000 BQF - 49.000 BQF)[]

With the invention of fire, the Serindia spread across the planet and the planet changed appearance as continents became filled with small settlements of various evolving species.

Founder and the Forgotten Dark Lord clash

As the Serindia also reached the tribal stage, they soon allied or conquered other tribes due to their cunning and their ability to fly and use weapons (like spears and axes), but also learned the art of fishing, music and harvasting fruits. It soon turned out the yellow tribe became the dominant tribe and the most advanced. They found evidence of mythical entities that created the planet and filled her with life, and they began honoring them as their own Gods.

Yet, the planet itself was under rule of a strange entity, known to the various tribes as the Forgotten Dark Lord, with it's mythical name Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë. He ruled the planet and refused the Serindia to give them their freedom, as the entity saw it was not yet their time and the simply liked wandering the planet. When the various tribes made peace with eachother an individuals arrived at the planet, named the Idrioalthaórien, a servant of the Gods. He clashed with the Forgotten Dark Lord and defeated him in personal combat. The Forgotten Dark Lord vanished and his name and story became a legend and myth. With this victory the Serindia tribes recieved their freedom and the yellow tribed moved from location towards the coast, and settled down. The settlement became the first large village found at the planet and was named Rambo City. As the city grew and food became spare, war was not something they could afford and as such with so many other tribes they made peace, but destroyed one of the tribes as a warning to the other hostile tribes.

The forming of tribes changed the appearance of the planet, as forests dissapeared for the building of huts, settlements were buid around the coasts and various wildlife were hunted down to provide food and other resources.

Civilization stage (approximately 49.000 BQF - 2500 BQF)[]

Medieval Age (49.000 BQF - 2300 BQF)[]

When the citizens of the massive planet reached the civilization era, it started with the medieval age. The citizens, the Serindia advanced more and more and soon the first large cities were build, made out of stones, wood and defended by archers and catapults. The most notable cities constructed were Rambo City, which expanded and was reinforced more and more. It belonged to the yellow tribe and was the most powerful and influenial city of all. Thousands of years later, the Yellow tribe founded at 20.000 BQF the city of Tirithsilliana, which would later house the Royal Family of Rambo Nation. The completion took over 2500 years. The yellow tribe lived in peace with nature, they used the plains to supply food and to make pastures to harvest food or to let their animals graze upon it.

Minas Vuliaroronth, the blue Serindia capital city

Minas Vuliaroronth was founded at 48.825 BQF, and belonged to the blue Serindia Tribe. It was a well known city and was quite loved and wanted by the other tribes. Yet the knowledge and cunning of the blue Serindia made them the second tribe at the entire planet, and they also became the wealthiest. Yet this achievement changed the continent the blue Serindia lived on, woods were destroyed to provide food and materials and soon the continent was left with various trees and large plains as far as the eye could see.

The third major tribe, the Red Serindia founded at 48.948 BQF the city of Khaza'Drimiaerh, their capital and massive stronghold. The city soon became feared among the other tribes, which left the Red Serindia alone. The Red Serindia simply destroyed their continent, cutting down the woods they turned their region into a barren wasteland, with little wildlife.

Sea battles

Over time, the various cities introduced knigths, which protected the cities and fought battles for the cities and kings. Yet there were also freelance knights, they were also influential on the wildlife of the planet, as they hunted down various animals to provide their own food when they were travelling or wandering the plains for work. After thousands of years, around 2500 BQF the Red Serindia Kingdom had the greatest navy and was constructing a massive army, while the Yellow lived in the great cities of proneness, like Rambo City and Tirithsilliana and sought to unify the Globe. The Blue Serindia lived in peace, welcoming all other Serindia in their cities to express trade, art and other diplomatic relations. The Purple Serindia didn't interact with the others and were living isolated nor the Green tribes. Around the same time troubles between the Blue and Red Serindia started, which led to ship battles as sea, and the Green Serindia also came under attack by the Red Serindia, scarring the surface and woods burned down during the battles. In the same year, 2500 BQF a planetary war began between the Serindia tribes. During the war cities like Minas Vuliaroronth were destroyed and many of the woods and plains found at the blue Serindia continent burned and were left scarred, and it would take many years before nature restored herself. Around 2300 BQF the various Serindia tribes formed the very first alliance, known as the Rambo alliance and forced the Red Serindia into peace. The first real war ended, but it wouldn't be the last as the various tribes began advancing and began contructing vehicles.

