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Planetary statistics Edit

Mirenton is the third planet in the Chilius system, but it is slightly closer to its sun so its a little hotter and more arid than Earth, with less water and a slightly thicker atmosphere. The atmosphere has 30% oxygen meaning that fires are very common. The sun Chilius gives of frequent UV flares. The many inhabitants of the planet have eyes that can see in both visable and UV ranges to give a forewarning of the dangerous solar flares.

Biosphere, and natural history Edit

The planet has thicker atmosphere than Earth, with sligtly more carbon dioxide and oxygen, while it wouldn't kill a human to breath it in, most humans would be very uncomfortable. The average temperature is 30°C, 15° warmer on average than on Earth, and so has large deserts and shrublands. There are forests, albiet dry woodlands, where firestorms are common. Thus, plant life has adapted to the fires. There is a lusher wetter enviroment to the south-eastern region of the planet, but at least 70% of the enviroment is arid or semi-arid. In ollder times, the Grimbolsaurians found it hard to maintain water usage, so great underground canals were built, to irrigate agricultural regions. These canals forged alliances on the planet, and were also connected to underground cavern and ocean systems. There are also "shadow" lifeforms, which belong to an alternative ecosystem of completely seperate organisms. Only recently discovered on Mirenton, they are found in very harsh enviroments. They are not a threat, and it is not suriprsing to find seperate communities, if planets can already sustain life. In fact, many planets have shadow ecosystems, maybe even Earth or Caprica.

  • Arid grasslands and dry woodland

Most of Mirenton's landscape is dry, and looks similar to the African savanna. Many of Mirenton's plants are blue.

  • The wetter enviroments

Although most of Mirenton is dry, there are cooler and wetter places, such as the higher regions of mountains and the north and south poles. The poles have small icecaps, surrounded by dry tundra and forests which even out into scrubland and then desert further southward. There is a region on Mirenton of near constant rain, easterly prevailing winds at 76° south dump payloads of water to the south mideast of the planet. The lifeforms that evolved in this region are very different to the normal life on Mirenton, as they had to adapt to the wet. In ancient times, there were great spiritual connections that the Grimbolsaurians believed about this region.

  • Fire plains

On the equator, there is a uperheated desert, that is shelted from rain or cool air by rain-shadows. Mirenton is a very hot world, and the air is thicker, so heats is aborbed and stored more easily. The surface geology has a high albedo, and in the hottest days in summer, the desert's surface temperature rises to hundreds of degrees centrigrade, hot enough to cause wood to burst into flames and fat to boil. In the ancient times, criminals were forced to walk the fire plains as a form of execution. The Emperor has sent several personel enemies there, mainly traitors who conquered Mirenton in the civil war, if they wanted Mirenton forever they should die there, and as warriors they faced their deaths with honour.

  • Luminescent phenomena

A few select forests to the north of Mirenton appear to glow, the soil contains flourescent minerals which certain plants absorb, after a UV flare, the plants will glow dimply at night. But there is a solar storm as well, this can be combined with aurora activity.

Population and cities Edit

There are over 8 billion inhabitats on Mirenton, but there is no need for overpopulation. The cities, even ancient ones, are enclosed in arcologies, each with ecopolis cities inside. The cities are fortified by turrets as a last resort defense.

Attempted Invasions and defense perimeter Edit

Before the Delpha Coalition of Planets was founded, the Grimbolsaurian Empire was destroyed by a vile alliance of Wub, Warzoleski and Quinels. Mirenton was sacked, and was frequently raided for several years until the Grimbolsaurians drived away the invaders. During first years of the Grox Resistance era, the Grox managed to stage a devastating attack destroying several cities, but Mirenton hasn't been succesfully invaded by an alien force since that time. Each time since, even the battle was short-lived.

  • Shielding systems:
    • A hyperspatial barrier that surrounds the Chilius system, strongest part of the maelstrom.
    • A tachyon grid, which even the most well-cloaked vessels would be detected.
    • A non-phasic Planetary shield with enough power to stay on indefinately.
  • Orbital Weapons platforms and military forces:
    • Command ships like the Gargantuan class is always close, unless it is needed elsewhere.
    • Millions of Dreadnoughts and other warships, fortress-worldlets, defense satellites, defense platforms stationed on nearby asteroids. Reinforcements from other systems.
    • Millions of warriors, and billions of civilians eager to fight for their world.

In modern times, it would be impractical for other than the most powerful civilisations to send a fleet to invade Mirenton and the Chilius system, along with many homeworlds in the central sector quadrants like the Delpha Sector. However, Mirenton has been threatened twice from the DCP's own problems; first was the run-away Nanohorde which was of DCP design and the second were the traitorous warlords who knew how to invade their own homeworld.

  1. The Nanohorde constructed a dyson cloud of nanites which surrounded Mirenton's home star Chilius. If it would have been completed, most life on Mienton would have perished from the shadow left by the sphere... Fortunately, due to the DCP's technology, they moved Mirenton out of harms way and cleared the sphere.
  2. The Warlords in the Civil War had annexed Mirenton. In a way, it is still the DCP, but now under a new power. But in a lucky sequence of events, within days, the warlords were defeated and driven away from Mirenton.

Mirenton has been invaded in recent times. It housed the Ilambik Katarn, in which Kamik'Shi had been trapped in. During the Reclaiming, the Dominion commenced a vast attack on the Onuris Alliance, even brieching Mirenton using a Xhodocto construct. The sword was reclaimed, and Mirenton unharmed.

The Annihilation Edit

Dead Mirenton

Mirenton is now a wasteland.

The Xhodocto sent a faster-than-light wave of chaos (somewhat like gridfire) which travelled through the known universe at an alarming rate, completely destroying some worlds while leaving others barren and lifeless. The DCP military had sacrificed itself after all the civilians had been destroyed by a tendril of chaos energy that had swatted the Vi'Navitum ark that was attemping to escape. In return and in the last stand of defiance, the DCP fleet had nothing to lose and defended the galaxy by heading straight into the chaos. All of the DCP's territories in the outer galaxies were completely destroyed, and in the inner galaxies were left lifeless and barren. Mirenton was kicked out of orbit, but its defenses actually protected it from being completely incinerated. It was thought that the DCP was destroyed, however, their descendants in the future transported the DCP to a sub-universe that was a minature copy of the First Gigaquadrant where they stayed for months.

The Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets, surviving the scourge thanks to the Vi'Navitum arks were being persecuted by the Grox. Breaching the defenses still in operation, they reached the empty Chilius system, which was in a sorry state. Towing Mirenton it back into orbit, they began to terraform it with native wildlife (see Operation Colonization). When the DCP was returned to the universe by their allies, they recovered lossed territories. Mirenton is still undergoing restoration.

Red Spice - The planet is connected to the Sevan Starr Alliance.

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