It is perfectly possible to be enamoured of Paris while remaining totally indifferent or even hostile to the French.

- James Baldwin

Paris is the capital and most populous planet of France. It is situated at the heart of France's Metropolitan region in the Milky Way Galaxy, close to the Trans-Regional Hyperway which gives it direct access to the four corners of the French hyperspatial network. Following in the footsteps of the historical city by the same name, its influence politically, economically, and culturally contribute to its status as one of the leading capitals of humanity.

Centuries of development and meticulous terraforming have turned the planet, previously a lush, predominantly humid environment, into a sprawling metropolis with an atmosphere almost exactly like that of Earth's. Cities cover most of the planet's surface, having beaten vegetation and wildlife back into its less accessible locations like the beautiful Douvres mountain range on the northern continent.

History Edit


The planet which would later be called Paris was originally founded in 2381 under the name of Morisot. At the time, it was a small mining outpost on the other side of the Vulcan and Andorian territories with a modest military base tasked with monitoring the border. As the French territory grew, so too did the mining industry on Morisot. With the opening of large ore processing plants in the 2410's and 2420's, it became one of the largest refineries in the region.

In the 2440's, the population of Morisot reached half a billion, making it the most populous planet on the other side of the Andorian and Vulcan territories. In many ways, the planet suffered from overpopulation, as the planet's cities, built around mining camps and manufactories, had not been designed to hold a permanent population. One particular resource which was lacking was food, almost all of which was imported from elsewhere, leading to high food prices as the frontier market struggled to meet the demand. Solutions were slow to come from the distant French government on Earth, and unrest grew.

Regional Capital

On Earth, government reforms in order to cope with the size of France's interstellar colonial empire divided it into two regions, "Proche-Terre," administered directly by the French National Assembly on Earth, and "La Frontiere," administered by a local government situated on Morisot. Once established in 2457, the regional government set out to reshape Morisot's landscape. Millions of acres of marshland and rainforest were cleared to make room for cities to expand and for agricultural projects. Slums were destroyed and their inhabitants relocated to government-sponsored housing.

By 2470, Morisot was self-sustaining, boasting an agricultural sector whose surplus now fed numerous frontier worlds and an energy grid which harnessed the planet's many natural energy sources. Home to three billion people in 2500, Morisot was the political and economic center of the French territories beyond Andoria and Vulcan. Its importance to the French Republic was second only to Earth.

Paris cityscape

New Paris is the capital of the French Colonial Empire, hosting its government as well as the headquarters of a great number of local and galactic economic enterprises.

Capital of France

When Earth was abandoned in the 2500's, the French government began looking for a new capital. Over three years, it was temporarily housed on several different planets until the French Parliament finally voted to settle it on Morisot. In the early 2600's, Morisot was renamed to Paris and a massive cultural project was undertaken to recreate the city of Paris on the planet. Starships returned to Earth and brought back the original monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Invalides, La Madelaine, and so many others. A faithful recreation was erected at the center of one of the planet's largest jungles, around which sprouted the modern city of New Paris.

Over the next two centuries, the planet underwent intense urbanization projects which transformed its surface into a gargantuan metropolis, home to more than three hundred billion people and the seat of power of a state with strong influence in several galaxies.

In 2798, it was designated the GITO economic capital of the Milky Way Galaxy. A wormhole gate was built nearby which led to other GITO capitals like Araveene, Galactica, among others. This led to a sudden revival of the Parisian private economy, which had grown stagnant thanks to the socialist policies of the French government. Paris was catapulted to intergalactic importance overnight.

Cities Edit

New Paris Edit

While there is no real practical distinction between cities on the surface, power and attention are primarily concentrated into New Paris, the seat of government and economic capital of the planet. In the government district, the French Parliament stands, an impressive building built in a modern style with Roman influences meant to house thousands of delegates from every corner of France. The Financial district is also well known for its towering government buildings like the Ministry of the Economy and Industry as well as the Plazithian headquarters of GITO and the Parisian Bourse, a stock market rejuvenated by GITO.

