Rachantes is a planet located in the star system [TO BE DETERMINED], in the Lapida Galaxy. It is the homeplanet of the Androg.


Rachantes is a medium-sized planet, slightly larger than Earth. It has two large continents, Banjea and Sporotia, which are separated by a large ocean known as Faraterea. Banjea is rather small and is located at the east of the planet, while Sporotia is large and located far in the southwest.

The planet's temperature is warmer than that of Earth, with an average of 17 degrees Celsius. The majority of the planet's flora consists of grass and bushes, with trees being rare. Fauna is diverse, and many species highly resemble those of planet Earth.

Rachantes has one moon, named Karionte by the planet's inhabitants.





The following is a highly uncomplete list of known species to live or have lived in the planet:


Rachantes enviroment isn't very diverse. There are three predominant biomes in the planet:

  • Long, flat savannahs with a high variety of grass and other small plants, but few trees. This is the most common ecosystem in the continental areas, as well as the best known one. It houses the majority of the planets fauna, from peaceful creatures such as Migrador and Ancilli to fearsome predators such as Umbertoads and Tauroths.
  • Open sea enviroments, found in the middle of the ocean Faratea. Barely explored and with an average depth of almost 4 kilometers, not much is known about the wildlife in this area, besides the presence of species that can otherwise be found in coastal areas, such as Purploises and Plesyowalrs, and some ocean-exclusive animals such as Plotamo and Oyspers.
  • Coastal areas that surround the ocean and various rivers that end in it. Trees are slightly more abundant in these ecosystems, and the resulting landscape lures in tourists from both inland cities and other planets. It is inhabited by aquatic and amphibian creatures such as Venophibians and Slimbsharks, and commonly visited by land animals which look for water or food.






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