Plerax is a remote uninhabited planet in the southwest of Quadrant 82, outside Ramboidae borders and lies in the vicinity of the Ghost Nebula and its asteroid belt. By January 2820 (22AQF) the planet was stumbled upon by the Loyalists and became their main base of operations.


Loyalist Landing field on Plerax, 2820

January 2820 (22AQF), Plerax is discovered by forward scouts by the Rambo Loyalist in an attempt to find a suitable base. Located outside the borders of the former Rambo Nation and out of sight from Imperial patrols, Loyalist command soon set up their base at the remote and uninhabited planet.

Within the following months the base grew expansionary. As Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and admiral Jan Michiel Tasman led part of the Loyalist forces into the Finduila Sector, command of the base was handed over to General Jar'Dris Ravencrow. The elite Raven Team considers Plerax Base their headquarters as well.

Upon raising the base, the Loyalists forces have had some troubled with the native wildlife in the form of the agressive and brutal Rattatoi.


Plerax Base

Plerax Base

Plerax Base is the main and strongest base of the Rambo Loyalist forces in the Quadrants since 2820. It features a hangar field for shuttle and fighters, both for storage and maintaince. Various shelters and tents for the personnel on the ground, cargo crates with supplies and trench defenses in case of an assault.

Further more it features an old and abandoned Ramboidae facility, though it is unknown if it has Rambo origins or was build by rogue scientists. Further more it is surrounded by water on all sides, making it easier to defend in case of discovery. Due to the close proximity of the Ghost Nebula, the base is equipped with some powerful attenaes for communications with the Loyalist forces across the Quadrants.


Plerax Rattatoi.png
  • Name: Rattatoi (Plerax)
  • Type: Normal/Dark Scion
  • Found: Plerax
  • Length: Between 0.2 and 0.4 meters

These small mouse scions, black in color are distant relatives of the Rattatoi found on Gaskhan, how they wound up on Plerax remains a mystery but rumors have it the Ramboidae facility must have something to do with it. The Rattatoi, like their cousins must be treated with care when encountering them in the wild as they are agressive and bold creatures. The Rattatoi use their claws and faws when feeling threatened.

They (in)famous for their habit of stealing Loyalist food supplied at night, using their dark powers to escape attention and sensors.

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