Ramalivua is a mysterious planet located in the Unclaimed and Neutral Territories of Quadrant 82. Located south of both Terra Prime, Terra Desaria and Nal Amroth, the planet has a vital and strategic role in the trade routes of the local sectors. Inhabited by a large number of various species, the planet seems to be filled with prized artifacts, rich on minerals and filled with being capable of using magical abilities. None the less, the planet stands on the constant brink of war, with Ramalivua Tirith as a protectrate of Rambo Nation, the rest of the planet remains largely independant with dangerous orc tribes as well. Ramalivua Tirith, seat of House Ramelzen has the only access to space, with their own space station and small fleet of space ships, making the orc tribes and other war like species hesistant to go north of Ramalivua.

Since the second month of 07 AQF, the planet also drew the attention of the newly expanded Hutter Kingdom, now under rule of the Quadrantia Prince Kael’Thalas Bloodwing.


Ramalivua is a mystical world of diversity, holding deep blue oceans, lush green forests and large grass plains it features a flora and fauna found on many planets within the Quadrant Galaxies. Though, like major other planets it also holds vasts deserts, mystical purple lands with unique forests and wildlife, frozen wastelands and snowy mountains, vulcano's and swamps.

The presence of mystical and elemental energies are strong at Ramalivua, and a such many inhabitants have abilities to make use of magic or stronger powers. The planet houses many races that call it their home, from noble humanoids to the brutal yet cunning orcs, mining Creckels and dangerous and dark Sinleri Elves among others.

The largest and most influential kingdoms found at Ramalivua are:

  • Northern Orc Clans; main city: none; leader: Bolgrash Bloodhammer of the Brown Orcs; current status: thriving;
  • Kingdom under the Hill; main city: Creckabad; leader: Heirs of Creckun; current status: abandoned;
  • Tirithian Kingdom; main city: Ramalivua Tirith; leader: House Ramelzen; current status: thriving;
Central Lands
  • Kingdom of Orcgrubad; main city: Orcgrubad; leader: not yet specified; current status: thriving


Not much is recorded or known of the early ages of the planet, though it is known that around 120.000 BQF the noble Urindalë elves, part of the Aininyë mysteriously dissapeared, though small groups of them remained, known as the Wood Elves and the dangerous Sinleri. Since then, the native Orcs, later known as the Quadrantia Orcs were able to thrive and wage war upon eachother, burning large areas of the planet that later turned into the deserts of the planet.

Draconiae arrives at Ramaliuva!

By unknown means, in 9800 BQF large populations of Blue Rambo Serindia and various Quadrantia Humanoids are suddenly appearing at the planet, soon building their own cities over the entire globe, often leading into conflicts with other species, most notably the orcs who gain a life long hatred against the humanoids.

An Orc farm in the Thirsty Desert

Around 7500 BQF a group of Creckel wound up at the planet as well, founding their kingdom, north of the Tirithians known as Creckabad, with their ruler known as the Lord under the Hill. Sadly their kingdom fell around 75 BQF due to the arrival of a Dwulairi known as Draconiae. After the fall of Creckabad, the Green Orcs settled themselves in the central lands, in the harsh desert named the Thirsty Desert. Once there the green orcs managed to thrive in the harsh and heat sands, building farms and befriending the goblins the orc bastion Orcgrubad became a respected trade post, and infamous for their gladiator battles to the death.

A clash to begin at the footsteps of Skull Temple?

Since 500 BQF there has been no conflict on Ramalivua due to the recognised rule of House Ramelzen, a noble Serindia house ruling the most northern city of man kind, Ramalivua Tirith. Around 310 BQF, Rambo Nation explorers find Ramalivua Tirith and are surprised to find other Serindia there. Since then, the planet became a protectrate of Rambo Nation and was given it's own space station, Starbase 05 to encourage trade and commerce to the remote planet, located in the Unclaimed and Neutral Territories of Quadrant 82. Since 150 BQF the humans and Serindia of Ramalivua Tirith managed to construct their own space ships to protect their own planet against raiders.

Rambo reinforcements arrive at Ramalivua during the Battle of Ramalivua

During the second month of 07 AQF, explorer Riordan Rambertan found an Atlantica artifact inside Skull Temple, a sacred place to the Brown Orcs. Confronted by Bolgrash Bloodhammer, Riordan almost caused a war between the orc legions of the north and the Tirithian, though was prevented in time by the Tirithian lieutenant, Valeeria Stormcarver.