Modern Age (2300 BQF - 450 BQF)[]

At first, the various citizens rebuilded their homes and nature also restored herself mostly during the time of peace. With the advancement, new cities were constructed and it changed the appearance of the planet as cities were build at rocks, near the coast and in the middle of plains. From space alien tresspassers could now see that the planet was inhabited by intelligence life. The peace laster till 500 BQF.

Modern warfare with airships and bombs

Then the war started again, the Rambo alliance fought the Red Serindia Kingdom once again, but now with tanks, airships and planes, bombs and grenaded. The war, as devastating it was for the citizens of the planet the planet also suffered by the attacks, as large portions of nature were destroyed, even some ancient mountain sides collapsed and even some islands sunk in the seas of the planet. In 455 BQF, the final year of the second planetary war the Blue Serindia King Alivua led a massive campaign agianst the Red Serindia Kingdom and attacked their capital of Khaza'Drimiaerh.

Conclusion of the 2nd Planetary War

Defended by the ancient Red Serindia ruler King Balidurun, the battle scourged the region and left the continent damaged. Yet in the midst of battle, both Kings managed to kill one another, and with the death of the Balidurun a massive explosion engulfed Khaza'Drimiaerh and the surrounding area and destroyed the surface in the area, even cracking the lower surface, leaving the area unstable.

After the war the citizens rebuilded, ashamed of the massive damage they did. They began rebuilding their homes and aided the planet in restoring the planet, planting new woods and making nature reserves. Son the new peace left the planet in peace for five years until a new achievement was made, the NX-01 class USS Enterprise was launched into space at 450 BQF, marking a new age for both the planet and her citizens.

Space Stage (450 BQF - Current)[]

Capital of Rambo Nation (450 BQF -22 AQF)[]

After the war, the Rambo Founder unified the Rambo cities and with his aid they reached the Space Stage, starting the magnificent history of Rambo Nation. The Rambo reached the space stage at 450 BQF with the launch of the NX-01 Class USS Enterprise, soon followed by other NX class vessels the Rambo began exploring space and had many adventures.

Various ship classes of the first Rambo fleet

In the aftermath a new King ruled over the planet, and over the newly formed Rambo Nation. He was known as Emperor Elgorodaurl. He became the first emperor of Rambo Nation, and his appointment to Emperor led to hereditary, effectively establishing a system of birthright and patrimony to be preserved in perpetuity. They became known as the Rambo Royal Family and were the rulers of Rambo Nation and the capital planet was considered their home and most important planet within the nation. In 447 BQF the first space fleet was completed and was assigned to protect the capital planet and sector. Between 434 BQF and 430 BQF Rambo Nation was involved in the 2nd Trogg Wars and the Trogg managed to launch an attack at the capital before the Nation her fleet could stop them. The Trogg bombardment left a part of the planet in ruins, reducing cities and nature reserves and leaving the surface scourged.

When Rambo Nation reached her Golden Age (429 BQF - 280 BQF), most of the planet was recovered from the Trogg attack and both the planet and citizens were florishing and the capital earned her reputation as a pearl planet within the Quadrant Galaxies. During the Golden Age the capital planet florished, and became very wealthy and influential and well known in the Quadrants. Yet this reputation meant also the planet became a tactical place, and became coveted by the enemies of Rambo Nation. Between 271 BQF 263 BQF, better known as the 2nd Heer Stekeveel War the Heer Stekeveel managed to launch an attack at the capital. The planet suffured a minor planetary bombardment, though the damage was light and didn't damage the planet nor the cities much. The bombartment was more calculated and had a lot of civilian casualties. As the capital of Rambo Nation, it also became the Capital of the Noble Alliance (where Rambo Nation was a member of), which was formed in 227 BQF. Many alien races called the planet her home and a paradise, living in peace together with the native Serindia and Pantorilisea. With a strong economy, cities were improved and a lot of money was used to make nature reserves, further strenghtening her reputation as a paradise. In the same year (227 BQF) the planet recieved her very first orbital space station, and later on the orbit was filled with orbital offices and orbital defense cannons.

