There is a place, where Agents are sent for their final test. It is inhuman in all aspects. A year set in hell, and thousands upon thousands of other Agents set against you. Nothing sets fear aside like this.

- Agent Tau

Occasus is a planet owned by the Kicath Empire used as a training planet for the Kicathian Agent program.

History Edit

Very little is known of Occasus - all that is known is of its atmosphere colour and landscape. Occasus is a barren and abandoned ecumenopolis planet for unknown reasons, where the sun is blacked out by clouds. Occasus is a very cold planet as a result as no heat enters the planet, and because of its distance from its star - Occasus is only 8°C average.

The Kicath Empire have well guarded the location of Occasus, so much that is not even known to any Agent's knowledge. It is a high change that Occasus is a planet in the Milky Way, however its location within Kicath territory is unknown.

Climate Edit

Agents have described Occasus as a planet with a very harsh wind, mainly due to the layout of the ecumenopolis buildings. Occasus only reaches around 13°C in its summer but dips down to -30°C in the winter. Because of that, Occasus often experiences snowstorms that are weeks on end. Like most Kicathian planets, rain is a common occurrence.

As an ecumenopolis, Occasus is 100% urbanized. But due to its abandonment, There are only around 40% of Occasus' building that are structurally safe. Like all Kicathian ecumenopolis planets, streets are flanked by skyscrapers that often reach 5,500 ft (1,676 m) and beyond. Originally, Occasus would have sufficiently populated almost 30 billion inhabitants.

Purpose Edit

Since its abandonment, the Kicath have made use of the empty world as an Agent training planet. After a full assortment of Agents are constructed (usually 10,000), they are trained on Kicathian grounds. Their final test is to survive a year on Occasus - in which they are shipped out in cryogenic sleep and wake up on the planet.

There are usually 200 teams of 50, which often fight each other for survival. Occasionally, supplies are sent and so are ordnance to assist the Agents. Fatality rates suggest that around 3,000 Agents survive the year - which suggests that in total, around 40 of these tests on Occasus have made the total size of the Agency. Judging by the age of the Agency, there have been almost 3 million Agents created and put through this test on Occasus.

Notably, stories circulating around particular Agents have been created on Occasus. Agent Nu is one of the most well known stories. Nu had fought alone on Occasus and survived, but no one knows how many Agents he had killed there - some estimate that Nu had killed close to 5,000 Agents.

Notes Edit

Comments from Agents Edit

That place is hell. If you're among the lucky three thousand or so who survive a year of environmental doom, and billions of ammunition fired at you, then you have passed a test, but you have been broken down emotionally and physically every time a bullet passes you.

- Agent Sigma

As much as I was successful on that planet...I do not want to go back. If anything has been ingrained in my memory, then it's that place.

- Agent Nu

It is inhuman in all aspects. A year set in hell, and thousands upon thousands of other Agents set against you. Nothing sets fear aside like this.

- Agent Tau

Occasus...I don't want to talk about it. The reason why it's secret is because Agents are created out of millions of litres of blood.

- Agent Xi

End discussion.

- Agent Omega

Nothing is ever the time or the place to talk about Occasus. Killing your own kind, even your own friends at one point...

- Agent Eta

It is a testament to the horror of what 'natural selection' is. You can see it, because every day a building that pierces the clouds gets leveled. Every single second, you're on the run. Every night you have to sleep with a knife strapped to your hand. Every time you stop, a thousand scopes are aimed at your head. It's not a training for war. It's accepting death.

- Agent Alpha


- Agent Mu

Comments from others Edit

Such a place sounds counter-productive in all ways I can imagine.

- Jerkon

I'd love a Niaka equivalent of Agents but no way in Hell I'd put them in a place like this.

- Xerkea

Well, this gives me some ideas...

- General Volim

An entire planet dedicated to killing the rank-and-file. I know Dragon training can be brutal but this place is quite simply an insane idea!

- Dragon Captain Davius

Maybe a bit too much for my ordinary soldiers.

- Tyraz


- Hachiman
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