The proud nexus of the galaxy. Orbispira is an ancient, diverse and cosmopolitan planetary metropolis, whose sleek towers serve as a symbol of Cyrannian power. Throughout history, whether it be Republic or Empire, Orbirspira has been at the centre, exerting near complete political power over the other planets of the galaxy. Indeed, whoever controls Orbispira controls the galaxy.

- Encyclopædia Cyrannica, "Planets of the Core Worlds"

Orbispira is a planet located in the Core Worlds of the Cyrannus Galaxy, that has served as the seat of Cyrannian power for over forty five millennia, serving as the capital of the First Republic, the Federation of United Worlds, the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, cementing its lofty place at the throne of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The most politically active planet in the galaxy, Orbispira was the home of the Imperial Senate as well as the location from which the Emperor rules his vast intergalactic dominion.

An ecumenopolis from the mantle to the crust, Orbispira's massive towers reach thousands of kilometres into the atmosphere while the endless whiz of traffic across the clean skies of the planet provide the city-world with the nickname of the "planet that never sleeps". Though considered by most to be the utmost expression of civilisation, the underbelly of the galactic capital contains dark secrets considered a world apart from the wealthy natives of the planet's glittering spires.

In the earliest histories of galactic civilisation, the planet became the heart of the galaxy, with diplomatic, economic and political connections sprouting from the emerging ecumenopolis as the capital of a democratic galactic government—what historians now call the First Republic. For millennia, Orbispira prospered as the capital of known space, a brilliant light of hope, democracy and order toward which all other worlds in Cyrannus grew. Under the Empire, Orbispira has languished under totalitarianism, with figures such as Deoclet Caesarius ruling with an iron fist.


Early HistoryEdit

During the planet's primordial stages, it was a temperate world teeming with life, much like Capricaerón or Corulus. Though the early history of the planet is often indistinguishable from legend, the details regarding how the planet became an ecumenopolis are scarce, though some recent evidence indicates that a race of Libertus were transported to the planet in the distant past, before developing into space and turning their planet into a majestic testament to their civilisation. However, evidence suggests that this transition was by no means over-night, with the infrastructure of the planet being built up over a period of several thousand years.

First Republic EraEdit


The Phaedric Empire attacks the Republic at Orbispira.

Forty-five thousand years before the Great Cyrannus War, Orbispira became the seat of the First Republic, a government that despite its initial small size ultimately explored much of space from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim. Though viewed by many as a virulent plague spread by the alien Libertus, the First Republic eventually became a respected government that faced many threats, foremost amongst them the Nagith and Phraedric Empires. Orbispira triumphed as one of the galaxy's most prosperous planets until 20,000 BNE when the sinister Bisistar Domain attacked and nearly destroyed the cityscape of the planet. Over the centuries, the First Republic managed to repair the damage caused by the Bisistar incursion, though the planet's troubles would not be over and it came under attack many times throughout the old Republic-era, though each time the proud inhabitants of the city-world emerged supreme.

Federation EraEdit

After the devastating Second Nagith War in 6,000 BNE, the First Republic was forced to reform itself into a much smaller organisation. Though remaining the capital of the new Federation of United Worlds, Orbispira quickly became a shadow of its former self, with rampant crime and gang warfare rampant in the endless chasms beneath the city's towering spires, which themselves began to crumble while the wealthy and privileged elite debated politics in the halls of the Senate. However, this era of disorderly conduct came to an end under the leadership of Federation Chancellor Tythóran. A keen admirer of the ways of the First Republic, Tythóran sought to restore honour and prestige to his beloved ecumenopolis, stamping down on crime and campaigning against corruption in the Senate. Regarded as one of the greatest political leaders in Cyrannian history, Tythóran eventually ran afoul of power gangsters and was assassinated just as he entered his fourth term.