When Emperor Dino Le Rambo became the new ruler of Rambo Nation in 210 BQF the capital became even more wealthier and important for Rambo Nation and he assigned a permanent space fleet to protect the capital. In the same year, the City of Luthrionicae was constructed (210 BQF), and became known as the vacation paradise, bringing a new market and income to the planet. Yet this new market also meant intergalactic crime organisation settled down on the planet, causing trouble for the local authorities. Years later, in the year 22 BQF Rambo Nation met the Seven Starr Alliance and an embassy was constructed at the capital for the SSA. At 16 BQF a large Lizardian fleet attacked the capital, but to no avail as the Rambo fleet prevent a bombartment of the planet. Year later, at 05 BQF the Lizardians (now members of the Imperial Alliance) attacked the capital once again, and managed to attack Tirithsilliana and kill the emperor. In the same year Empress Ramashe became the new ruler of Rambo Nation.

The Chimera and Imperial forces tear down at the USS Sovereign and the Rambo forces during the Second Galactic War (0 BQF)

When the Second Galactic War broke out in 0 BQF the captial was conquered by Imperial Alliance and the citizens enslaved. During the war the Noble Alliance fell due to the Imperials conquering many members their systems and planets. Luckily a week later the newly formed Quadrantia Federation (where Rambo Nation became a member of) managed to re-take the capital bring her back under Rambo control. When the war was won in favor of the Quadrantia Federation the citizens began rebuilding and the planet was visited by a ship of the Girdo Empire.

Shadow of Liberty and a Cognatus Fleet attacks the Rambo Fleet above the Rambo Capitol Planet

Queen Alestra of the Federation of Core Worlds also visited the planet and complimented on it's harmony and peace found on the planet. In 01 AQF, during the Intergalactic War a Cognatus fleet arrived at the capital planet and engaged the fleet stationed there. Yet beaming down to the surface they managed to find the temple of Dinoman82 and the Cognatus opened a portal to another world, though unknown and closed shortly after it started the Clash of the Gods.

After the Intergalactic War and the dissapearance of the Cognatus, the Capital returned to her daily bases, and upon the Treaty of Fornaeria in 03 AQF the Capital once again became the epic center of Rambo Nation, housing the Royal Palace, Rambo City and became seen as the most important planet in the Quadrant Galaxies. However she also became crowded but after the invention of the Mobile Suites almost all crime dissapeared from the planet. In 03 AQF the Red Serindia tried to rebuild there former stronghold and the citizens lived in peace. The Senate was located to elsewhere, to the moon of Anummiae and Ramoredoras became the Grand Libary. With the new Senate the capital planet fell under rule of the Chancellor of the Crown, whom served as the Empress her rigth hand.

Emperor Kyantay and Ramashe have diner

When in 04 AQF the Quadrantia Disorder and the Great Cyrannus War broke out the Nation feared a possible attack the capital and reinforced her with new ships, the Suiliagothrond Battlestation and armies of Rambo Troopers.

Fireworks at Tirithsilliana

However due to the recent victories in the year 04 AQF against the Confederacy (around the tenth month only Karzamahri Nui was still in Confederate hands) the security measures were lowered at the capital. At the start of the tenth month Emperor Kyantay of the Keiternyan Star Empire and Empress Ramashe had a diner to improve their Galactic Relations, in hope to one day form an alliance between the two. The diner and meeting lasted for hours until Emperor Kyantay left again for his homeworld.

A few month later the Rambo Capitol entered the year 05 AQF and fireworks and celebrations were held all over the planet. Empress Ramashe celebrated the new year at Tirithsilliana, together with her son Ramaith and her guards. While in other cities, like Rambo City citizesn entered parties and food and drank were very present at all parties. During the remaining of the war the planet enjoyed a long period of peace, and in the sixth month of 05 AQF Claire Rambo was brought to the planet to recover from her wounds and bad situation, which the dreaded Mortikran was responsible for.