In january 08 AQF, the Hutter Kingdom besieged Ramalivua during the Battle of Ramalivua. Under command of Anjulius Gaitonius and Bolgrash Bloodhammer, Ramalivua Tirith became threatened, forcing Ser Ramjon Martin Ramelzen to demand an honoration of their protectorate treaty. Empress Ramashe complied and a Rambo Nation fleet rushed to aid the planet, eventually forcing the Hutters away.

Cities and Locations[]



The stronghold of Creckabad is an ancient fortress city made by the Creckel who wound up at Ramalivua the same the Serindia did, though the Creckels arrived at the planet around 7500 BQF. Settling down in the hills north of Ramalivua Tirith, they founded the Kingdom Under the Hill, known for its wealth, trade and craftship.

The Creckels, stern and suspicious were difficult to deal with, but made peace with the Tirithian though became sworn enemies of the orcs. Their Kingdom endured for years under the rule of Crecktain, third ruler over the Kingdom. Sadly, around 75 BQF their Kingdom fell upon the arrival of the Dwulairi dragon Draconiae. Settling down, he killed the majority of the Crecekls and forced the rest to leave Creckabad, turning the region in a wasteland abandoned by all, even the orcs. The reasons for the attack were unclear, but the Creckels never forgot, nor forgave the dragon for the loss of their homecity.

The city is build in the same fashion like most Creckel cities, stern and strong stond wall decorated with blue. The throne lies in the centre of the cathredal building, within lies the means to enter the underground city where most of the population lived and houses the most precious item of all Creckel kin, the golden decorated statue of Creckun that holds the Atlantica Tiara, believed to be jewel that allows you to rule over all Creckel kin.


Orcgrubad is a major city and trade post within the Central Lands, located in the Thirsty Desert; the city is the seat of the Green Orcs under rule of Snargom Bloodthirst who rules the city with an iron but just fist. Surrounded by a massive stone wall, the Green Orcs tried hard to make a living in the harsh desert, with a small water location within the city, the orcs were able to farm and as such build various farms, though most orcs live within one of the many tents. The Ramalivua Goblins also found home within the stone walls of Orcgrubad, profiting from traders, travellers and the orc natives. The capital building lies within the center of the arena, where weekly gladiator fights are held to the death. As a trade city, Orcgrubad also welcomes humans, Serindia and others species within their wall if they respect the Orc way of living. The city is guarded by the heavily armed Green Orc Watch, who wield large swords and guard the most important places. The stone walls and buildings are supported by cut down trees from the north, much in disagreement with the native Sinleri evles who have their home within the woods.

Ramalivua Tirith
Ramalivua TirithCity.png

Ramalivua Tirith is the capital city of Ramalivua, seat of House Ramelzen it was constructed since 9800 BQF by joined efforts of the Serindia and the humanoids, to the rest of the planet they are known as Tirithians. The city is surrounded by a massive wall, easily defended by the many guards in case of danger. The outer docks, where the harbour was build lies undefended, but due to it's remote location, surrounded by hills an attack was deemed unlikely and thrived upon the trade with other species and human cities.

Ramalivua Tirith is the only city with a recognised and official landing port for shuttles and transports that are coming from space. The city her capital building lies in the center, with hallways stretching into the mountain behind, nearby lies the guard house and armory of the guards, where they can train in underground chambers, out of sight of civilians and possible spies. Ramalivua Tirith became a populair vacation site for citizens of Rambo Nation due to it's serenity and purity, as the guards still wear armor and use shields and swords, wooden carts are being dragged forward by animals.

Skull Temple

Skull Temple lies in the north of Ramalivua, mere hours away from Ramalivua Tirith many consider it a dark, dangerous and vile place and often avoid it at all costs. To the Brown Orcs of the north, the temple is considered a sacred place, and those who tresspass are sentenced to death without trail.

Though the orcs rarely go inside, the temple keeps an Atlantica artifact as its secret, a watching stone. In the center of the temple, a round chamber with an alter lies before the statue of the entity the Orcs worship as their God, the "Unspoken Terror". The altar in front of the statue were used in past times to sacrifice human maids to please the "Unspoken Terror" and bring fortune to the Orcs. Those sentenced to death for tresspassing are also slaughtered inside, to show the "Unspoken Terror" that the Orcs still worship him, and the blood of tresspassers will prevent his wrath upon Orc kind.