Despite the overwhelming grief of the population of the Federation, the Senate voted to curtail the executive functions of the Chancellor and placing them in the legislative, eventually resulting in the opposite of what it hoped to achieve. By the time Capricaerón came to prominence, Orbispira had once again become a shadow of its former self, with the Federation being seen as an ineffective husk powerless in the face of threats such as those posed by the War of Ages or the Trucinex War. It was not until the formation of the United Republic of Cyrannus by famed Senator Apollo of Capricaerón, that Orbispira saw the glories of its past returned to it.

Second Republic EraEdit

URC Might

President Apollo watches a Republic military parade on Orbispira.

The United Republic of Cyrannus, affectionately known by the citizens of the cityworld as the "Second Republic", soon brought order and prestige to the planet which became a symbol of the power of the galaxy's first true Gigaquadrantic superpower. The planet became one of the most famous planets in the entire Gigaquadrant as a bastion of democracy and equal prosperity for all, being the site of countless state visits by foreign dignitaries. However, in the early days of the Republic, the titanic Intergalactic War raged bringing Orbispira under threat by the diabolical Cognatus Empire. A massive Republic fleet was stationed over the planet in the hopes of repelling the invasion, though ultimately it was the ignorance of the enemy that protected the city-world, which remained untouched.

After the war ended, Orbispira continued to prosper under the leadership of President Apollo, who like his idol Chancellor Tythóran, sought to bestow upon Orbispira the glory a world of its reputation required. Despite minor unrest for supporters of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, the planet itself remained fiercely patriotic to the Republic in this golden era of galactic civilisation. All of this would end however, when a terrorist explosion in the Senate District, orchestrated by a mysterious figure but blamed on the Confederacy ignited a galactic war known as the Great Cyrannus War during which security measures on the galactic capital increased ten-fold.


The Battle of Orbispira rages in the planet's orbit.

Throughout the three years of the war, vast military bases were constructed on former industrial zones while massive triangular warships patrolled the planet's skies, a foreboding hint of what was to come. During the third year of the war, a political slip-up by Senator Guolivian resulted in the escape and rampage of a massive and invulnerable Ryderallo Monster through the streets of Orbispira, killing hundreds and causing a huge embarrassment to the military and government of the Republic. However, it would be the climatic Battle of Orbispira in the closing stages of the war that would truly spell an end to the Republic, which gave way to the most powerful force the galaxy had ever seen.

Imperial Era Edit

As the capital of the newly formed Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Orbispira began to see an age of prosperity unlike any other in its long history. Referred to as the "Bastion of Imperial Power", Orbispira became the crown of the Empire, protected by massive fleets and orbital stations highlighting the Empire's commitment to the people of its proud capital. After Apollo and his supporters fled the Empire's retribution by escaping the Presidential Palace, the new Emperor refurbished the ancient tower, renaming it the "Imperial Palace", the tallest building on the planet.

However, unbeknown to the planet's population, Tyrómairon instead resides in an ancient Oikoumene installation found at the Core of the planet, using it to conspire against his enemies and consolidate his strength. On the surface of the planet however, little changed during the handover of power. One key change of this era was the reconstruction of the Senate District area of the city. Beginning in 02 NE and finished the following year, the district was soon refurbished and modernised featuring an upgraded elite spaceport and ambassadorial spires. This change also brought about the return of the Senate to the ecumenopolis, which met in the newly renovated Senate Tower.


Upon the dissolution of the Imperial Senate in 14 NE, protests by pro-democracy citizens ended in mass incarceration and dozens of executions.

Nevertheless, the citizens of Orbispira soon proved not to be the loyal Imperials that the propagandists suggested, but rather a strongly pro-democracy citizenry longing for the return of the Republic. During the Cyrannian Cold War, Emperor Tyrómairon officially dissolved the Imperial Senate, ordering the arrest of dozens of pro-Republic senators for treason. Subsequent protests on the streets of Orbispira were quelled harshly by Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius, who ordered hundreds of civilians to be executed as an example to the rest of the galaxy. However, Potentate Tereyn Aeresius stepped in, working to restore order on the ecumenopolis and distancing Caesarius from the justice system.


Senate DistrictEdit

Who'd want to go there? Nothing but politicians.