The Empire arrives!

After the war ended the Capital became reinforced with more and more modern ships as the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and declared the Rambo as enemies and traitors.

Battle of the Rambo Capital

As such the planet entered the year 01 Ne but nothing major happened. The planet and her inhabitants florished and the planet gained more and more wealth. Sadly in the third month of the new year the planet fell under attack by a fleet of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, under command of Supreme General Zillum. A sudden wormhole was opened in orbit of the planet, with a size far greater than that of the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole. From the wormhole a massive fleet arrived, consisting out of Venator and Imperial-class star destroyers. Taken by surprise the Empire managed to disable a lot of ships who were still docked in the drydocks. Furhter more those docks who weren't taken under fire were boarded by special teams and the ships were prevented from being launched.

Imperial Walkers attack a Rambo City

After hours of battle Rambo Command surrended the space battle and those ships able to surrended or escape to safer planets did so. However Rambo Command didn't want to give the planet away without another fight as they began preparing their ground forces. When the two ground forces clashed a fierce battle erupted, as the Rambo bravely defended their homes the Empire had it difficult to gain ground at the Capital. As the Rambo fought to their dying breath, the Imperials began to suffer heavy casualities as the battle for control of the surface continued, with the Rambo natives knowing more about their homeworld then the Cyrannian invaders. Entire legions of Imperial troopers began to fall to the unweavering loyality and devotion that the Rambo had for their homeworld. However, under the command of the genius commander Zillum and captain Nirndal. The two Imperial officers were joined by Garlboz to make their next move. The Empire began deploying their Walkers, 50 meter large tripod tanks capable of shattering home under it's legs. With no good answer the Empire arrive at Tirithsilliana, home to their primary target, Empress Ramashe.

Ramashe reluctantly kneeling before Tyrómairon, signaling the surrend of Rambo Nation.

Cornering Empress Ramashe surrended to the Empire and the Nation fell under control of the Empire, as did the Capital. With the surrender of Rambo Nation the Emperor himself arrived at the capital and brought Ramashe to her knees with the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat. This concordat described the term of the surrender of Rambo Nation.

James and Claire say their goodbyes

As such the Empire placed a large defense fleet at the Rambo Capital, knowing that the planet holds the key to Quadrant 82. From here the Empire began launching her campaign against those who would resist the Empire in the Quadrants and with it the Capital became both a dream planet, and a planet that was feared for her increased influance and importance. Among the Rambo themselves, they reffered her as the sister planet of the Empire her own capital, Orbispira. Over the following months the Capital continued her daily matters. In the third month of 03 NE/06 AQF a wounded Claire Rambo was brought to the capital after substaining injuries by Thel'Veicliquam during the Hunt for the Zevian Skull. Her father, James Rambo remained at her side until his shore leave was over. At the last day the two said their goodbyes at the beaches of Luthrionicae.

Mortikran lies siege to Angforst

In the second week of the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF the captial city, Tirithsilliana was shaken to her core when a terrorist attack by Yudimaran terrorists bombed a passenger liner. The passenger liner chrashed into the sea near to one of the docks, the resulting small tidal wave killed many dock workers and waiting citizens as well as damaging nearby buildings and docked boats.

The bombing of the passenger liner cost 250 citizens their lives, and Rambo Nation experienced a new events, as they were never involved in a terrorist bombing before. During the 12th month of 06 AQF, defecting Imperial officers, Mortikran and Grand Mandator Garlboz engage Imperial forces in orbit of the Capital to siege Angforst, most of the Imperial space ships in orbit of the capital are either disabled or destroyed with few escaping. Before the Rambo fleet can intervene Mortikran and Garlboz leave the Capital and head to other sectors.