The remains of Morisot City can be found buried deep under New Paris. Recent excavations have unearthed artifacts dating back to as late as the 2400's.

Notable buildings:

1er Arrondissement
  • Flag of France Presidential Palace
  • Seal of the French Empire Imperial Parliament
  • Grand Commonwealth of Sovereign States Galactic Parliament
  • Flag of France French Parliament
  • Flag of France Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Flag of France Ministry of Agriculture
  • Flag of France Ministry of Defence
  • Flag of France Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, and Women's Rights
  • Flag of France Ministry of the Interior
  • Flag of France Ministry of Justice
  • Seal of the French Empire Ministry of Imperial Relations and Organized Territories
  • Flag of France Odyssey International Airport
  • Flag of France National Library of France
  • Flag of France New Parisian Political Science Academy
  • Flag of France Dominatus War Memorial
  • Flag of France Odyssée Park
  • Flag of France National Museum of French History
  • DIFlag New Royal Embassy of the Draconid Imperium
  • TIAF Flag TIAF Embassy
  • Algolurn Popular Republic Plaza Vastiof
  • FTC Symbol Embassy of the Farengeto Trade Coalition
  • AltDCPInsignia Diplomatic Mission of the Delpha Coalition of Planets
  • Flag of Hal'Sk Embassy of the Greater Hal'Sk Empire
  • NewRepublic Embassy of the Cyrannian Republic
  • Flag Rambo Nation Embassy of Rambo Nation
  • Drodo Empire Flag Drodo Embassy
La Bourse
2ème Arrondissement
  • GITO emblem GITO Plazithian Headquarters
  • GigaquadranticAlliance Headquarters of the Gigaquadrantic Relief Fund
  • Flag of France La Bourse Parisienne Parisian Stock Market
  • Seal of the French Empire National Bank of France
  • Flag of France Ministry of the Economy and Industry
  • Flag of France Ministry of Energy
  • Flag of France New Parisian International Spaceport
  • Flag of France The Dome Theatre
  • Flag of France Parisian Galactic Campus
  • Flag of France La Tourelle Headquarters
  • Flag of France Farengeto Colony Flag4 Parisian Headquarters of Ace Hyperspatial Systems Inc.
  • Flag of Corsica Headquarters of Argo Industries
  • Flag of Corsica Sarte-Langois Building
  • Civembem02 Cooperative Hall
  • HumanRepublicSymbol Human Embassy
  • Eldarisian Flag Royal Embassy of the Eldarisian Empire
  • Naakjiflag02 Confederate Representation Office
La Charte
3ème Arrondisement
  • Flag of France Interplanetary Academies of the Sciences of France
  • Flag of France New Parisian Military Academy
  • Okyno Expanse Okyiat Embassy

Old Paris Edit


The Eiffel Tower, perfectly preserved, remains once of France's defining icons.

One-quarter of the city, perhaps the most well known, is Old Paris, a working replica of the city of Paris, Earth. It was built in the 2600's in an attempt to preserve French heritage. However, while it preserves the beloved Parisian skyline, it makes no pretense of living in another age. Modern technology clashes brutally with the old cobblestone streets and stone buildings in which people really live. Thousands of tourists from all over the human world, and some from beyond, come each day to see the original Parisian monuments which were transplanted from Earth after its abandonment. Places like The Louvre, the Invalides, and the Eiffel tower have been treasured and preserved.

Notable buildings:

  • Flag of France The Eiffel Tower
  • Flag of France Le Louvre
  • Flag of France Les Champs Elysée
  • Flag of France Les Invalides
  • Flag of France L'Arche de la Défense
  • Flag of France Notre Dame
  • FjordLeagueFlag Embassy of the Fjord League of Northern Europe
  • Flag of Denmark Institute of Danish Culture, Paris
  • Flag of Norway Parisian Institute of Norway
  • Flag of Finland Consulate of Finland, Paris
  • POTATO Flag American Embassy
  • Flag of Germany Consulate of Germany
  • Roreinia 2 Roreinian Embassy, Paris
  • Flag of South Africa South African Embassy

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  • The Eiffel Tower image was made by Cyrannian!

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