- Riordan Rambertan

Located on the northern hemisphere of Orbispira, the Senate District is the nexus of the Cyrannian political landscape and as served as such for most of the last forty five thousand years. It is considered to be the capital of both the planet and the Imperial Cyrannus Galaxy. Covering over fifty square kilometres, the district is home to many of the planet's most notable buildings, including the district's centerpeace, the ornate and opulent Senate Tower, which houses the senate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, as it did for the Republics of ages past. The district primarily accommodates for the elite in Orbispiran society, currently placing host to Imperial senators and mandators, ambassadors and other high-ranking members in society. This, coupled with the borough's green parks, classical buildings and famous monuments mark it as one of the planet's most famous regions.

Senate Tower

The Senate Tower is the district's centerpiece.

Democracy on Orbispira is not as dead as the Republicans would have you believe. Just visit the Senate Tower for proof.

- Guolivian, prior to the death of democracy on Orbispira in 14 NE
  • Architectural Style: Orbispiran Classical
  • Constructed: 54,745 BNE
  • Location: Plaza of the Core, Senate District, Orbispira
  • Current Tenants: Imperial Senate
  • Architect: Praesator Ster'lein

The Senate Tower is a vast, ornate structure that served as the seat of the Senate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the legislative branch of the Imperial Government. Originally built in the year 54,745 BNE by the ancient Orbispiran Praesator Ster'lein who constructed the building in its original form to serve as his palace. The building continued to serve as the seat of the Orbispiran Praesator until the declaration of the First Cyrannian Republic in 45,000 BNE. Though the building would change a great deal over the tens of thousands of years of democracy, the overall exterior layout remained the same. Serving as the seat of the Republic's parliament, the building soon became a symbol of the resolve and democratic aspirations of the Cyrannian people. When the Republic was reformed into the Federation of United Worlds, the building continued to hold the Senate and was the location of the formation of the United Republic of Cyrannus by the Capricaerónn senator Apollo, who later became president of this new Republic.

The Great Cyrannus War of the next decade would see extensive damage to the Senate Tower, which was bombed by bounty hunter Éaltar Gauisa under orders from a shadowy figure, killing five senators, twelve ambassadors and injuring hundreds of civilians. During the course of the war, the Senate moved to the Orbispiran moon of Corunnia, which continued to host senatorial meetings into the era of the first Galactic Empire, serving as the location of the end of the Great War and the creation of the new hyperpower. However, eager to satisfy the echelons of the capital, Potentate Tereyn Aeresius and Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius in conjunction with the agreement of the majority of Senators moved the august body back to the Senate Tower, which underwent an extensive renovation befitting of such an important Imperial institution.

In 14 NE, the Senate Tower was locked down upon the Dissolution of the Imperial Senate, with the massive structure now hosting the official residence of Grand Mandator Caesarius.

Grand Capital Spaceport

The spaceport during the Empire's early years.

  • Architectural Style: Orbispiran Classical
  • Constructed: 3,941 BNE
  • Location: Plaza of the Core, Senate District, Orbispira
  • Current Tenants: Capital Spaceport Authority
  • Architect: Nula Frinez

It was through this port that I embarked upon my journey.

- Apollo

The most prestigious spaceport on the planet, Grand Capital Spaceport was built circa 3,941 BNE by famed Alavar architect and senator, Nula Frinez who took inspiration from the much older Senate Tower just across from one of Orbispira's chasms. Conceived as the primary spaceport for the Senate Tower, Grand Capital Spaceport sees an influx each day of figures from across the SporeWiki:Fiction Universe/First Gigaquadrant, though traffic from the Core Worlds and the rest of the galaxy is far more common, serving as the primary means of transportation to the galaxy's countless Senators. Originally conceived as an entrance building and a single spacecraft strip, expansions over the centuries led to the increase in the capacity of the port, including the addition of a towering docking spire on which ships as large as an Imperator-class Star Destroyer can dock as well as an opulent promenade leading to the nearby Senate Tower. As a teenager in the years before the rise of the Empire, Apollo landed on Orbispira using this spaceport, a fact that almost led to it being renamed the "President Apollo Spaceport" in his name, however the creation of the Empire halted these plans.