On 29-03-08AQF the Fury of Galvarus was unleashed upon the planet. The Lizardian-superweapon known as Galvarus destroyed the three moons of the Rambo Capital, killing billions in its wake. The debris of the moons were drawn by the gravity of the planet and crashed on the surface of the planet, causing major damage, earthquakes, tsunami's etc. Many cities were wiped from the charts and more citizens died in the wake of the disaster. In the recovering months, newly elected president Nexarón Valkistair made a state visit to meet with empress Ramashe, though witnessed aftermath of the destruction first hand.

The planet was liberated from Imperial control in September 2820 (22 AQF), almost a year after the fall of Rambo Nation by the Rambo Loyalist.



Serindianiliae, better known as the Rambo Capital holds many differant kind of species since the forming of Rambo Nation in 450 BQF. However, few species can really call the planet their homeplanet, as few races originate from the Capital. Those who are natives to the planet hold dear to their homeplanet, and would do everything to protect her from harm.

see Ancrevialicia.

Acrevialicia (capital).png

The Ancrevialicia are ancient beings, created by the Rambo Ultimate God to serve as his eyes in the mortal world. They were pledged to protect the Rambo Serindia from harm and danger and as such became known to myths and legends as the Amazones of Dinoman82. The Ancrevialicia are humanoid creatures, with bright blue skins and strong magical abilities they were gifted beings. Clever, cunning and with a fierce loyalty to the Ultimate One the Ancrevialicia were gifted with his blessings.

Sadly, over time they were betrayed by one of their own and their home became isolated. With all ways gone to the mortal above the Amazones began to forget what their purpose was and remained in their homes for many years.

The Ancrevialicia remained in a large dome for ages, better known as the Core of the Capital. Over time many Ancrevialicia died out of sadness and were left without purpose. Many ages later, when the Intergalactic War raged on the Rambo discovered the Ancrevialicia in their home, and brought them back to the surface. Stunned what the Rambo had build over the years, the Ancrevialicia joined Rambo Nation as proud members.

The Ancrevialicia are one of the only beings who are aware of the excistence of the Déndroemmá though never told tales about them, which further adds to their mystery and knowledge.


The Déndroemmá are an old and tempermental tree-like creatures, often simply called the Dentrao. The Déndroemmá inhabit the old, dark forests of the Rambo Capital, but overtime they began to be forced to inhabit smaller regions due to the endless movement of the other sentient species. This has made the Dentrao very grumpy and restless against races such as the Serindia, as they believe all life should slow down and return to the cradles from where they originally came.

Sadly, almost nothing is known about the history of the wise and old Dentrao, apart from what is passed down in song, dance and old stories, which is one of the sole methods of entertainment used. Despite the great deal they could offer to the Cyrannian/Quadrantia community, the Dentrao are unknown to science, despite some individuals who still talk about seeing the illusive creatures while wondering the forests. However, the time may soon be at hand for the Dentrao, as recent events, such as the Clash of the Gods are beginning to stir their interest...


The Longsauria inhabited the planet long before the Rambo Serindia began their Tribal stage, and lived in similair tribal villages around 150.000 BQF. Considered prehistoric and extinct by some unknown event, the Longsauria vanished from the planet before the Rambo began their tribal stage.

The Longsauria are a kind and wise species, relatives of the ancient reptillians the Longsauria are herbivors and were excellent at building things. However as the event destroyed most of their artifacts, the Serindia have no idea how the Longsauria lived at the planet. What the Rambo Serindia do not know, is that the Longsauria were transported elsewhere by an anomaly, where they eventually joined the Indoctrinate Collective as shipyard overseers.

The Longsauria themselves also do not remember their time at the Rambo Capital anymore, but such revelations might shock both cultures. Further more might this event ever be discovered, the Longsauria might claim the planet again, to at least inhabit her again as full species and have a saying about what happens on the planet. How the Serindia would react to this would be unknown, as they aren't really fond of people who want to change their lives on their homeplanet.

See Rambo Pantorilisea

Rambo Pantorilisea race.png

The Rambo Pantorilisea are close relatives of the Rambo Serindia, and one of the races of the Ramboidae. Yet a notable fact about the Rambo Pantorilisea is, that they are excisting only out of females. To reproduce, the Pantorilisea reproduce via parthenogenesis, a process similar to cloning found in Earth animals.

