The Kicath are generally very minimalistic when it comes to their design - blacks and greys are a staple of their architecture and aesthetics. But it would be an understatement to believe they do not think big. Namuezan is a perfect example of this - dwarfing even their greatest metropoli.

- Tarsus Senvinus

Namuezan (Andromedan Kicathian: Námuezan) is a Kicathian megaconstruct-class installation that serves as the Kicathian Republic's capital in the Andromeda Galaxy. One of five true ringworlds constructed by the Kicath in their history, Namuezan is one of the largest megaconstructs the Kicath have created to date.


Usually seen as either a marvel of design or a vanity project by the Kicathian Republic, the initial idea of Namuezan was spoken of for centuries, though there was significant political debate on whether having a fifth ringworld in the then-Kicath Empire was feasible. Whilst the Kicath had devised multiple orbital ringworlds, ringworlds like Namuezan that cycle around a planet was seldom thought of by the Kicath due to the lack of technological advancement through the 2300s to the mid 2700s. Due to the many rebellions occurring across the Kicathian territories in the late 2600s, Namuezan's planning was eventually snuffed out by the government's focus on maintaining imperial order.

With the plans for territorial expansion by the Kicathian Republic by 2799, with Andromeda as a key location, the Kicath's entry into the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene in 2801 had sparked a re-imagination of building the ringworld that would later become Namuezan. Taking eight years of relentless construction alongside the colonisation of over one hundred and eighty thousand worlds, Namuezan was completed in late 2809.



Cycling the Namuezan Star at a distance of 1.21 AU, Namuezan is a ringworld with a total circumference of 1,137,323,404.8 kilometres (706,700,000 miles), and a total ringworld width of approximately 11,529 km (7,163 miles). Namuezan's star was chosen due to the ideal habitable zone in relation to the materials being used. A variety of materials mined from the nearby systems surrounding the ringworld was used in its construction, whilst an atmosphere and terrain was artificially created to simulate more commonly found terrain in Andromeda, with an atmosphere not too dissimilar from that of Earth. Day-night cycles on Namuezan are simulated to represent a similar cycle to that found on the Kicathian homeworld of Paclernos, approximately twenty seven hours to accommodate the natural Kicathian sleeping cycles.

Due to the immense size of Namuezan, the Kicath have implemented a system of rare forms of reactionless drives to propel the ringworld into cycling around the planet. Due to this, the ringworld structure has a lack of thrusters and therefore removes any discrepancies revolving around instability in Namuezan's integrity being jeopardised from outside forces. As is common with Kicathian practice, Namuezan is well fortified to prevent attack.