Naamah is the true, hidden capital world of the United Persan Descendants. A massive sprawling city with a extensive cave system throughout, Naamah is strange in that it is not located in any of the galaxies in the First Gigaquadrant. Instead Naamah is located inside several paintings. These paintings act as gateways to the planet and few others actually know about Naamah's existence. Naamah is a strange world as it is forever night time with a sky filled with droplets of light that resemble stars from the ground. Its moon hangs low in the sky, never orbiting and with a glittering wed stretching out from it. Strangely though the planet is pleasantly warm and there is always just enough natural light to see, though where this light comes from is unknown.

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The Sector of Works is the capital sector of the planet wide city that covers the entire surface of Naamah. It is here that the Alpha Caucus, highest of the high in Persan government, meets to discuss, plan, vote, etc. However the Sector of Works is home to far more then just the meeting place of the Alpha Caucus. Indeed this sector is a center of commerce for all of Naamah and houses some of the greatest collection of artifacts, records, and history. Indeed one of the greatest landmarks is the Library of Bones, a massive, labyrinthine library known for housing records from every event in recorded Persan history and at least one copy of every book ever published or distributed in Persan space.

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The Arachne Moon is the moon of Naamah, it does not orbit the planet and instead hangs suspended in the center of the great web that trances its way across the forever night sky of Naamah. The Arachne Moon currently acts as Naamah's main military base. A fair number of troops, ships, mechs, hydrofoils, ornithropters, etc are housed there ready to be deployed at a moments notice. It is also used to breed Pejoratives, train espers, and is where the process for creating Sephirah Hosts was developed.

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Laying at the planet's north pole right under the Arachne Moon is the great Pillar of the Fall. A strange landmark that no one is sure where it came from. The Pillar itself is composed of a mass of twisted bodies of various races from Vanara to Ugandalorians all reaching up as if in prayer. From various points on the pillar are status of gods from Jura to Hoorangiir and great black angelic wings of jagged obsidian erupted from the Pillar and into the night sky. From within the tower emanates a fiery orange glow that erupts from the top in what is called the Formulaic Forge. Here objects can be brought and their "formula" changed by the nonsensical energies of Accel Space altering their very nature.

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