Rambanda is a planet in the Ramstra star system. It is the home of the Sylits. Rambanda comes from the Sylish word Rambandic, which means "large circle". Ramstra comes from the Sylish word Ramstric, which means "large star".

It is the capital of the Sylit Republic and the base of the Galactic Republic in Ramvelkys Galaxy. It's capital city is Veatrex City, the most populated city in Ramvelkys Galaxy.

Veatrex-Hyreev River

The great skyline of Veatrex City, capital of Rambanda and the Republic.

Rambanda's GeographyEdit

  • Ramreev River (means large river)- divides the 2 continents
  • Ramstig Staight (means large separation)- divides the 2 continents on the other side of the planet
  • Ramkint (means large land)- the bigger of the 2 continents
  • Rotkint (means small land)- the smaller of the 2 continents, where the Sylits first became civilized
  • Urotkint (means very small land)- an island off the coast of Rotkint
  • Hyvysoka Mountains (means new, high)- a small mountain range, only mountain range, located on Ramkint
  • Mt. Evtukoa (means forever tall)- the tallest mountain, located in Hytrant mountains
  • Drena Hills (means short)- little hills on Rotkint
  • Hyreev River (means new river)- river on Ramkint, runs through Veatrex City
  • Adjar Plains (means lowlands)- plains around Rambanda City, very, very flat
  • Trilka Valley (means Trilx)- a valley in the Hytrant Mountains, where Trilklantrantaraw tribe (the Trilx) originated
  • Ramvel (means large water)- The biggest ocean on Rambanda, touches Veatrex City and Rotkint

Other Planets in Ramstra SystemEdit

  • Volna- Wildlife Sanctuary established by the Sylits
  • Crecbandic- Ice planet
  • Plynram- Gas giant
  • Pravey- Location of first colony

Other Objects in Ramstra SystemEdit

  • Woomus- Rambanda's moon, also base of Echelon Industries
  • Tremok- A comet that was seen in 29 B.S.A. that passes Rambanda every 8 1/7 years.


(Please note that Rambanda actually has a mostly green surface, but these pictures were taken before that was established.)

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