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Today, we claim this planet as our own. A refuge in the darkness of space from which we will cast off the shackles of the past and look up into the stars above confident of the new era of peace we have embarked upon. On this site, we will build a new city that will function as the nucleus of our civilisation. However, there is still much we can learn from it. Who lived here eons ago? What became of them? What new worlds and civilisations await us beyond the atmosphere? Together, I hope we can discover the answers of these questions and begin a new life.

- Apollo during Mou'Cyran's colonisation

Mou'Cyran (Old Capricaerónn: New Cyrannus) was a temperate planet located in the Coru Secundus region of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The planet served as the capital of the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus and housed the seat of its government under the leadership of the New Republic Senate. Though one of the most prosperous worlds in the Cyrandia Cluster, most of the cities on Mou'Cyran were small, with much of the planet dominated by untouched alpine mountain ranges, lush forests and crystal blue seas.

Located along a key intersection in the critical Republica Hyperlane, Mou'Cyran was located at the heart of New Republic space close to worlds such as Coruanthor and Venetia and approximately nine thousand light years from the Republic's border with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The planet itself had a distinctive violet atmosphere which was often illuminated by the vibrant colours of the nearby Ionian Nebula, increasing the serene beauty the planet was famed for.

Mou'Cyran was considered a Gigaquadrantic centre of diplomacy and was often regarded as a bright beacon of peace and prosperity shining against the darkness of the Empire. In addition to housing the capital of the New Republic, Mou'Cyran was chosen to house the headquarters of the esteemed Mou'Cyran Accords, an alliance of civilisations from across the Gigaquadrant united in their shared commitment to a peaceful universe. On Ianuaria 39, 15 NE, Mou'Cyran was destroyed in a cataclysmic attack by the Empire, beginning the Second Great Cyrannus War. The attack killed President Nexarón Valkistair, his entire cabinet, much of the Senate as well as diplomats from civilisations across the Gigaquadrant in what has been considered one of the greatest calamities since the War of Ages.


Early HistoryEdit

About two hundred thousand years before the conclusion of the Great Cyrannus War, the planet later known as Mou'Cyran was home to a race of mysterious beings that suddenly disappeared in a planet-wide cataclysm, leaving behind only ruins that dot the entire planet.These ruins proved to be of special interest to the Icolian Assemblage, which established many bases in the honeycomb network of caves beneath the planet's surface. Apart from the interest of these sinister spiders, the planet became unknown to the pages of history throughout the modern history of the galaxy.

Early ColonisationEdit


The groundbreaking ceremony on Mou'Cyran.

The surface of the planet is teeming with life. However, I am detecting high radiation levels and ruins of an ancient civilisation on the planet's northern continent. Obviously something catastrophic happened here millennia ago. The planet's upper crust appears to be honeycombed with tunnels and caverns, my sensors are unable to penetrate it, but so far I'm not detecting any sentient life on the planet.

- Commander Kalae Sevine of the CRS Aeolus, scanning the planet

Three years after the conclusion of the Great Cyrannus War, Mou'Cyran was scouted as a possible homeworld for the newly formed New Cyrannian Republic. Having encountered the planet in an alternate timeline, Helo Roslia was given the honour of naming the planet at a groundbreaking ceremony of many influential individuals including former President Apollo, President Apaltar and Empress Ramashe. Soon after this conference, construction of several cities on the planet began including the picturesque capital of Republic City and the sprawling metropolis of Cyranamrún. However, little did they know that the Icolian presence under the surface remained as strong as ever.

Troubled by the growing Republic's presence on Mou'Cyran, the nearby Regellis Star Empire launched a surprise attack on the planet but failed to realise the planet's formidable defenses. As quickly as the green-blooded humanoids arrived, they vanished into hyperspace though their keen eyes remained fixed on the precious planet and the powerful artifacts that lay on its surface. Regardless, the planet continued to develop into a bustling world known across the Gigaquadrant as the centre of democracy and a major Gigaquadrantic centre of diplomacy and peace. In the month before the New Cyrandia Wars began, the New Republic managed to discover and oust the Icolian presence from the planet gaining control over the terminals that the Icolians constructed within their base, learning of a great power buried beneath the planet's surface.


The Battle of Mou'Cyran rages in orbit.

The ousting of the Icolians ultimately sparked a series of events which would eventually lead to the Assemblage joining forces with a rogue Regellian fleet under the command of Admiral Tai'Rex. Under Tai'Rex and the Icolian leader Maengmum, the enemies of the Republic launched a vicious attack on Mou'Cyran, striking fast against the sizable Republic defense fleet in orbit. Though the battle was devastating for both sides, the timely aid of Helo Roslia managed to defeat the Regellians and Icolians and force them back to their home territories, capturing Tai'Rex in the process. The aftermath of the battle saw the Republic consolidating their power over the planet, ensuring that no other dark threat had power over their new capital.

