Muunivelle is the major port of the Muunivelle Shipping Company and once the adopted homeplanet of the Muunilar race. The planet lies within the western sectors of Quadrant 82. Known for its massive storage pits the planet is a vital trade port of the Legatus.

Muunivelle is a harsh and cold planet, without wildlife the ports are the only safe areas from the hostil environment. Its purple sky often give people the creeps at twilight.


Muunivelle was discovered by Muunilar explorers in 2750, with aid funding of the Rambo Nation Government the Muunilar formed the Muunivelle Shipping Company to boost the stagnant Rambo economy. Within two years the Company became a major shipping line in terms of container vessel capacity with Muunivelle as the center of its profit. During the Tigris War the Muunilar species migrated from the Tigris Galaxy and found a home at Muunivelle in 2778 (20 BQF). During the Great Cyrannus War the planet was briefly occupated by the Confederacy of Allied Systems before liberated by allied forces in 2803 (05 AQF).

For the following years the planet prospered until the fall of Rambo Nation in 2819 (21 AQF) when the Muunilar suffered the wrath of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The Muunilar were driven to extinction as part of the Quadrantia Contingency Plan by Mandator Camron Dar. The noble Sauleius Jesan Cretacea acquired possesion over the Company and thus the planet- continuing the legacy of the Muunilar and the profitable shipping company.

With the forming of the Legatus in 2820, Muunivelle became a major port of trade and commerce between the Legatus and the friendly nations in the west. Even though the planet lies within the territory of the Dinotopian Republic, the planet is seen as an extra-territorial planet under the protection of the Legatus, hence the Legatus forces stationed at the planet. The relations between the Republic and the Legatus remain tense though civilians are allowed to trade commerce and goods.


Muunivelle Port

Muunivelle Port, headquarters of the MSC

Muunivelle Port acts as a fueling station and shipping port for the Legatus. The port is known for its massive storage pits seen from out space. The storage pits contain large underground storages where goods are stored and prepared for transport across the Legatus territories and for customers beyond.

The port provides all traders need, from restaurants to lodging, refueling options and small markets and bars.

The port also houses the office and the living quarters of its director, Sauleius Jesan Cretacea.

Legatus Muunivelle Base

Muunivelle Base

Legatus Muunivelle Base, also known as Muunivelle Base or MSC Base is a Legatus military outpost maintained by the Legatus military. The base features one pit which houses the military quarters, training facilities and offices. The base unique feature lies within the cavern nearby, where a hyperspace gate drawn energy from the core of Muunivelle- allowing a direct route for the military between Muunivelle and Dalbradia. This method allows smaller vehicles from the Legatus to travel without border delays from the Legatus main territories to their port in the western sectors. Due to its technological difficulties, the gate can only operate for one hour per week.

As such the base is defended by AT-AT walkers and various starfighters.



The following indivuals call Muunivelle their home:


Due to its T1 status, the planet has no wildlife.



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