Paulo Fluctus Beta 2 is the second closest planet in the Paulo Fluctus Beta System, 1.71 light-years from the Nivenia System, and the capital of the Republic of Paulo Fluctus Beta. It is like Paulo Fluctus Beta 1 in many respects, but it is a lot larger, and it does not have a reasonable gravity level. Nevertheless, it is much like its neighbor in that it has large deposits of transition metals, and smaller deposits of rarer elements. There is more sulfur dioxide on Paulo Fluctus Beta 2 than on Paulo Fluctus Beta 1, but other than this, their atmospheres are almost exactly the same. Like Paulo Fluctus Beta 1, Paulo Fluctus Beta 2 is extremely valuable to the Nivenian Empire, the Republic of Paulo Fluctus Beta, and the Megastructural Construction Corporation.

It was the first planet colonized by the Nivenian Empire and the Megastructural Construction Corporation when they entered the Paulo Fluctus Beta System, and has been declared the temporary capital. Most residents live in orbit, as the gravity is too crazily high to live on the surface.

Since then, cloning facilities, high population growth, and continued migration have increaed the planet's population by more than an order of magnitude.

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