Palace DistrictEdit

I'm a city girl, but there's something about that place that gives me the hibbly-jibblies.

- Corva

Located relatively close to the Senate District, the Palace District is a primarily residential borough that serves the needs of the various senators, mandators and even the Emperor himself. One of the oldest areas of the planet, the Palace District is seen as one of the most prestigious locations in the Cyrannus Galaxy. The district is arguably most known for being the location of the massive Imperial Palace, which measured from its base stretches for hundreds of thousands of kilometres with the summit of the mighty structure being buried underneath sheer kilometres of city block. As well as housing the Imperial Palace, the district is also home to the massive Republica building, in which many government officials own offices, making use of the towering spire's excessive comfort and space. Many famous figures in the Empire call the Palace District their home, such as Venatorius, Guolivian, Deoclet Caesarius, Tereyn Aeresius and most notably, Tyrómairon himself. Though most view the Palace District as the ideal home, others such as the noted Alavar explorer Corva claim that something about the district seems off.

Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace.

Ah, from this majestic pedestal the Emperor brings order to the cosmos.

- Guolivian
  • Architectural Style: Orbispiran Federal
  • Constructed: 792 BNE
  • Location: Avenue of the Empire, Palace District, Orbispira
  • Current Tenants: Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon
  • Architect: Octavio D'agron

The Imperial Palace, formerly known as the Presidential Palace, is the tallest building on Orbispira rising hundreds of kilometres above the planet's crust. The Palace was constructed in the year 792 BNE by famed Libertus architect Octavio D'agron under the recommendation of the Senate to provide a state home for the reigning Chancellor and his staff. When the Federation was reformed into the United Republic of Cyrannus, the building was renamed to the "Presidential Palace" and served as the home of Apollo, Gianne Inviá and their children as well as other government officials. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, a confrontation between Apollo and Imperial troopers occurred in the tower, though the ousted President was able to escape. Tyrómairon, as the new Emperor decided to use the Palace as his public residence, though in actuality, he resides in a secret Oikoumene installation buried deep within the planet's core. The Emperor often uses the Palace to greet foreign dignitaries.

Imperial Statue of Tyrómairon

A Star Destroyer looms over the Statue of Tyrómairon.

The greatest symbol of the Empire!

- Guolivian
  • Architectural Style: Imperial
  • Constructed: 03 NE
  • Location: Avenue of the Empire, Palace District, Orbispira
  • Current Tenants: N/A
  • Architect: D'Raminci

The Imperial Statue of Emperor Tyrómairon is a colossal statue located at the foot of the Avenue of the Empire on Orbispira. Constructed in 03 NE by a Rambo Serindia architect known as D'Ramivinci, the statue has since become a great symbol of the Empire and Imperial resolve across the Gigaquadrant, quickly becoming a popular tourist icon and a symbol of Orbispira itself, along the same lines as the Senate Tower and the Imperial Palace, which is located a few miles up the Avenue. Standing at 2,600 metres, the statue is massive and yet still dwarfed by the surrounding skyscrapers of the city planet. The statue was opened by Tyrómairon himself, who amused the citizens of the Empire when he jokingly emulated the statue's pose at the opening ceremony. As a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of the Empire, the statue is under heavy security at all times.


Republica Building

The Republica Building

You'd need to know a lot of friends in high places to get an apartment in this towering symbol of shininess.

