Mobius is a planet home to the Arminocta race, found in the Cyrannus Galaxy. It is notably pink in color.


Mobius' land consists of large islands (which could also be considered small continents) as well as some small islands. There are many pineapple-like formations on Mobius.

Notable natural formationsEdit

One iconic formation in Mobius culture are the 06 Pillars. They have an odd geometric shape.

The tallest mountain on Mobius stands 67 feet tall and is known as the Dodgealan Mountain, after an ancient Arminocta leader named Dodgealaus.

Native speciesEdit


See Creature:Arminocta.


  • Name - Isancel

Isancel are insects that have beautiful spiral-shaped shells. Due to this, they are endangered and are officially protected by the Arminocta Council. However, the shells of naturally dead Isancel are still widely traded.

  • Name - Alberiagi

Alberiagi are popular pets among the Arminocta.