Osion in-game.

Osion is a major planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, located in the heart of the former Jovar Empire approximately 65 parsecs away from Jora. It is a major contributor to science and technology to the empire, and is also a major political center, serving as the capital of the young Jovar Socialist Republic. It is notable for its abundance of purple and white spice, the latter of which was previously only thought to exist on gas giants.

Jovar Empire HistoryEdit

Osion formed 2.86 billion years ago around the Haalea binary star system. Both are large, bright blue giant stars.
Haalea A and B

Haalea A and B

Osion formed closest to the two stars, at a distance of only 55 million miles. Thus, the planet was a lava planet for the vast majority of its history, pounded by cosmic radiation and large meteoroids and asteroids daily. Its entire surface was a scorching 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Its atmosphere was toxic, filled with methane and carbon monoxide, and the atmospheric pressure was intense, far worse than even Venus's.

The planet seemed so dead, and yet the Jovar were keenly interested in it becuase of its vast array of resources. It contained hordes of purple spice on its surface, but even more fascinating was what was underneath the planet: a vast system of caverns full of white spice. It also had massive supplies of other elements that were vital for producing starships and electronics. It seemed to be the motherload of all planets.

But a question that arose quickly was how the Jovar would gain access to all of these resources. It was far too hostile and dangerous to build a small outpost to mine the resources. The miners would simply be crushed as soon as leaving the bubble colony.

So, in a controversial (at the time) decision, the empire granted private corporations and government contractors alike permission to begin terraformation of the planet. It would be an extremely expensive project, but it would be one that would pay off in the near future.

Jovar TerraformationEdit

Around 89 NEY, the Jovar officially began terraforming the planet, starting by decreasing the density and temperature of the planet, as well as ridding the atmosphere of toxic elements and replacing them with oxygen and nitrogen.

Osion in-game.

When temperatures were suitalbe, plant life from Jora and Haelsier was put on the planet to help further regulate the atmosphere of the planet. Animals soon arrived as well, to further balance out the atmosphere. The now empty lava basins were filled with water. The planet seemed perfect.

However, there was still a major problem: the two stars both pounded the planet with cosmic radiation, at the same time trying to strip the planet's newly formed atmosphere. So, to combat this, several corporations created large atmospheric generators all over the planet, which generated a constant supply of air for the planet's atmosphere. This air was also extremely cool, and it allowed to planet's average temperature to drop from 1000 degrees to only about 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

The total project lasted about ten years, and cost nearly one trillion Sporebucks, but it would soon begin to pay back these expenses quickly.

Jovar ColonizationEdit

Within a year of the project's completion, hundreds of thousands of Jovar citizens moved to the planet in order to gain wealth from its vast resources. Cities began to form all over the planet. The largest of them, Pryrait, grew to over 10 million inhabitants in only a year. Pryrait was declared the planet's capital, and it was from here that the first white spice mining operations began to take place.
Underground city

One of many white spice mining facilities located under Osion's surface.

During this time, many scientist and engineers journeyed to the planet, in search for research opportunities related to the spice mining operations. Because of this, Osion became a scientific community, and a center of learning for the empire. Pryriat became a commercially and politically driven city, with large, gleaming skyscrapers scaling the sky thousands of feet in the air.
Utopian city 22nd century

A portion of Pryrait's skyline.

Twenty years after its initial colonization, it had become the second richest and most influential planet in the empire, only behind Jora. It's population was over 300 billion inhabitants, and it annually produced more white spice for the empire than all of the empire's gas giants combine.

To this day, the planet is a symbol of wealth and power for the empire, and its population is now over 500 billion citizens. Even the royal family's vacation home is located on Osion. The planet now also serves as a second "capital" to the empire, and it is the capital planet of its sector.

Jovar Socialist Republic HistoryEdit

During the events of the Split, Osion, being the headquarters of the very bank that helped cause the division of the Empire, became the new Jovar Socialist's capital planet. This action was at first met with mixed reaction and review. Some, tired of the monarchy, praised the decision, while others became disgruntled by the move. Soon, an uprising, led by citizens who were against the rebellion, was staged in Pryrait.

The demonstration was disastrous for the JE-loyal. Hundreds were mobbed and massacred during their protest. Nearly 75% were imprisoned, and the remainder of the partakers in the event were either executed or deported. The new government, ruled by Jem'rar himself, then ordered a strict, merciless ultimatum to these resistant citizens: that they were to leave the planet, or face ultimate imprisonment and/or death.

The period of martial law soon ended, and peace was restored to the streets of Pryrait, though it took nearly a year to be fully restored. It was in this time that the planet, as well as the nation, flourished as never before. Osion, already known for it's pristine beauty, was beautified even more so by Jem'rar, who was determined to make his homeworld the planet that any citizen would want to live on. It was also, though, a ploy used to make the Joran Planet Alliance jealous of the pristine perfection of Osion, and the other planets that were soon modeled after it. However, the ploy backfired to a degree, as the JPA was able to rival Osion's magnificent beauty on Jora and Auder-2. Jem'rar simply disregarded the Alliance as "plagiarizers", however.

Geography Edit

Osion is only slightly smaller than Earth and Jora, albeit it is more massive, and thus has a larger surface gravity than both planets. Its surface is dominated by mostly mountains and plains, where plant and animal life flourish. The northern pole of the planet is covered almost entirely of water, while the southern pole is nearly dry. Rivers carve through the planet's dynamic landscape, and mountain ranges run all over the planet. The massive output of heat created by its two host stars deny the existence of any polar ice caps.

Oscion 2

Osion's North Pole, covered almost entirely in water. Captain Jovar III's Ardent-class ship is seen in the middle, entering the planet's atmosphere.


The economy of Osion is driven mostly by production of goods. Most products exported from Osion are spice-related products, such as medicines, ointments, seasonings, and fertilizers. However, Osion also produces other goods. Primarily, Osion is responsible for exporting vasts amounts of energy-producing elements from deep under the planet's surface, such as uranium and plutonium. The planet also specializes in producing starships, mostly starfighters, but a few Ardent-class ships can be built at a time. Osion is also a "food harvester" that gathers and spreads food to other colonies that are dependent on food.

However, Osion is not merely a industrial planet. It is also a commercial and banking planet, which is where the vast majority of its wealth comes from. Many major corporations are headquartered on Osion. The empire's main banking system (named the T.S.O.I.B, or Twin Suns of Osion Intergalactic Bank) also holds its primary headquarters on Osion.


Osion is in the Haalea star system, which contains two blue giant stars and three planets.

Osion is the first planet in the system, followed by Echeus, a Tier 1 planet, and Valanespa, a Tier-0 planet. All three planets have been colonized by the Jovar. Valanespa is sometimes considered more important than Echeus, because it is the first line of defense against any invasion, and thus, it has far more troops and ships on its surface, despite its hostile environment.

In the years following The Split, both Valanespa and Echeus have gained even more importance, serving as the main shipyards for the Jovar Socialist Republic's navy.

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