- Raen Magalen
  • Architectural Style: Orbispiran Federal
  • Constructed: 1,043 BNE
  • Location: Avenue of Cyrannus, Palace District, Orbispira
  • Current Tenants: Guolivian, Deoclet Caesarius, Tereyn Aeresius, various others.
  • Architect: Dyna L'ichele

The most prestigious residential building in the galaxy, the Republica Building has for centuries been the home of the "crème de la crème" of Orbispiran society. The second tallest building on the planet, Republica is second only in height to the nearby Imperial Palace, which is located only ten kilometres away. Built in the year 1,043 BNE and designed by Dyna L'ichele of Corulus, the building reigned for centuries as the tallest and most luxurious building on the capital, a title which it held onto until the construction of the "Palace of the Federation" (Imperial Palace) in 792 BNE. In the era of the Second Republic, many URC diplomats and ambassadors called the massive tower their home, a tradition that continues into the Imperial Era, with figures such as Senator Guolivian, Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius and Potentate Tereyn Aeresius calling it home. Grand Mandator Tyranus also had an apartment in the complex, which also served as the location of his death at the hands of the Emperor.



My kind of town!

- Flovos Pretio

Beneath the opulence and splendor of the planet's towering surface lies the Underworld, a region underneath the city streets that crime lords, not senators or Mandators rule. Instead of being lit by the light of the sun, the underworld never sees the light of day and is illuminated only by artificial means. The region is accessed by massive Star Dreadnought sized holes in the surface of the planet which brings in trade and visitors to the shadowy districts below the greatest skyscrapers of the cluster. Though the Imperials have a greater degree of authority over the area than its predecessor governments, even it has difficulty pacifying the underworld in which crime lords and bounty hunters reign. The Underworld is a stronghold of a variety of gangs and criminal organisations, most notably the Cyrannian Syndicate. However, in recent years criminals from the Quadrant Galaxies also call the Underworld home.

Politics and CultureEdit



Senator Valoratine and Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius conduct a meeting in the Republica Building.

The most politically active planet in the Cyrandia Cluster, Orbispira's political landscape is primarily dominated by the Imperial Senate and it's predecessors, though it is also home to a great majority of the Empire's Mandators and even the Emperor himself, who resides in the gleaming Imperial Palace. Orbispira throughout the ages is represented by a senator of its own, who currently is the Libertus Senator Sola Valoratine, who exerts power over most of the other senators of the Core Worlds. As the capital of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the United Republic of Cyrannus, the First Republic and various other governments throughout history, Orbispira is literally oozing with political intrigue and plots.

Government Officials


Orbispira is a true ecumenopolis, with every square inch of the planet's surface being covered by varying degrees of massive urban sprawl. Home to hundreds of trillions of sentient species from essentially all walks of life from across the Gigaquadrant, Orbispira is truly cosmopolitan and is considered a melting pot of cultures from across known space, ranging from the traditional Cyrannian and Quadrantian cultures to those native to such far-off locations as the Milky Way Galaxy. Like the majority of the Core Worlds, the majority of the citizens of Orbispira are Libertus, which can be seen in all walks of life on the planet from the highest levels of the planet's government to the lowest levels of Orbispira's infamous underworld, though it would be foolish to discount them as the planet's primary lifeform. The streets are teeming with thousands of different species of alien lifeform, making the planet among the most popular destinations in the Gigaquadrant for tourists.


Citizens on the planet.

Despite initial misconceptions that many have about overcrowding on the planet, the sheer scale of Orbispira's massive skyscrapers make life comfortable for the hundreds of thousands that inhabit them. Each tower basically functions as a city on its own, complete with green areas, offices, houses and even farms, in theory making them self sufficient. The city is also filled with huge green spaces and artificial seas and lakes, with the planet's climate being controlled by the Capital Authority, the planet's government. The climate on the planet is generally kept at a temperate climate, complete with rain, storms and even the occasional snow shower.

Notable Inhabitants

Security and DefenseEdit



An First Republic fleet protecting Orbispira circa 15,450 BNE/15,447 BTC.

As the most politically active planet in the Cyrannus Galaxy, Orbispira has also enjoyed the title of the most heavily defended planet throughout history, with fleets from its governments surrounding the planet, backed up by massive space stations and formidable planetary defenses. In the days of the First Republic, Orbispira was defended by the largest fleets in Cyrannus' ancient history, which often clashed with the fleets of the Phraedric and Nagith Empire's invasion forces. After the fall of the old Republic, it wasn't until the final year of the Great Cyrannus War in 01 NE/03 ATC that the planet was once again attacked, though thanks to the might of the Republic fleet the invasion failed.