Inhabiting the harsh and cold polar lands of the planet, their first contact with the Serindia took quite some time to happen. However upon meeting them and learning of eachother they decided to join Rambo Nation as members, and soon rose out to be one of the more cuter races of the Nation in her early years.

The Rambo Pantorilisea are blue colored birds, which a small beak and female figures, they are considered more pretty than the Serindia. Gifted in the arts of creating of armor plates or crystals, the Pantorilisea stand at the foundations of the artifacts used to summon magical abilities.

See Rambo Serindia.

Rambo Serindia group.png

The Rambo Serindia are perhaps the most well known natives of the planet, as they are considered the founders of Rambo Nation, which later led to the forming of the Cyrandia Alliance, of which the planet became one of the two capitals.

The Serindia are blue/yellow colored birds, who since 49.000 BQF began forming the current face of the planet, with the prominent Serindia cities and prowness. Though some see the Serindia as the greatest and most influential on the planet, some also fear they will mean the end of the green and lush planet.

The Serindia brought fame and wealth to the planet, making her a center of tourism and wealth. However as the capital of their nation, it also makes the planet a dangerous target for those who wish to harm the Nation. Yet their love of the planet, their care for the wildlife and restoring all damage they done to nature, it ensures the planet remains a paradise to those who live on it!


Various Rambo Nation species

The citizens of the Rambo capital are diverse, hailing from the various Rambo Nation member species, though the majority of the citizens are Rambo Serindia, as it is their homeworld. Generally, citizens of other colonies believe the citizens of the Rambo Capital as honorable and kind people, though some are a bit arrogant as they live at the capital. As the planet provides home to differant kind of beings, new customs are rarely edited to the planet, most notable the building style found at the planet remains that of the Serindia. While most citizens of other colonies believe this to be antiquated the local authorities refuse to accept other building styles. Though festivals of other species are allowed to be celebrated at the planet, most citizens of other colonies believe this to be a bit hypocritical. Yet all respect the planet and wish to one day visit her.

Ambassadors of other empires, which are allies of the Nation are allowed to settle down at the capital. The planet is also open to all tourists, whether they are from within Rambo Nation or from other empires.


The capital of Rambo Nation has quite some locations, some even great and legenday than the other. Though for such a large planet, the planet doesn't house that many cities nor places compared to other planets or colonies of Rambo Nation and other empires. Most of the planet after all is covered with water, forests and endless plains.

First the Royal City shall be mentioned, the most important city at the Rambo Capital, followed by the cities mentioned at chronical order.



The island city of Tirithsilliana was founded around 20.000 BQF and took over 2500 years to complete her construction. At her construction she at once became most important city to the Rambo Serindia and the center of the Royal House. With it, she is also one of the most ancient and legendary cities of the planet- and later on of the entire Nation. The city houses the Royal Family and is often called the Royal City- though many more member species life in the many buildings and houses that surround the massive Royal Palace.

See Tirithsilliana for more information



The home city of the Pantorilisea is known as Pantorilis, but also known as the Northen Pearl or the Ice-cave. Build in ancient times, Panorilis became a magnificent and unique city found at the Rambo Capital. The city was constructed somewhere before 10.000 BQF by the Pantorilisea and slowly expanded to her current sight. The Pantorilisea build their city underneath a massive polar cap in the north of the planet, where from the sky is was invisible for their enemies. Build in a massive diamon cave, with a lone entrance above and a massive openening on te other sight, Pantorilis is invisible for enemy eyes.

During her history the city has escaped the planetary wars that plagued the early Serindia factions. Over time, the Pantorilisea became experts in creating diamonds and pearl, found deep within their cities and hidden underneath the ice. Around 448 BQF the Pantorilisea med with their Ramboidae brethren and sisters, the Serindia. Knowing they were not alone at the planet, the Pantorilisea joined the young Rambo Nation and as such Pantorilis became a Rambo Nation city as well.

