There's a lot to be said about Paclernos, you know. Seven hundred thousand year history of civilisation. Archaeology. Arts. Not that anyone cares. You need hazard gear to land on the planet, let alone breathe on it.

- Agent Psi

Paclernos (Kicathian - Ákarnasa Archaic Kicathian - Paklrṇws) is the homeworld of the Kicath race, and, for much of its history the capital of the Kicath Empire. Since 2798, Paclernos has been the capital planet of the Kicathian Republic, following the events of the Kicathian Dissension.

Geography Edit


Paclernos' skies are typically an aquamarine colour.


Aknatazán Tower (centre), the second tallest tower on Paclernos

Paclernos is a vitriolic planet that is composed of silicon-based and carbon-based compounds. The overall colour of Paclernos is a dull brown, and in sunlight, the ground has a silver tint due to the composition of the earth. The atmosphere of the planet is mainly oxygen, although the planet has trace levels of silane in the atmosphere, making it highly poisonous to human life and those who share similar native atmospheres. Other products on Paclernos are silicon dioxide, carbon dioxide and titanium dioxide, adding to the already toxic atmosphere. The native life on Paclernos are able to filter such compounds, allowing them to breathe oxygen on any planet.

Paclernos is mainly an arid planet. Terrain nearer the north pole and south pole are the only areas containing flora, composed of black and brown vegetation which photosynthesises without the reflection of light. Due to the extremities of ultraviolet radiation from Sibius-6, all life on Paclernos, both flora and fauna have metallic skins to compensate and protect from radiation. Mostly, this is composed from titanium.

As life on Paclernos finds water toxic, sulfuric acid is the equivalent. It serves the same purpose as water; sufficient hydration for life, precipitation etc. The titanium exoskeletons that exist on life in Paclernos allow protection from water on the skin, but Kicath themselves require technological enhancement to protect themselves from inhalation of water in order to survive on foreign worlds.

The Kicath
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