After the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Orbispira became home to the largest Imperial Fleet in the galaxy being made up of thousands of Imperator-class Star Destroyers and hundreds of larger vessels including the dreaded flagship of the Emperor himself, the Imperium, which is buried underneath the planet. Officially, this massive Imperial fleet falls under the command of Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius, though in fact, the fleet answers to Imperial Capital Command through Admiral Nagala. Meanwhile, on the planet's surface, the Empire's elite stormtroopers patrol the streets and guard the planet's beloved monuments to the glories of Cyrannian culture.

Law EnforcementEdit

The primary law enforcement agency on Orbispira is the Imperial Orbispiran Constabulary (known mostly as the Orbispiran Constabulary), which serves as the primary police force for the entire planet since the earliest years of the First Republic. The official roles of the Constabulary are the protection of the capital's citizens, conducting criminal investigations, maintaining the planet's transport lanes and forms of counter-terrorism. Regarded as one of the most elite forces in the Cyrannus Galaxy, the Constabulary prides itself on its professionalism and tough stance on crime, though in recent years it has taken a backseat to the more heavy-handed forms of Imperial law-enforcers. On the gleaming surface of the planet, the Constabulary utilises sleek robotic officers operated by organic officers, while in the Underworld it is represented by the more brutal organic police officers.


This bastion of the Empire is glorious.

- Venatorius

There is knowledge and power in this city. The average citizen though needs to learn a thing or two about decency.

- Nirndal

The "jewel of the Core", as it is often called. Yes, it is the seat of the Empire but we musn't forget how much this planet has given our struggle for democracy throughout the ages.

- Apollo

What a beautiful planet...

- Captain Nondarrrt of the Ermitant Empire


- Zr'Ahgloth

Hm... the amount of crime in this beautiful city makes me interested...

- Falrik Zaarkhun of the Zaarkhun Consortium

This world is nothing short of beautiful!

- Valzo

We will help give this world to its rightful owners, the CAS! Though...we would love to have this gem of a world.

- Emperor Aoblix

Orbispira is a great example of the URC's recent rise to power. However, the philosophy of cramming so many citizens into such small volumes even in such a large city to breath in each others breath and sweat is very alien to us, we live more widespread colonies, they are easier to control.


Orbispira is what we wish that Auder-2 could have been: a tranquil utopian ecumenopolis in a very stable, secure society. A model for all worlds, it should be, as it has served for us!

- Jovar III, JPA

Orbispira is the center of the United Republic of Cyrannus and whole of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The city-planet is well known throughout the galaxy and all respect it or admire it. She is beacon of power and hope to all, and most admirable is, so advanced and important to many, including as the capital of the Cyrandia Alliance. Well protected and welcoming all, it would be madness to siege the planet

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

Love visiting the Kraw Galaxy embassy, they get all my questions answered, they happily tell me where to find something I need, and they have newspapers in KUL with Kraw Galaxy news! But Orbispira is a very nice ecumenopolis.

- A Kraw Emigrant

Welcome to Orbispira, where freedom goes to die and legends are forced upon the galaxy.

- Xor Nazar

Never been there personally. Wonder how ridiculous a drink costs.

- Agent Psi

Overrated, like all snobby Cyrannian planets are!

- Zevracence

Orbispira is an immense testament to the sublime majesty and prosperity of the Cyrannian Empire. Its glory unmatched by any other world within its host galaxy.

- Uriel Ultanos during his state visit

So many sights to see, so many shadows to hide in, so many personalities to study. I'm really going to like it here.

- Tytho

It would be beautiful if it wasn't for the control of the Empire.

- Prime Senator Volscara


Trivia Edit

  • Orbispira has existed since as early as 2006, in the mind of Cyrannian.
  • It is primarily based on Coruscant from Star Wars.

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