Centre of DiplomacyEdit

New Cyrandia Wars

Apollo, Ramashe, Iovera IX, Tyraz, Maryah and others on Mou'Cyran during the signing of the Accords.

The months after the Battle of Mou'Cyran were a time of peace and construction for the citizens and authorities of Mou'Cyran, with the cities of the planet growing ever upward, echoing the rising diplomatic power of the New Republic. During the opening months of 04 NE and the outbreak of hostilities in the Outer Gigaquadrant, Proconsul Apollo traveled the Gigaquadrant in an effort to create a united front of solidarity and order. Gathering other political leaders such as Ramashe, Tyraz, Maryah and Iovera IX on Mou'Cyran, Apollo and the other leaders signed the Mou'Cyran Accords, an intergovernmental alliance devoted to peace and order in the Gigaquadrant.

The aftermath of the signing of the Accords brought Mou'Cyran to the intergalactic spotlight to such an extent that it was considered a rival to the Imperial Capital of Orbispira, becoming host to thousands of diplomats from all manner of civilisations from across the Gigaquadrant. As such, a vast fleet of both Republic and Alliance vessels became a common and reassuring sign of the planet's newfound importance to Gigaquadrant culture and diplomacy. Throughout the remainder of the New Cyrandia Wars, Mou'Cyran would be the focal point of the Allied forces as well as a staging ground during the calamitous conflicts of Venetia and Brezank.

Cyrannian Cold War

Nexarón Valkistair makes his inaugural address to the people of Republic City.

When the Cyrandia Wars ended, Mou'Cyran would continue to welcome extragalactic powers from across the Gigaquadrant to the Secretariat of the Accords in Republic City, though this in turn would highlight the planet as a high value target to civilisations seeking to do harm to the Republic and their coalition of Allies. During the crucial Republic Presidential Election of 07 NE, the citizenry of the planet largely voted for Senator Raesa of Adelentia over Nexarón Valkistair of Caelis'caeri, the latter of whom would ultimately win the election. Two months later, Nexarón Valkistair made a critically acclaimed inaugural speech before the assembled crowds of Republic City, promising that a new golden age for democracy in Cyrannus was nigh.

However, Republic City would also be the target of terrorists. Soon after the election of Nexarón Valkistair, a team of bounty hunters led by rogue Imperial Intelligence agent Agrehele stormed the city using an advanced attack shuttle, before besieging the Gold Tower, which housed the Senate of the Republic. Taking several senators hostage, the Republic managed to avert disaster through the bravery of Master Ryen, who infiltrated the complex and rescued the Senators, though he would be unable to prevent the destruction of the Gold Tower.

Mou'Cyran Cataclysm

Mou'Cyran, destroyed by the Empire in 15 NE.

After the devastation caused by the tower's collapse, the citizens of Republic City were thankful that the authorities managed to evacuate citizens from the affected areas, ensuring limited causalities. The Republic would began a costly rebuilding operation, which saw the expansion of the city to the north with the construction of the Senatorial Apartments and the Senatorial Spaceport to complement a new Senate building in the classical Republic Capitol Building, built on the former site of the Gold Tower.


Like it or not, an attack on Mou'Cyran is an attack on the Gigaquadrant.

- DCP Emperor Lunari

In 15 NE, simultaneous to the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall, the Empire utilised the destructive power of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation to launch a preemptive strike against the New Republic, hoping that a single decapitating blow would cause the Republic to collapse into anarchy, thus ensuring a quick and decisive end to the Second Great Cyrannus War. The attack utterly destroyed the planet, killing President Valkistair, the Assembly of the Mou'Cyran Accords, the Republic Senate and most of the highest ranked officers of Republic High Command. The news spread like wildfire across the Gigaquadrant and despite shows of solidarity with Senator Ramdard Ramthrace's calls for unity, the Empire stood on the cusp of total victory over the remnants of the Republic.


Republic CityEdit


Republic City, Mou'Cyran.

Unlike most capitals, one can hear the songs of birds and the rolling of waves. It is a tranquility that is all too rare in this chaotic universe.

- Apaltar
  • Name: Republic City
  • Location: New Republic Island
  • Established: 03 NE
  • Population: 5,500,000

New Republic City, more commonly known simply as Republic City was the capital of the planet and by extension, the New Republic. Though the city's population was very small compared to many of the urban planets in the Core, Republic City was nonetheless a very important cultural and political centre with power that permeates throughout the Gigaquadrant, known its multitude of museums, galleries and cultural centres. Located on the site where Helo Roslia first touched down on the planet, Republic City houses many important institutions, including the Galactic Senate of the New Republic, the Secretariat of the Mou'Cyran Accords and the Presidential Chateau, where President Nexarón Valkistair currently resides.