Starbase 05/29

Starbase 05 is a joined space station, with crew hailing from the "protectrate" Ramalivua and personnel of Rambo Command.

The space sation monitors all incoming traffic, transmission and dangers of the Unclaimed and Neutral Territories of Quadrant 82.


For the people of Ramalivua, it acts as the main trade center for the planet, preventing other species entering the planet and influancing the daily lives of those who do not wish to have any dealings with space faring individuals. It also prevents illegal shuttle landings on the planet. The station has various accommodations like holo decks, hotel rooms, lounges, bars, restaurants etc. The station can also provide storage for various liquids, fuel and even has a small hangar for small reparations.

It provides docking facilities for small space crafts and the larger native Tirithian Battle Cruisers, these 900 meter long battle cruisers are manned by Tirithians and provide the planet with its own defensive space fleet. Upon the raise of the Gorge in 19 AQF, the station was reclassified as Starbase 29.



Ramalivua is home to many species, from noble and just to the terrible and dangerous.

Armed Forces


Orcgrubad Wolf
  • Name:Orcgrubad Wolf
  • Type: Not Scion
  • Found: Near Orcgrubad
  • Length:Between 1 and 1.8 meters

Orcgrubad Wolves are an agrassive kind of species, always searching for food in the scare heat of the Thirsty Desert, they are known to hunt down and attack travellers on the road. They love hunting Rattatoi tough keep away from Vulcrow's and Rhidor's. With sharp teeth, excellent hearing and a great smell, the wolfs can track down creatures from a distance of 1 kilometer. Often hunting in packs, most known their appearance due to their howling.

Often Orcs tame Orcgrubad wolves and keep them as pets.

Quadrantia Weed
Quadrantia Weed2.png
  • Name:Quadrantia Weed
  • Type: Grass Scion
  • Found: Ramalivua (native) later spread elsewhere as well
  • Lenght: Between 0.3 meters and 2.6 meters

The Quadrantia Weed are a mysterious and aggressive form of sentient plants, later identified as Scions. The pweeds were once found at Ramalivua only until they found a way to transport their polls by space ships to other places where they invade the local fauna. When in time, and when young and small the weeds are easily destroyed with fire or poison. Though the larger and older, they are more difficult to destroy as they develop a stun gas as well as their sentient communication between the weeds become stronger and stronger, giving their attackers headaches from distances for over 15 kilometers.

in addition to these stun gasses, the weeds can throw their leaves in defense as well, at such high speeds that they can make deadly cuts in your skin. A Scion to be careful with!

Ramalivua Ram
Ramalivua RamLarge.png
  • Name:Ramaliuva Ram
  • Type: Normal Scion
  • Found: Northern Ramalivua
  • Lenght: Between 0.8 and 1.2 meters

The Ramaliuva Rams are small goat like creatures, gentle and friendly though dangerous and aggressive when threatened. Perfect mounts for the Creckels of Creckabad, who once used them as mounts and as steeds. Their horns allow them to use powerful horn attacks, agile and fast and perfect while trying to reach difficult areas.

When tames they are very loyal and friendly, though when not used often makes them lazy.

Tirithian Raptors
Tirithian RaptorLarge.png
  • Name:Tirithian Raptor
  • Type: Fire Scion
  • Found: Northern Ramalivua
  • Lenght: Between 1.2 and 1.6 meters

The Ramalivua Raptors are small raptor like Scions, with a fierce and hot breath that allows them to make use of fire attacks. The Tirithian use the tamed raptors as steeds or to pull their wooden carts when travelling in caravans. These gentle and kind creatures can be found in the northern parts of Ramalivua, though their numbers dwindled due to the hunt by the Brown Orcs at these creatures.

When tamed the creature are fiercly loyal and have a tendency to get jealous at other Scions.

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Non-Native Wildlife

Over the course of years, various wildlife and Scions wound up at Ramalivua, managing to adept the "invaders" managed to thrive and live next to the native species of Ramalivua.


Orc Tribes

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Ramalivua Tirith

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  • Ramalivua is the most fantasy orientated planet within the Quadrant Galaxies.
  • The Orcgrubad template is rather empty, though Dino hopes that in the future he can add new kind of appearances and orcs in the city.

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