During the Second Galactic War escaped an attack but later on, during the Intergalactic War the city was invaded by Cogsangui commander known as Thel'Vicliquam. He discovered an ancient Atlantica portal beneath their city and managed to activate it. Due to some reasons beyond the Pantorilisea's knowledge the portal vanished and Pantorilis returned to her peaceful state.

Rambo City

Rambo City

Rambo City, the second City of Rambo Nation is a medium/small City, full of ancient buildings and houses. It is partly located on water. In the early days of history, Rambo City was founded by the Rambo Founder, and marked the beginning of a new age for the Rambo Serindia. The City herself is over 50.000 years old and is still one of the most important places for the Rambo of Rambo Nation. The City is known under differant names, such as Rambo City, the First City, Second Capitol and Home of the Founder, in ancient language Ramboidixia. As said, the City was constructed over 50.000 years ago. Although around that time it were only a few huts and a small building. When the Rambo Serindia developed themselves further, the City grown and building of stone were build in the City.

Eventually it became the capital of Rambo Nation.

See Rambo City for more information

Wildlife and creatures[]

Although the Capitol Planet is very large and many parts of it have been used to build the large and magnificent cities of Rambo Nation, the areas in between and at the large plains and forests found at the Planet, a differant kind of flora and creatures are found and inhabit the wildlife of the Capitol Planet. The Creatures are listed below, together with Princess Ramtilsae as a size measurement with the Rambo, she had to do this for the Creature Database of Rambo Nation, she is in fact the Royal Representative for Rambo Nation. She however, found it sometimes pretty scary!There are many creatures found at the Rambo Capitol, although a surprising fact, although some creatures are not found near cities, they can all be sighted at the Harbour City of Luthrionicae which is located near plains and water and mountains.

The database will be continued frequently and more will be added over time.

Herbiciosa RN.png
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Height: 1.00 meters - 1.95 meters
  • Lenght: 1.8 meters - 2.7 meters
  • Age: 30 years
  • Location: all over the planet (except at Tirithsilliana)

The Herbiciosa are herbivors and cow/goat like creatures. They are often found in herds and tamed by the Ramboidae to serve as farm animals. They produce very good milk, which is considered a delicate among the Ramboidae.

Although these creatures have horns, they only use them in defense (example as Veloraptorae attack them). Mostly these creatures can be considered as slow and kind creatures who mean no harm. That is the reason why they were used a pets and are easily herded.

Though native creatures to the Capital, Herbiciosa are found at many Rambo planets as it is a creature easily farmed.

Parallimiua RN.png
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Height: 1,9 meters - 2.6 meters
  • Lenght: 2.2 meters - 3.5 meters
  • Age: approx. 75 years
  • Location: Tirithsilliana, Luthrionicae, Vulmiartari

The Parallimiua are medium creatures found on the planes of the Rambo Capitol, these herbivors are friendly and very shy. The creatures are often found near water where they can eat sea wear or other water plants.

The creatures never ventured in a City before and are living in herds at the many plains the Capitol Contains. The creatures are rarely seen and wild life observers or creature lovers have to lay still for a long time before one shows up.

Picthcrows RN.png
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Height: 0.2 meters - 0.4 meters
  • Lenght: 0.3 meters - 0.5 meters
  • Age: 18 years
  • Location: all over the planet

The Pitchcrows are small and friendly birds found on the Rambo Capitol Planet. They are small and often live near the cost or waters. Some can also be brutal, and pick food from your hands. The Pitchcrows are considered by the entire planet as pests, they are found to be everywhere and often cause trouble when they are stealing food from your hands (this happens daily). However, as the Ramboidae policy is not to hunt down any animals, or Rahiae as the Ramboidae call them the Pithcrows have a free way.

Tigrionnae RN.png
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Height: 0.4 meters - 0.8 meters
  • Lenght: 0.6 meters - 1.4 meters
  • Age: 55 years
  • Location: Amnuvallionia, Rambo City and Luhtrionicae

The Tigrionnae are small Cat like creatures found on the Rambo Capitol, although looking cute and friendly they can be very territorial and often are found in cities close to plains plundering garbage trunks. Rambo City and Amnuvallionia are having troubles during winter times with the Tigrionnae, as in winter food gets spare and they inhabit the forests close to those two cities, due to this, in winter they plunder the garbage trunks and when in large numbers, they even dare to attack a Shopping Mall or Food Shelters.