Notable Locations


It's like Libertopolos and Orbispira had a love-child.

- Corva

The largest city on the planet, Cyranamrún serves as the capital of trade, commerce and the military on Mou'Cyran. Named after a fictional Libertus hero, Cyranamrún' level of urban sprawl was comparable to Capricaerón City, though visually appears more similar to the vast city planet of Orbispira, though it remains more in touch with the natural world then a city of a similar size. Located south of Republic City, Cyranamrún was also home to the planet's largest spaceport as well as New Republic Command, the nexus of the entire Republic Starfleet. Due to the small size of Republic City, many of the Republic's allies instead have embassies in Cyranamrún including the Draconid Imperium and even the controversial Imperial embassy, which was the site of many protests in recent months due to the ongoing Outer Rim War against the Confederacy of Free Planets.

Republic CommandEdit

The hub of the Republic's military in Coru Secundus. It has the power to repel any threat!

- Commodore Thonaloc - CRS Valour

A massive military installation nested on an island in the middle of the ocean, Republic Command was the focal point of the New Republic's Starfleet. A sprawling complex constantly patrolled by low-orbitting Star Destroyers as well as ground vehicles and infantry, Republic Command was one of the most heavily guarded locations on the planet primarily due to the fact that without it, Republic military command would be thrown into chaos.

Other LocationsEdit

Icolian Base

Deep beneath the picturesque cities of Mou'Cyran lay a sinister threat, the massive base of the Icolian Assemblage, which sought to understand and discover artefacts found beneath the surface of the planet. Under the command of the sinister Maengmum, the Icolian Base was located several kilometres under the surface of the planet and was protected by shielding that deflects any attempt to scan the facility. From this base of operations, the Icolians plotted their campaign against the New Republicans underneath their very noses. However, thanks to the actions of Helo Roslia in 03 NE, the Icolians were ousted from the planet and their base destroyed.

Politics and CultureEdit


A joint fleet made up of ships from various members of the Mou'Cyran Accords over the planet.

Mou'Cyran was one of the most politically active planets in the entire Cyrannus Galaxy thanks to its status as the capital of the New Cyrannian Republic as well as the home of many allied embassies and ambassadors. The planet also plays host to the New Republic Senate and was represented in this august house by Senator Caesennius, a key player in the plans for the colonisation of the planet. The Senate itself meets in the Gold Tower, the massive monument located close to the Presidential Forum near the outer reaches of the city. As previously mentioned, Mou'Cyran was a centre of culture and art in the galaxy and since its initial colonisation, many artists haved taken up residence in the planet's picturesque hills. However, underneath these beautiful areas of the planets lies a planet-wide system of caves and chasms that hide an ancient culture of great power.

Embassies and Diplomatic MissionsEdit

ImperialEmblem Imperial Embassy, Plaza of Cyrannus, Cyranamrún
RamboflagII Royal Rambo House, Avenue of the Republic, Republic City
HumanRepublicSymbol Embassy of the Terran Republic, Praesator Dagaunt Avenue, Republic City
AltDCPInsignia Embassy of Delpha Coalition of Planets, Avenue of the Cyrandias, Republic City
DracFlag Embassy of the Indoctrinate Collective, Avenue of the Republic, Republic City
Algolurn Popular Republic Algolurn Hall, Avenue of the Cyrandias, Republic City
Polar Insignia Embassy of the Crystal Alliance, The Praesidium, Cyranamrún
Divinarium Sigil Apostolic Nunciature of the Divinarium, Plaza of Cyrannus, Cyranamrún
BoW Flag Embassy of the Brood of War, The Praesidium, Cyranamrún
DIFlag New Diplomatic Mission of the Draconid Imperium, Taldem Place, Cyranamrún
Flag of France Embassy of the French Empire, Taldem Place, Cyranamrún
URN Consulate of URN, The Praesidium, Cyranamrún
Talven Empire Flag Embassy of the Talven Empire, The Praesidium, Cyranamrún




A lush and green planet, suitable to become the capital of the New Republic! May it become a beacon for peace and justice, but of hope as well!

- Apaltar

What fools to establish their capital on such an unknown planet. Who knows what lurks beneath the soil.

- Deoclet Caesarius

A beautiful planet rivalling Capricaerón or the Rambo Capital! I hope it and its people prosper under the New Republic.

- Apollo

Place is pretty. Lots of grass and sun. Ugly people below though. Really ugly.

- Gorf

A really lovely planet with great security and locals. Me and my husband plan to go again soon and we'll bring our cousins, in-laws, co-workers and neighbours with us too! We can't wait to show everyone else at home the wonders this planet has to offer us!

- Mardvaelian Tourist

A nice vacation spot.

- Lion



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