Narazen is a planet and a plane of existence within the Primordial Chaos, and in the most common of cosmology models, located at the center of all existence. Narazen is a diverse and lush, living world populated by an *extremely* large and diverse population of various creatures, ranging from various hominids, dragons, and beastmen, to the more fantastical of elementals, faeries, and mythological creatures. Narazen is fundamentally linked with the Primordial Chaos, and all races on Narazen share an intimate connection with the Primordial Chaos, using it as the force known as magic. Narazen has, in one form or another, always existed - though the forces of the primordial chaos constantly influencing Narazen has led the plane to have a particularly chaotic history, and has changed considerably throughout time.

For hundreds of thousands of years, Narazen has been subject to the capricious whims of the various deities, known most often as the gods and the titans, and the effects these deities have had on the world are still present. The influence of the deities is known to have contributed to the great variation and divides of the continents of Narazen, with individual land masses possessing tropical rainforests, hot and cold deserts, giant mountain ranges, volcanic hotspots, expansive taigas, and barren tundras. Civilizations are expansive, diverse, and constantly springing across the surface of the planet - ranging from great and powerful imperiums, to industrial revolutions, and to small and relatively quiet tribes.


Prearchaedian (N/A - 60,000)Edit

Archaedian (60,000-30,000)Edit

Mythic (30,000 - 10,000)Edit

Classical Age (10,000 - 0 )Edit

New Age (1 - Today)Edit






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Graennarune highlighted in the east of the world map

Notable inhabitants include:



Maelathor highlighted in the west of the world map

Notable inhabitants include:



Anaeri highlighted in the northwest of the world map

Notable inhabitants include:



Horvaeri highlighted in the northeast of the world map

Notable inhabitants include:


Xaela isles

Everlands highlighted in the north of the world map

The Everlands is a strange place with a history divorced from the rest of Narazen. What is known about the Everlands by outsiders is that during the Merethic Age a civilization of astrologers, alchemists, and artificers known as the Elder Beings made the island cluster their home. The Elder Beings' various discoveries and experiments led to the alteration of much of the Everlands native lifeforms into various sapient beings, and the discovery of the Spheres of the World which Everlands magic was based off.

Contact between the Everlands and the rest of Narazen was lost with the fall of the Elder Beings around the middle of the Merethic Age and the infestation of the ocean surrounding the isles with sea monsters. Only now in the Classical Age, with seas slowly clearing of monsters, has contact with the outside world become possible again. What the future holds for the Everlands and the rest of the world is unknown...

Notable inhabitants include



Kryonotos highlighted in the south of the world map

Kryonotos, also known as the Frozen Southlands, is a very large extension of frozen land which covers the entirety of the south pole of Narazan. Kryonotos' terrain is primarily flat and hilly, with the most varied features of Kryonotos being in general enormous glacier ranges and enormous canyons formed from cracks in the ice. Aside from these features, the terrain of Krynotos is generally monotone and unvarying, and the climate even moreso. The average temperatures on the surface of Kryonotos are always deep in the negatives; in its warmest areas on the surface, the temperatures average -13ºC, and the coldest areas plunge well into the -80ºC ranges. It's said that in the southern areas of Kryonotos within the south pole, temperatures plunge so much that the air freezes out of the sky. Fittingly because of these temperatures, there is no vegetation at all located on the surface of Kryonotos - though rare exceptions may exist, in the form of magical (or otherworldly) plants that were not grown there naturally.

The immensely cold climate of Kryonotos makes it the most inhospitable continent on the surface of Narazen. Life is scarce and is often extremely aggressive; the few examples are the Frost Orcs, who - although capable of living in the cold offered by Kryonotos, are often driven to cannibalism to survive as food is hard to come by. Magical forms of life are known to exist within Kryonotos as well; the land is rather commonly populated by varying types and species of frost elementals who find the environment comfortable and preferably compared to the other continents, and Frozen Drakons also periodically nest within the deeper recesses of Kryonotos as well, preferring the relative quiet and isolation given by the continent. Life below the surface of Kryonotos, on the other hand, is comparatively abundant; subterranean volcanoes dot the coastlines of Kryonotos and raise the heat enough so that life adapted to the area is capable of growing there. Civilizations have grown within these areas; the Kynshal Men have built a subterranean (if hostile and degenerated) empire underneath the surface of Kryonotos.

Notable inhabitants include:

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