None the less, the creatures are no danger for the Ramboidae or other species found at the Rambo Capitol, they are not shy, but do not attack when threatened (although they can still bite and scrath when driven in a corner).

Vampritae RN.png
  • Diet: Blood
  • Height: 0.1 meters - 0.3 meters
  • Lenght: 0.2 meters - 0.4 meters
  • Age: unknown
  • Location: all over the planet

The Vampritae are bat like creatures found at the Rambo Capitol. They are only shown at dark or in woods where trees do not allow sunlight in. Many of the Ramboidae dislike these bat creatures due to them finding scary. The City of Amnuvallionia even considers them a pest, because at dark they are often attracted to the dim light of the lantern found at the Air Field and often the appearance of the Vampritae means that the Air Field is closed at nights.

They are found all over the planet and often hunt at night at small insects. Some Ramboidae, especialley the Zombilia favor these creatures and wanted to keep them as pets, and they are the only ones who succeeded in that. The Vampriatae attack all other Ramboidae, except the Zombilia, some scientist reason that is because they are more 'dead' and 'zombie' like.

  • Name: Ram'Eris
  • Type: Ice Scion
  • Found: Rambo Capital
  • Length: Between 1.8 and 2.4 meters

Ram'Eris is a powerful ice-based Scion and a mysterious one at that. Not often seen, it is rather rare and shy to stay away from those with the ability to summon scions. A chained creature, this odd looking creature (all females) have fins to cross the waters at high speeds. Carrying a huge and powerfull weapon, as well as blessed with powerful ice attacks, Ram'Eris is a powerful assest to a Scion summoner.

Ram'Eris are often found near frozen waters, hiding underneath the thick layers of ice. As an ice-type Scion, they dislike warm and hot climates and are weak against fire and electricty. Ram'Eris have an average size of 2.2 meters

References by others[]

My homeworld, the planet where the Serindia, my species came into life. The large lush planet we call home is the center of Quadrant 82, capital of Rambo Nation and in my eyes the key to the survival of Rambo Nation. For that reason the planet is protected at all times by a fleet, my father started gave this order when he was still alive. When I am tired, I often wander the plains and forests, meeting other citizens, keeping my connection with the citizens and knowing what goes on in the "daily life" of a Rambo Nation citizen at the Capital. I love this place, and wouldn't want to life elsewhere.

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

The Rambo Serindia their homeworld, the lush and green capital of Rambo Nation is coveted by many, also by us after all. We believe holding this planet gives you total control over Rambo Nation and it's citizens, rendering them to chaos and fear they are easily enslaved. We were honored and lucky to hold the planet into our possesion for a while, but lost it due to us be careless. None the less, even we would be honored to life on the planet, considered a pearl in the Quadrant Galaxies.

- Lizardian Commander of the Imperial Alliance

Ah the lush and green capital planet of Rambo Nation. The center of all their might, culture and religion. Though very large, most of the surface is covered by woods and plains and when I wandered the woods, I could only wonder whom could love this? The smell of leaves, the sounds of animal wildlife! It is disgusting. I rather hear the screams of agony and fear, pain and miserey. Yet I must admit, I would love to see the planet burn!

- Izhjuul Dhazhrak of the Xhodocto

The Rambo Capital is among the most important planets in the entire Gigaquadrant and its magnificent scenery, woods and plains remind me of my own homeworld, Capricaerón. A visit to this great world always relaxes me when I come to visit and I often read stories to my children regarding the great history of the Serindia on this planet.

- President Apollo of the United Republic of Cyrannus

Almost eleven years ago my kind along with the Imperial Alliance assaulted this world during the Second Galactic War. Our people fought bravely to secure this world for our allies but in the end it was reclaimed by the Rambo Nation dogs. The planet itself was stunning and rarely does a world of such beauty form in the universe yet if needed we are willing to turn it into a burning wasteland.

- Emperor Aoblix of the United Lanat Empire


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